Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 5

Mia LaRoe.

"This will do." My face says with a sly smirk, gazing into the mirror.

Are you kidding me! That's not how you wear the uniform. I look like a bimbo!

I hear my self chuckle lifting up my arm.


You pinched me!

Wait, how did I feel that?

"Because your still your body as I'm just living in it. Don't worry by the time I leave your body, you will be dead." The demon says possessing my mouth.

I looked in the reflection, the demon dressed me in my uniform but took off my gold tie wrapping it around my neck instead making it look like a choker. My white button up shirt unbutton by a couple buttons from the top, showing my cleavage. Skirt hiked up showing more skin mid thigh. Instead of socks I'm wearing pantyhose with three inch black heels.

My hair is in a very high pony tail.

That wasn't it either, the demon decided to paint my face. Foundation, smokey eye shadow and mascara. The eyebrow shade made my brow perfect and sculpted in fine arches.

The demon was very good at that to my surprise.

How are you good at makeup? Aren't you a demon?

My body shakes of laughter staring at myself in the mirror it replies. "No I am not a demon. I am a soul that escaped from hell."


"Yes, Hell, the underworld meant for all sinful souls such as I. We are torchered for eternity but the Lord himself lacked punishment so he decided new punishment by his sons. He created them just for the dirty job. With the given opportunity I escaped Inferno and I'm never going back." My face smiled at the thought, "What he didn't know is they have weak spots. From their own sins"

So Hell is real? Your telling me your a mere soul...Given opportunity? Wait someone let you out willingly?

"Shut up!"

With one last look in the mirror I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my parents are eating breakfast.

Mom, dad help, HELP!

"Hey my dear parents." I say, causing them to glance up to me. Dad furrowed his brows then narrowing his eyes at me, "Young lady what do you think your wearing!" He pointed out with a disapproving tone.

I wanted to tell him I'm possessed! But I'm not strong enough to fight the soul.

I heard myself snicker, "A uniform my dear old dad. Isn't it sexy?"

"No! Go back up stairs and change, now!"

"Darling please do as your dad says." This was mom giving me a hopeful look.

I wanted to jump out and tell them, can't they tell this isn't me talking!

I huff, "Whatever." My body walks up the stairs into my bedroom. I look around until my eyes set on my window ahead.

Don't you dare.




I can't believe this.

I can not believe I'm here at school, look they are all staring! You stupid soul!

The soul chuckles, "That my dear is lust, envy." "They are jealous and lusting over you. I can feel it."

Walking down the hallway all the boys stared with heated eyes on me, some winks and some blushing. The group of girls giving me glares.

I feel my body swaying a bit as I reach down the hallway everyone eyeing me. I feel so uncomfortable. Violated even more since I have no control of my body.

I see Leah walk up to me, eyes wide and smile in a grim line, "Mia why are you dressed like that?" She asks voice full of concern.

Leah, help! Help me, help! Please see me!

For a moment I saw a flash of awareness from her eyes but it quickly passed as she smiles softly, "Girl you look like a new person. How daring of you." She chuckles shaking her head, "You can pull it off, I must say. And on your second day!"

Oh Leah.

Why. Can you see this isn't me.

I laughed flipping my ponytail back from my shoulder, "hun I look good even without wearing this body." I beamed. If I was able to face palm this would be the time.

Leah said she would see me at lunch later after our good-byes. She didn't notice at all, she just carried on with conversation as if normal.

Out of all people my best friend didn't notice.

"Suck it up." The soul groaned out loud, causing attention from the other students.

The late school bell rang through the halls, meaning I was late for class everybody is gone leaving the halls empty hearing each class doors close. I can't believe this I'm never late for class. I have perfect attendance since kindergarten!

I'm late for class! You stupid soul, get out of my body! I swear I'm going to kill yo-

"You can't kill-

Something pushes my body against the lockers hearing a loud echo, my chest is pressed against them. The action caused me to choke on air.

Feeling large hands grip my shoulders my body was swiftly turned around and pushed back ruffly again against the lockers, meeting ocean blue eyes boring into my own.

Daniel. Oh Daniel please help me!

His face is stone cold, lips twitching on one side as his eyes narrow my way forming dark shadows on his face. He looked pissed with a beet red face. Shock I felt for the next thing, he bent down with his nose skimming the hollow spot of my neck grazing the tip of it slowly up reaching underneath my ear. The action felt surreal his hot breathe touching my sensitive skin until I felt this wet sensation drag across my neck down to my collar bone. He is licking me.

Daniel wasn't done yet when he continued his taste of my own skin. Sending electric sparks igniting my body, feeling heaps of heat burning against my thighs. His nose trailed down to the nape of my neck continuing lower with soothing breaths against my skin.

I bite my bottom lip.

Is he, smelling me?

I heard a moan slip my mouth while Daniel tightens his grip around my waist. He trails down until he was down on me, actually down on me lifting his nose under my skirt and pressing against my sensitive lady bits that are covered in just one layer of my black panties, he inhales harshly pressing his nose even further.

What is happening why is he doing that! Damn Daniel stop!

Daniel snaps his head up eyes meeting mine, his eyes looked hooded and lips parted while his tongue darts out licking across his top lip slowly, " you smell so good?"

I smiled wickedly, "how about you...." I pause as he stands up towering over me, while raising a brow, "get the hell off me."

Daniel smirked, eyes darkening more, "I wouldn't mind getting the hell in you."

This is not the time for flirting you stupid soul!

Please Daniel! I'm in here, please hear me! Help! HELP!

Daniel stood closer so close I could smell his warm minty breathe against my face.

I felt my heart beat thrum faster from the close proximity of our noses.

I wanted to leave and hide, this isn't me, nobody can save me I realized, I'm going to die and it's sufficating me. The feeling of no control, lost in my own body.

I notice Daniels eyes widen in surprise, but quickly vanished before it was noticeable. But I noticed it.

I felt my own body close the space between me and Daniel grabbing the back of his neck until both our lips clash together. I felt his body stiff and lips not moving as if he was stunned beyond belief.

I kissed him licking his bottom lip for entrance, but he denied.

I felt awkward witnessing this moment, a moment I didn't want. The sparks and tingling feeling were there but I didn't want this.

It seems the soul caught on to the rejection, because my body pulled away, "did not like it?"

Daniels face was shaking, he looked enraged as well as the look of a devil, face red hot and fists clenching until they bled. Blood dripped off his palms down his fingers to the floor.

I felt my body stumble back.

My face in shock, "i-it can't be." I hear myself say.

What's happening? What's going on, what are you taking about?

The soul didn't respond just staring at Daniel.

Daniel looked down shutting his eyes tight, shoulders shaking up and down, is he laughing?

On que, I hear the deep laugh erupt from his mouth, he looks so sinister and evil like that. I felt my body tremble, a small gasp left my lips.

Daniels eyes were the brightest blues I've ever seen before. Electric looking almost like a lightening bolt flashing a bright blue in mere seconds before it disappears.

He smirks, eyes lighting up pierce blue, "Mia this soul better have not hurt a damned hair on your body, it's time to go back to Hell."

Yes! Yes yes yes. Daniel noticed! I'm saved!


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