The Myth Of The Goddess And The Wolf

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Aubree Ares is a minor goddess from Mount Olympus. She is the goddess of Miracles, Strength, Medicine, Battle, and Victory. When a prank gone wrong sent her to live with mortals she meets friends, family, and love. Throughout her time in the mortal world, Aubree grants miracles and strengthens her loved ones and her pack. She learns a great deal about love and learns that there is more to being a goddess than she originally thought. What happens when Aubree meets Bentley Callahan? The most popular boy at school and the Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack. When hardship strikes it is up to Aubree to save her friends and the love of her life. What will happen when Aubree comes clean to her friends and Bentley about being a goddess from Mount Olympus. Will they accept her or will they resent her for not coming clean earlier?

Romance / Fantasy
Emily Cole
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Chapter One

Many people believe that the Greek gods and goddesses are all stories and myths. I am here to tell you that they are not myths. My name is Aubree Ares. My parents are Aphrodite and Ares. I am the goddess of Miracles, Strength, Medicine, Battle, and Victory.

On Mount Olympus, I study under other gods and goddesses. I study under my father and his way of war, but I also study under my Aunt Athena. She felt that I should also learn the strategy of war, so I have a balance. I study with Apollo who teaches me music and art. Hermes has taught me to get in and out of the underworld and teach me some of the mortal sports.

Other days I study with Artemis. She teaches me about wildlife and how important it is to the mortals and their survival. She even taught me about the race she created called Werewolves. They are half-human and half-wolf and they worship her! She even has her own holiday!

I have worked with Demeter, the mother of Persephone who is my best friend and one of the many reasons Hades and I are close. Persephone and I are a duo. You never see me without her, and you never see Persephone without me. We create havoc on Olympus and the Underworld. Which our parents, Hades, and Zeus hate.

When Poseidon comes to visit, he tells me stories of the ocean. I love hearing the stories and I can’t get enough of them. He also taught me how to ride a horse! Uncle Poseidon has all these adventures. I wish I could have adventures like him.

I am also pretty close to Zeus, Hades, and Hera. Although I did already mention Hades. Oh well. I feel comfortable coming to them when something goes wrong. My parents seem to think that despite them being flawed that I need to live up to their expectations and not follow their examples. Learning from all the gods and goddesses has its advantages. Yes, the knowledge is important but if you prove yourself to, Zeus he will grant you more authority and responsibility.

Which is why I am standing in front of them in Mount Olympus’ throne room. My father’s anger us unparalleled and my mother well she is almost just as furious. I am surprised it hasn’t started a world war yet. I could see my father’s eyes turn a deep blood red. My mother’s eyes turned a deep violet. I knew I was in a lot of trouble.

I woke up this morning with warm sunshine on my face. I jumped out of bed and headed into my bathroom. I showered and dried my hair. I pulled on a floor-length red dress tunic. I decided to honor my father. Children who live on Mount Olympus wear their parents set colors. White for formal reasons which everyone wears on Mount Olympus, pink for my mother and red for my father for everyday wear. Yeah, I know lame.

I hurried down to the dining hall where I saw my best friends Persephone goddess of Spring and Charity, Brea goddess of Hope, and Glory, Kheaos god of Medicine and Honor, Zylena goddess of Military, Tricks, and Chaos, and last but certainly never least Zondis god of Destiny, Conquest, and Vengeance.

“Morning,” I say taking a seat and start putting food on my plate. They all smile at me. “You seem to be in a good mood,” I smirk as I put a croissant in my mouth and take a bite. I raise an eyebrow at my friends. “I am in the mood to have some fun.”

We all got up and headed towards the stables. I had a fun idea of releasing all the Pegasus’. Fun fact about Pegasus’ is they love to fly, and hate being controlled by their rider or being controlled at all. I knew my parents were in some kind of council today so I knew they wouldn’t be around to stop us. When we got to the stables Zylena walked over to one of the care keepers and did her thing. We rely on her when we are trying to get away with things.

I snuck into the stables with Persephone and Brea and unlocked all of their gates. While the guys stood guard to make sure no one was coming. In a matter of five minutes, they were all out causing chaos throughout Olympus.

We quickly all retreated inside and into our sitting area waiting to hear the chaos that was about to unfold. We waited a good ten minutes before we heard a large thunder crack. Usually, Zeus thinks our practical jokes are just that. Usually being the key word. We exchange looks. Hermes comes into our sitting room looking upset and a bit annoyed.

“All of you are to go to the throne room. We are not happy with you guys and what you did disrupting an important council meeting. Good luck Aubree.” He says giving me a sad but knowing look.

We all filed into the throne room and I looked around to see my mom and dad. The way they looked at me I swear I would be buried alive in depths of the underworld. Each of my friends was picked off by their parents. Which brings us back to me standing in front of my parents. They scared me a little with how angry they were. They were just flying ponies. What’s the big deal?

“I have had enough of you Aubree!” my father stormed. “You have got to learn your lesson and become mature and take more responsibility.” He said. I could see the war in his eyes. He must be really serious about this. “Daddy come on! It was just flying ponies!” that was when my mother interjected.

“This is not the first time this has happened! What about the time when you destroyed the throne room by stealing Hephaestus’ fire and taking a bow and arrow and after you shot it, it landed in this very room!” I rolled my eyes. Yes, I have a history of being a troublemaker. I mean have you met my father? I get it from him. “Okay, it was one time and it was a stray arrow! I wasn’t even aiming for the throne room!”

“I have had enough of your attitude Aubree! It doesn’t matter to us where you were aiming. Now you are going to wrangle in all of the Pegasus’ It’s your fault they are out, this is your mess, and you will clean it up!” I have never heard my father yell at me in that much anger. If I wasn’t a goddess, I would be dead.

“Ares, please.” My mother said. She placed a hand on his shoulder trying to help him calm down. He nodded at my mom and sighed turning back to me. “I hate to do this Princess. You are officially grounded.” My mouth dropped open. “I’m grounded! Like, live with mortals! You can’t do this!” I felt my world spinning.

“I can because I am your father.” My father said looking at me like he could start World War III. My mother walks over to me and hugs me. “This is for your own good Aubree.” My mother says. I can’t believe this is happening.

“We already have your house ready along with cars and clothes.” That’s when I jumped in. “Wait. You already have everything set up!” My parents exchange looks. “We had your house built and everything after your last episode.”

I sighed throwing my hands up in the air than running them through my dark long brown wavy hair. “Oh, my gods,” I say. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I never thought my parents would do this. This kind of punishment is extreme for gods to punish their children.

“You leave in thirty minutes.” My jaw dropped. Thirty minutes! I turn my back on my parents and stormed out of the throne room and made my way to the sitting room and grabbed glass and filled it with wine. My friends walk in complaining about their punishments from their parents. I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of their punishments. It was laughable that they were the ones that should be complaining. When they saw me they came to a complete halt. They know my parents especially my father can be harsh.

“What happened?” Persephone asked. I sighed.

“They grounded me.”

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