Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 4

Mia LaRoe

I sent a text to my parents saying I've made it home. After schools last bell I met up with Leah to exchange notes to copy off of incase we missed something in our classes.

I plopped myself on the couch taking the remote to change the channels click by click. I didn't settle on any show or movie so I've became bored, getting up I saunter into the kitchen thinking about making a sandwich or cereal.

Making my sandwich I couldn't help but think of those boys especially Daniel.

His face haunts me. It's like the thought of him made me feel mad and angry. But why?

Picturing his deep ocean blue eyes boring into my brown ones erked me to no end. Why is he so angry? Is he bipolar? What he said today in class didn't sound to enlightening at all.

It was like he is actually the definition of rage itself. All his other brothers seemed so different from each other.

Taking my empty plate to the sink I rinsed it off placing it down in the sink.

In my bedroom I get undressed slipping on some pairs of white short shorts and a black t-shirt. I began to brush my teeth before heading to bed.

Turning my small fan on to the side of my night stand I cover up in a cuccoon.

Sleep finally consumes me.

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