Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 7

Mia LaRoe

Its wet.

Is it raining?

Why is my face wet?

Slowly opening my eyes adjusting to the dark room. I'm in a pool of water surrounding by rocks. How did I get here? Where am I?

All the memories started pulling in my mind, the soul, Helen, Daniel, and..


Feeling fear creep up I jumped up from the small pool of warm water hopping off the side. My clothes are drenched, my uniform sticks to my body like second skin and the ponytail long gone so my long cheshnut hair is sticking to the sides of my face.

I hear movement close by me making me stumble, "whose there?" I whispered feeling my body tremble.

Shadows moving all round the walls and ceiling forcing my eyes watching in every direction.

My body jerks to the sound of purrs behind me.

"Daniel..." I hesitated slowly turning around.

"AAAHhhh!" I screamed until a huge hand muffles my mouth making it hard to breath.

"Shhhh I sorry human, I did not want scare you." The man in front of me spoke.

The man is definitely a well built man, he looked human but the pointy ears and long flowing hairy tail with a arrow head shape at the end behind him says he is definitely NOT human at all.

His eyes are a violet purple color, sharp jawlines that could cut, mop of brown hair laid up top his head.

The creature slowly lifted his hand from my mouth, having me able to inhale much needed air. " I sorry." He says to me.

Why is he talking that way?

Wait....Where is Helen? Daniel?

Am I free from the soul?

So many questions but Daniel is not here, I need answers soon before I explode with more. Such as this creature in front of me.

"What are you?" I ask beating around the bush, so maybe Daniel will come in time before I become road kill for this beast.

The beasts chuckles, "I hellhound I watch you for wra- Danny." He quickly corrected himself but not quite. His tail sways back and forth behind him. His body was big and firm, do they work out in Hell? Another question.

I notice now since the darkness lightened up in the room. His skin is darker with a tan, I notice his forearm bare scars, lashes?

"You mean Daniel?" I raise my brow.

The hellhound smirks, "yeah that's what I said." "My name Pet."

"Excuse me?"

"My name Pet, thats what they call me." The hellhound says to me with a smile. Wow you'd think they are vicious dogs but now I can't see anything bad about this creature.

"Pet is not a name. Hmmm how about I call you..." I tapped my chin, "Rex."

The hellhounds ears perk up, eyes shown bright purple, "me like." I notice his tongue was long. Freakishly long as it slides down to his chin panting.

I let out a small chuckle, "So where eis he?"

In one quick motion Rex is face to face with me, startling me of how fast that was I barely even batted an eye, "he is coming back, I smell him, closer." He pants.

"Mia is that you name?"

"Yes that's me. Why do you talk like that?" I ask but regret cause that's a bit rude of me.

Rex smiles and tongue laid out to the side, tail swaying faster, "I talk fine."

I nod. Okay.

"Skit out you dumb bagger." I heard a deep familiar voice from behind me command.

I turn to him, "Excuse you, don't talk to him that way?" I countered narrowing my brown eyes to his ocean ones. A deep permanent scowl reached his features, eyes burning daggers, "I was talking about you, bitch." He smirks wickedly.

"Fuck you."

I didn't see it coming, once those words left my mouth my whole body is pushed as my back hits the nearest rock wall.

Lightening blue eyes met with mine, he is angry for sure. His eyes change to that color blue when he is greater then mad. I noted.

Both large hands grip both my small shoulders pushing further against the wall. I feel the pointy edges of rocks embed my skin. I knew that would bruise any minute now, but that wasn't what freaked me out. What freaked me out is the warm liquid I feel running slowly down my back underneath my uniform.

Daniels grip loosens, his face shown regret, "I smell you. Your bleeding."

I gulped, "i-its fine Dan-

"No! It isn't fine Mia. Nothing will be fine! Don't you understand.... I can't have you leave!"


"What the hell are you talking about Daniel! I want to go home! Take me home!" I screamed the last bit at his face. I felt rage within me, I've never felt this way before in my life. It felt hot and it actually felt...good, accelerating even.

"The fuck you ain't! You are printed Mia, dammit. Don't you know what that means!" He roared, making the walls shake. I notice Rex isn't in the room anymore. When did he leave?

I felt my insides boil, "and why the fuck not!"

Daniel paused for a moment, his eyes furrow in shock and disbelief, he backed off away from me eyes scanning up and down my body.

"Because....your my other half."

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