Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 8

Mia LaRoe

"What are you saying! Daniel please, just please tell me what I need to know! I'm scared and lost at the moment if you don't see. My whole world is changed. Hell! Is real and your...what are you! I-i can't I can't I can't." I rambled with tears running down my cheeks, my breathing increased Im literally sufficating.

Daniel slowly stood face to face with me, his finger tipped my chin up to meet his eyes, he sighed, "Okay, I'll tell you everything. First, you need to get cleaned up and dry, I will have Pet escort you to my chambers at once."

I swiped a tear off my cheek, "Rex." I sniffled.


"Pet is not a name for him. So I named him Rex....that a problem." I raise a brow.

Daniel huffed, "whatever."




The room looked medievil, walls built from rocks, the bed made of stone with a large California sized bed on top covered in a huge thick red duvet cover. Mountains of pillows pilled against the headboard.

The candle light on the side tables and walls was the only light source there was, no lamps or light fixtures. There's a wooden door beside the tall wardrobe dresser.

Opening the wooden door its the bathroom. Surprising it was for it is more modern then the bedroom. White walls of marble, sink porsclein white, the stand in shower is tall with a large glass door. Thanks God this is more like it.

Taking of my drenched uniform I laid it out on the sink for it to dry along with my panties and bra.

Turning the shower head on, the water was hot as hell.

The irony.

I set it to where my skin can manage the warmth of the water. I walk-in the shower rinsing my hair and body off from any crud and grim from today. Grabbing a green bottle of shampoo, the smell of it smelt like oak trees and apples. I slab some on my body, hair and face since there were no other kinds of soaps. There is another bottle, small and white. Grabbing it I opened the lid taking a whiff of it.

That is some strong stuff.

It smelt of mint and vanilla. A weird combination I must say. So I thought it may be for hair? So I took a small dab of it rubbing it into the ends of my hair giving it a soft texture.

After done I rinsed off with the now scolding hot water and hurriedly step out of the shower taking the white fluffy towel from the towel rack beside the sink.

Wrapping it around my body, I walk to the mirror above the sink, swiping my palm over the foggy surface.

Brown eyes stare back at me. I was finally back in my body truly. Controlling my words and body, never felt so good in my life. I am grateful for Daniel taking care of me for that.

My cheshnut brown hair is damp and wavey at the ends from already drying. My hair dries fast. My lips pink and full, cheeks flushed a bit while my skin is pale as always. Angling myself I can see bruises on my back from earlier. Damn that looks awful.

Closing my towel back around by whole body it was time to get dressed now.


Where is my clothes.

I swear I put them on the sink.

Oh great now I have to walk out there with a freaking towel! Did he come in here? How did he come in here without being noticed or heard. I swore I locked that damned door.

Hesitently I grasp the doorknob jiggling it. It is locked. So how the hell?

Unlocking the door I walked out of the bathroom, the bedroom is empty with nobody around. Sighing in relief I look around for my clothes but can't seem to find where they are.

So what now.

The wardrobe dresser!

Opening the drawers underneath I found some boxers, black t-shirts and folded grey sweatpants beside them. Yes!

Dropping the white towel instantly, I grab the boxers and swiftly put them on along with shimmying the sweats on. To find out they are big I rolled up the tops then threw on the black large t-shirt which covered my entire body to mid thigh.

The bed looked so inviting right now. Maybe a little nap won't hurt.


"Go. Away."


"I said. Go. Away. "

A long pause.


That's it.

Throwing the pillow off my head I set up from the bed glaring at the bugger who as waken me from good sleep, "What is it Daniel. Can't you see I am sleeping." I say annoyed, rolling my eyes.

Daniel stood tall next to the bed, eyes narrowing down at me, lips snarling, "Excuse me? This is my bed you bitch. You listen here now, don't you ever.....EVER roll your eyes at me again. Am. I. Clear."

Is he serious?

"Who the hell do you think you are!"

He laughed menacingly, "I am sin! How many times have I said this."



"Daniel you woke me, I'm awake so are we going to talk or fight?" I ask raising a brow at him, folding my arms against my chest.

He looked different, he wasn't wearing his school uniform anymore instead he is wearing worn out denim jean pants that hugged his thighs. A black t-shirt similar to the one I'm wearing but his stuck to him like second skin, showing many dips and curves from his chest and biceps showing all his muscles.

I wander what he looks like underneath-

No! Don't go there.

Thoughts cut off I heard a deep chuckle from Daniels lips, giving me a sly smirk, "like what you see, Mia?"

Was I staring that long?


His smirk vanished replacing it with a scowl, "Don't lie to me Mia , I can sense it."

"How would you know if I'm lying?"

"Devil's damn we have alot to catch up on. Your presence madden's me." He grumbles.

He takes a seat next to me at the end of the bed I folded my legs together sitting up right. He stares at me for a long moment.

"I'm Wrath. Sin. A demon created from the Lord of Hell."

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