Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 6

Mia LaRoe

"Get you're hands off of me!"

"Shut up you scum soul!"

"I swear I was going to return the body intact."

A small grunt for response.

Walking out of the school, Daniel pulled me with a tight grip wrapped around the back off my neck steering me ahead.

"Ouch! Let loose you bafoon!"

Daniel stopped abruptly yanking my head towards his face, "Devil's damned, Mia shut up! I can hear you now."

"Wait you can hear...but how?"

He huffs, "Because this mere soul kissed me! So now I am some how connected to you....I can hear your thoughts now." He explains with hatred laced in his voice.

I heard myself laugh hysterically, "oh my i-i imprinted your soul...I didn't think it was possible since your-

Daniel snaps his head, "don't you dare speak another word." He seethed.

"Daniel where are we going? "

"To Hell."

We walked in a dark alley way in the middle of the city, its dark and gloomy around here. Rats scurrying the bottom corners of the brick wall. The smell of dumpsters filled the air making my stomach twist in disgust. The cold hair whips my skin making me shiver inside.

Daniel led my body with him stopping in the middle of the alley way facing a brick wall. Closing in on the wall he took an index finger of his making a pattern shape against the wall in a pentagram shape. The wall starts to move in, bricks shifting in every direction until a hole appeared light luminating the cave like entrance a scorching red color.

"Hell no. I am not going in there Daniel. No way in hell!"

Daniel faces me face expressionless, "stop whining it's just hell."

"Just hell. Daniel it's hell!" I yelled.

"What are you?"

He was silent for a long moment, "sin."

"More like wra-

"What did I say about talking scum soul? Remember I said I would feed you to the hellhounds if you kept on?"

My mouth shuts as he lead me into the red tomb. We were stepping down a flight of stairs, we are literally walking down stairs to hell.

The air thickened and warm, no longer cold from when we were outside. The heat rises every step we take down. It's getting hot.

Daniels grasps tighten making my face turn to his, he was watching me, "Mia is it to hot?" He asks voice stern.

"No I am fine. Why is it getting warmer?"

"Because it's hell." He says in a duh tone.


We finally made it down the stairs reaching into a tall door. When I say tall it was like a skiescaper building kind of tall.

Daniel takes a step forward with one hand he pushed the door open.

Beds of rocks everywhere, floor full of cracked rocks and concrete, fire emerging out of the cracks. Is that lava? Up ahead there's columns of liquid fire falling from the ceiling.

Its so hot in here.

Daniel walked us closer to a big tower a throne on top of it made with what looks like bones of skulls. Human skulls.

We are in hell.

Hell is real. If I weren't possessed right now I'd be running for my life.

Daniel halts us looking up at the throne, "father I have Helen."


He tightens his grip around my wrist in warning. His eyes narrowing, "she seems to have found a vessel."

Dark smoke appears up top the throne, mist of ashes falling from it. The dark cloud of smoke slowly vanishes into dust. A very big tall form takes a sit on the throne. I couldn't see from here all I see is a dark figure, are those horns?

The dark figure speaks in the most sinful voice, "My son you did well."

Daniels body shakes, I felt anger rise up from him by the death grip he had on my wrist. "What now will this human pare from this scum soul."

"Stop calling me that!" I heard my voice yell.

"Piss off Helen, your back home where your suppose to be." He groans out, "father please, detach this leech so we will be on our way." He gritted out.

"Lucifer please don't i-i


I felt my body flinch.


The Devil.

"Daniel please...I want to go home." I whined with plea.

Daniel shakes his head, "father how do you want to do this?"

The dark figure, Lucifer speaks, "you know what to do, remember our deal once you and your brothers bring back the souls."

Daniel nods then yanks my wrist toward him leading me to a different pathway.

"You know this won't change the print-

"I'll deal with it."

"Lucifer won't like, I thought it was impossible but guess not." I chuckled.

He turns to face me eyes scorching ice blue, "then he won't find out." He spat, breathing deeply.

"Daniel what is she taking about please don't keep me in the dark. " I weeped.

For a mere second his eyes soften, "Mia, please don't do that. I can't stand the fear right now. Your making me...making want more."


Helen interjects, "he's horny dear, your fear is what feeds them."


Helen laughs shaking her head, "he is a sin. A demon. A creation meant for punishment for his Lords souls. He is one of the definitions to Evil....he is not Daniel. He is NOT human."

Daniel was looking away from me as I heard Helen speak from my voice, he looks ashamed.

I felt my self slowly slipping into a darkness. I tried to fight it with all I had left in me. My body and mind felt like there pulling apart.

Daniel notices it eyes widening, in one quick movement I'm in his arms bridal style. He's running down the corridor while I kept seeing flashes of fire.

"Stay with me Mia."

"Dammit, Stay. With. Me."

I couldn't fight it anymore, my mind slipped away feeling my whole body go limp. The voices fading away, the last thing I heard before feeling my body dowsed in warm liquid, the darkness consumes me finally.

"The bond is stronger then I thought...

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