True Mate

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God damn he was horny.

The little blonde might be oblivious to her effect on him, but right now, he was feeling just how thoroughly she had aroused him. It wasn’t as if he’d never had a human lover – he’d had plenty – but this girl was different. She made his wolf blood sing with desire, his inner beast prowling in his cage so dangerously close to the surface. If he wasn’t careful, this could go wrong, fast.

Wrapping his hand around his hard, pulsating length, he started slow, as slow as he could stand. His balls tightened and his cock twitched enthusiastically, the visuals of the blonde fairy changing in the next room fueling his fantasy. He imagined how shy she would be when he approached her, how her eyes would grow wide when she saw his fully erect girth. He would come in close, not giving her time to think before he kissed her sumptuous lips.

It was hot, so very hot. The steam of the shower fogging his brain as his dream self greedily bit and sucked her mouth, their tongues twisting and swirling together as lewd sounds from their contact aroused him even further… His hands massaged her slender waist, indicating just how much he wanted to grab her and throw her down on his bed to ravish her til they forgot everything – even their own names.

From a distant corner of his mind, he sensed her safely tucked away in his bedroom.

She must be changing.

He felt like he was on fire, quickly turning the nob to cold as he neared his climax. His hips pistoning his throbbing manhood through a tightly fisted hand, his desperation signaling his oncoming release as he thought of how he’d found her naked in his bed just last night.

“Ngh,” he moaned, not giving a rat’s ass if she heard him.

Hell, he wanted her to hear his raging desire for her, to draw her to him like a moth to a flame, inciting her burning curiosity. He could tell she’d never encountered a male like him in her life, and that she had probably never experienced the euphoria the kind of loving only he could give her.

“Haah...haah...mmm...fuck,” he growled out, his semen spurting out hot and thick, coating the wall.

Bracing himself against the stall, he waited until his breathing calmed, before cleaning up and wrapping a towel dangerously low around his lean hips. Might as well show the little tease exactly what she’s in for. He chuckled low at the thought, seeing her pale pink blush in his mind’s eye as he exited the bathroom. Noticing the bedroom door open, he went into the kitchen to grab a beer but stopped short.

Mother of fucking god…

There she was, wearing a little pajama set that she must’ve picked up today, the shorts giving him ample view of her buttocks, the lacy camisole not doing much better to cover her up. He was instantly hard again, his body knowing what it wanted. Regaining a little composure, he snuck up behind her.


She jumped, whirling around to face him, spatula in hand. In the middle of frying eggs, the grease popping and crackling behind her.


God did it feel great to hear here name coming from that soft little pink mouth of hers. Licking his teeth, trying his best not to salivate, he grinned.

“Whatcha cookin’?”

Confusion clouded over her brilliantly blue eyes before snapping out of it.

“O-oh! Yeah,” she stammered, “it’s payback for today,” she game him a warm smile, turning back to the stove.

So she’s gonna play it like this, huh.

Leaning in, so close that his lips nearly brushed against her neck, noticing the goosebumps raised on her bare arms. He heard her sharp intake of air as he just barely scraped his teeth against the sensitive flesh at the junction of her shoulder and neck. Her body went stiff as a shuddering breath left her, her hand holding the spatula suspended in the air, the eggs forgotten.

“Smells good,” he teased, resisting the urge to leave a bite mark on her pale, freckled shoulder.

Satisfied for now, he left her there, knees weak and panties wet as he headed into the bedroom, closing the door behind him with a muted click. Diego had really fucked up when he ordered him to protect this girl. His desire for her was dangerous in a situation like this, and he’d never had to hold himself back from having his way with a woman he wanted. It was all new and so distracting. He had to keep his head in the game if he was to keep her safe from those rogues.

Now that he thought about it, why the hell would a rogue kill a defenseless human female? Wasn’t it enough to have a quick fuck and call it an evening? Rogue psychology wasn’t his area of expertise; enforcing his alphas orders were. He’d been in plenty of fights, dealt with tons of shit, but this… This seemed off – even for rogues. It was as if they specifically targeted that girl – Sam – Liv’s roommate, but for what he hadn’t a clue. Did it have to do with the rabid tendencies of rogue wolves? It was true that if you became a rogue, you didn’t have pack laws to keep your instincts and...desires...under control.

Had the rogue gone into bloodlust when he was busy screwing the girl’s brains out? Then just decided it was a good idea to rip her to shreds? Why were they at Liv’s house anyway? There were too many questions and not enough answers. Just then, he heard his cell vibrating on the nightstand. Having a feeling it was from Diego, he didn’t hesitate to accept the call. His alpha’s rugged voice cut through the line.

“So… How’s Blondie?”

Roman couldn’t help his annoyance at Diego’s pet name.

“It’s Liv,” he said between clenched teeth.

Diego chuckled on the other line; he’d had fallen right into his trap.

“The human has a name now, huh? Well, then, let’s get straight to business so you can continue your little mating dance,” he teased.

He was not in the mood to play along with his antics, so his mouth remained shut.

“Ghost tracked down our rogue. Goes by the name Quentin, of all things, the bastard.”

Roman didn’t interrupt him, so he continued on.

“Seems like he’s part of a particularly nasty group. Roman, have you ever crossed paths with someone named Malachai?”

Thinking back, nothing jumping out at him.

“Nah, why,” he asked.

“Well,” Diego trailed off, sounding hesitant, “evidently he knows you.”

The fuck..?

Roman felt a headache coming on.

“Look,” he said, picking out some clothes to change into, “I don’t know no ‘Malachai’. If he’s the leader of these sons of bitches, he’s gotta be one hell of a sick fuck.”

“I agree… Say, Roman-”


“Try to get more outta that eye candy of yours. She ought ta know something. If she doesn’t, then we’re safe to assume neither did her poor friend.”

He sighed.

“Yeah… I’ll do that, chief.”

Roman could hear Diego’s smirk, prodding his annoyance further.

Smug bastard, he thought.

“Lemme know if anything changes. Also, did you go to her house today?”

Just the question he did not want to answer.

“Yeah...about that...” he began, unsure of how much to share.


Roman gulped, hoping Diego wouldn’t sniff out his leaner version of the truth. He knew it in his gut; it would put Liv in even more danger if he told his alpha everything.

“I found the house broken into, so I took her shopping. You know, all the essentials.”

“Did that include some lacy black lingerie?”

Diego’s tease made him want to punch the wall. He was just too worked up for this shit.

“As I said, the essentials. Anyway, I scented the rogues had been there. Must’ve come to tie up loose ends after their big fuck up. Liv’s gonna be staying with me, so-”

“Is she okay with that?”

God, when would this interrogation end!

“More than fine with it. She’s a smart girl; a good head on her shoulders.”

“Sounds like you’re enjoying this,” Diego laughed, “but you should bring her here. Just to be safe.”

Just to be safe,’ my ass. He’s gonna kill her if she becomes a problem, more like.

He knew his alpha; he was calculating and a formidable opponent in a fight. He wouldn’t offer his home to a human unless he’d already considered them a possible threat. At the alpha’s house, deep in the wilds, no one would hear her scream. Their little community would be protected, the secret of their existence theirs to keep. Still… He couldn’t allow Liv to become a sacrifice. There was something that was pulling him to her; something inside her was calling to him.

One way or another, she would be his.

“That isn’t necessary. It will only endanger more of us if the rogues are trying to sniff her out. With me, she’s most likely to have a fighting chance. It’s a win, win.”

Though he sounded confident, his pulse was beating furiously in his throat. He willed Diego to take the bait and leave him to take care of Liv. It was the only way.

“Alright,” he conceded at last, “but one last thing.”

Roman let out a nervous breath, his fingers raking through his long, black hair.

“What is it?”

“Keep your distance from the broad, okay? Blow off some steam with her or whatever the fuck you have to do, but don’t get in too deep.”

Roman thought over his alpha’s words.

It’s a little too late.

He had to chuckle a bit at that.

“Whatever you say.”

“Better mean that.”

Yeah...definitely too late.

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