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Working for the Billionaire

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(COMPLETED STORY) 17 year old Claire has faced a lot of challenges in her life especially in the past. Now all she wants is to make something of herself by starting over and reinvent herself. She meets a rich family who loves and accepts her for who she is but will Liam accept her? 23 year old Liam is a successful handsome and independent bachelor who has achieved many great things in his life and has everything you would want in a man but he's extremely arrogant. His work always comes first amongst other things but when he meets Claire will work be the only thing that occupies his mind? Well let's find out. Spare some time and read Working for the billionaire. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Romance / Drama
Bae'Bless Makokoe
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Chapter 1 A life with no meaning

I’m Claire Mooresville.

I’m 17 years old.

I’m 5.8.

With silver greyed hair.

And Amber eyes.

I’ve always been insecure about my looks. I think it happens to most teenagers like myself. I’ve always envied other girls with perfect bodies and wished to have one just like theirs.

It has always been a personal problem for me but I don’t let it get to my head too much like before, because I have no one to share it with since I have no family and no friends.

I used to live in an orphanage and I went to kindergarten when I lived there. Growing up there was a challenge because I used to see other kids getting adopted, except for me. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Not being wanted by any families made me more insecure and question myself a lot.

But a few years later my turn came. A couple who couldn’t have children took me into their home when I was only 8 years old.

Things were good for a while until one day I saw my father lifting a hand at my mother. It became a never ending cycle. He would apologize to her and things would go back to normal but he’d go back on his word.

The way I see it... the abuse started way before I even came into the picture because my mom always had a first aid kit nearby, to take care of her wounds and bruises.

Things got from better to worse when the abuse came towards me. If I couldn’t do certain things for him, he would hit me. On my part the abuse went on for three years. I suffered a lot for three consecutive years.

Miss Brown, the state social worker always came at home to come and see how I was coping and everything. She came to check if I was settling in alright. Sometimes she’d spend a few hours with me. Honestly I never wanted her to leave me alone with them but, it was something I couldn’t express in words.

Kindergarten once reported on my performance and my physical pain but my parents knew very well to hide their “perfect marriage” and they also convinced everyone that I was distracted because of my grandmother’s death which was a big lie because I’ve never even met my grandparents and my physical bruises were taken care of before the social worker came.

My mom was like my dad’s personal slave and he probably enjoyed every minute of it because she supported all his lies but I knew she was forced to do so because if she doesn’t then she gets punished.

I went from being a brilliant student to being a poor performer and my behavior changed drastically, from being the sweet young girl to a very disrupted and disturbed kid because of the abuse.

I was isolating myself from everything and everyone because I blamed myself for everything that was happening to me. I wanted to be adopted so much I didn’t even think of the outcome. I got into fights all the time. I became fussy with the teachers, I would always draw attention to myself because I didn’t get any at home.

I’ve always had this idea of running away from home at the back of my mind and one night my mother helped me fulfill that idea.

What happened that night will always run through my mind like a tape recorder on repeat.

Flashback of that night

I usually drink milk at night because it helps me sleep. So as usual I went to pour myself a glass of milk. While I was busy doing that, my father entered the house opening the door roughly almost breaking it, right that moment I knew he was very drunk. Most nights he would come home very drunk.

So I ran and hid under the table for him not to see me. I was scared of him, mostly when he was drunk because he was more aggressive in this state. My mother probably heard the commotion and came into the kitchen. They started arguing immediately when she got in the kitchen, yelling, screaming, throwing plates, cups, glasses all over the kitchen, then my dad did what he knew best, he slapped her hard right across her face, she hit the wall and fell down. She was bleeding from her nose. At this point my heart was pounding so hard and fast because I was so scared. I never got used to the abuse, I don’t think no one ever does. I knew my dad was always this abusive but today he was enraged.

Two men came in and they helped my father pin my mother down on the floor that’s when I saw a chance to go hide behind the couch in the living room. I could still see them from my hiding place. They did something despicable to her. He raped her first then his friends raped her too, she tried fighting them but her fights were in vein. When they were done with her my father sent one of his friends upstairs to my room to go look for me. I was going to be next. He came back downstairs and told my father that he couldn’t find me. My father freaked out and quickly went upstairs to look for me himself and his little troops followed behind him. I ran towards my naked helpless mother.

“Mommy are you okay?” I asked her touching her cold cheek.

“Run baby please, run my child, run and never look back, she said pushing me back pointing to the door, tears running down her face.

“No mommy I can’t leave you,” I said to her crying my eyes out.

How could I have possibly leave her in this state, in this house, with the monster that just molested her. How many more times will he hurt her, for her to see that this wasn’t a good place to live in?

“Claire go now! Get out of here please!” She yelled out firmly. Deep down I knew she wanted to protect me, she wanted to save me but, I couldn’t save her.

I listened to her though. I went out that door and ran, I ran as fast as I could and never looked back. Ever since then I never saw them again.


What happened back then has been like a scar to me. It was a very traumatic experience for me and it still is. I never understood why he had to hurt us the way he did. The anger he had towards us was way too big to be controlled.

I never knew how it was to have a loving father but I knew how it was to have an abusive father.

He made me do things that were absolutely absurd at times. He would send me to go and buy cigars or alcohol for him. If I take too long, I get punished without been given a chance to explain. A right minded person would never send an 8 year old to a liquor store. Just my cruel father.

Sometimes he had me polishing his shoes. I didn’t have an idea on how it was done at first but, in time I got used to doing it even though I did what I thought was right. It became a regular thing for him. One thing for sure, he was never satisfied with the way I did it.

When he got tired of hitting me, he locked me in the basement for two to three days to starve. I would eat anything I could find on the floor to fill me up. I would eat toilet paper, newspaper paper or rotten bread crumbs that I found on the floor, I would chew wood too or eat the worn out carpet.

That’s how I survived.

There was nothing my mom could do about it. I didn’t want her to do anything about it either because her punishment’s were more cruel than mines.

He also made me iron his clothes. If I didn’t do it properly he hits me, this one time he took the hot iron and burnt my back. My mother rushed me to the hospital that day and I was in there for almost 2 weeks. While I was at the hospital I wished to never go back home I wanted to tell one of the nurses what really happened but I was scared to do so. My mom was by my side everyday at the hospital.

I remember how desperate I was to ask for help but I couldn’t. At least I thought that my mom would see reason and not go back to that hell even when I begged her.

“Mommy I don’t wanna go back home I’m scared of daddy,” I said to her in tears.

“I’m scared too sweetheart but we have to go back because if we don’t he’ll look for us, find us and then he’ll kill us,” my mother said to me.

“Mommy we will hide,” I was pleading with her. She just held my tiny hands and kissed them. She came in my bed and laid next to me.

“I love you my little girl I always have and I always will,” she said to me holding me very tight.

That’s all she could say to me. I didn’t know she was in a tough position to say otherwise until now.

My father never abused me sexually just emotionally and physically but all of that was still very painful. Everyday of my life I wanted to go back for my mom and save her from him. Save her from that life with no meaning.

After running away from home I lived on the streets and I tried everything to stay alive.

I spent years living on the streets with other street kids. I even made a friend on the streets, her name was Juliana she took care of me while we were roaming the streets. She was four years older than me.

She would come with food and share it with me, I never asked where it came from, I was just satisfied with whatever she gave me. Sometimes I felt like being on the streets was better than the life back at home.

She even taught me how to fight to defend myself. She invited some of her guy friends to teach me how to fight and soon enough I was fighting like a pro. Street fighting was dangerous according to what they taught me so I needed to use it only when necessary.

When I turned fourteen she was eighteen and she told me I was old enough to fend for myself now. She taught me how to survive and how to be streetwise, so I became a shoplifter. I succeeded at first but after a while I got caught.

I got arrested and I spent eight weeks in juvie.

Eight weeks later I was released so I immediately went to look for Juliana and luckily I found her two days after my release. By the time I was out of jail Juliana worked on the streets as a hooker, that’s how she started making a living.

She still looked out for me but she never wanted me to sell my body for money. She always told me that I was an intelligent girl only because I loved reading. She was like a sister I never had.

Honestly she was right, I loved reading.

So I would pick up books from people’s trash and read them, that’s how I taught myself how to read since I never went to school. I read so many books, from fiction, fantasy to romance including anime.

Juliana and I were inseparable until one day one of her “customers” chased after us one night. He probably wanted to sleep with me, I never knew the real reason why he chased after us and why Juliana let me escape, at least that was my theory. She did help me get away but she stayed behind even though I wanted her to come with me because I still needed her.

I spent two years apart from Juliana, I looked for her but eventually I gave up. I did fend for myself until I reached sixteen.

At sixteen I was a “rip-off” so to speak. Club’s were my target market because a lot of rich men went there for fun. I would go in and lure them at the back of the club to have a private intimate moment with those rich men but not to a point of sleeping with them, just get them excited then take their wallets from their pockets or jackets, afterwards I excuse myself to go to the bathroom then I disappear on them. So I’m kind off a wanted woman because one of them once noticed me but I managed to get away before he could get to me.

After a year of ripping people off I wanted to change my ways because I was tired of this life. I wanted a better one for myself. I decided that enough was enough so I completely revamped myself including my behavior, my looks and my attitude. It wasn’t going to happen overnight but I did it one day at a time.

I’ve made so many bad decisions in my life to last me a lifetime. The one I regret the most was the one that got me arrested at a very young age. I try really hard not to think about it anymore though. It’s all in the past now.

I'm 17 now and I’m trying really hard to continue being a better person. I’ve looked for a job before but there was no luck because I have no qualifications and what’s worse I have a criminal record hanging over my head.

Luckily I found a job as a librarian.

After many turn downs I feel lucky to have found this one.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements I sleep in a shelter for homeless people, so I knock off at 4 at work so that I can get at the shelter before 6 to find space. Sometimes I get there too late so I go back to the library I work at and sneak in at the backroom which is left open most of the time since it’s empty. When it’s not open I find an abandoned warehouse and sleep there for the night.

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer are my employers and they’ve been really good to me.

They are both in their early sixties. They don’t know that I use the library backroom as my “bedroom” and I’d like to keep it that way since am not doing a habit of it. Besides I don’t want to get fired while I just started.

This is the eighth month now, since I’ve been working for the Spencer’s. I haven’t told them everything that has happened in my life, I’m not sure how to tell them or if I should tell them at all. I actually can’t tell them because I don’t want them to feel obliged to help me or feel weird around a jailbird.

For the past eight months I haven’t used any of my salary because I was saving it for a solid place to stay. So today I used it to find a cheap one-roomed apartment. Having a place to stay has been such a victory to me. Now I have a place I can call home.

I don’t buy food often though. Sometimes I skip days without eating it’s better that way because I can save for rent. Besides I’m used to it by now, it’s no big deal.

The remaining salary I used it to change my image a little because one of the man I ripped off recognised me two days ago. He came after me but I managed to get away from him and his guards. I’ve never ran that fast in my life.

So I no longer wear jeans and other fashionable clothing that I bought with stolen money, just long shapeless vintage dresses and skirts that I picked up from this other alley. I also picked up nerdy thick rimmed glasses there. I was lucky to have found them because I’ve always has a weak eyesight. It’s just that I never really could afford them.

I bought a long green wig and a black long one for my disguise. I got braces too. It’s better this way so nobody can recognise me especially those men, because God knows what they’ll do to me when they find me.

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer haven’t really asked why I changed my image, that’s why I admire them so much they never question my actions they always wait for me to tell them first. Ever since I’ve worked for them I think I’m doing good for myself.

Mrs. Spencer comes with these mouth watering muffins and delicious coffee everyday for her customers who read and buy books here but, she’s getting old now she doesn’t have that much strength to stand in front of the oven for long periods of time. So now most of her customers complain at times and business is going slow.

I thought of a plan to help her so I approached her hoping my idea will be received.

“Mrs. Spencer, I’ve been thinking a lot about helping you out. Why don’t you show me your recipe for your muffins and also teach me how to make your delicious coffee. Then I’ll do it for you from now on.” I suggested sending her a warm smile, while rubbing her slightly wrinkled hands.

“Really dearie? That’s very thoughtful of you. But are you sure my dear?” she asked doubtfully.

I nodded. “Yes I’m sure Ma’am but I’ll have to do it at your house because I don’t have a stove where I live.” I told her, still holding her hands.

“Thank you so my dear. We can start today after work if you don’t have any plans.” she suggested looking relieved.

“I don’t have any plans. “I said.

I was a tit bit excited about learning all of that because I don’t know how to bake anything, let alone cook. So after work I locked up as usual and gave back the keys to Mr. Spencer. He drove us to their house, it took us about twenty minutes to get there.

Their house was a lovely modern cottage house with a beautiful garden.

“Welcome to our humble home.” Mr. Spencer said leading me into their house.

“Thank you sir,” I said smiling.

Mrs. Spencer lead me into their kitchen and she took out her recipe book and showed me the muffin recipe. She took out all the ingredients needed and I helped her out. She showed me how to measure the ingredients and how they’re mixed together.

I placed them on a muffin shaped pan and placed them inside the oven and we waited for the first bunch to bake.

I took out the beans for the coffee, I smelled the aroma and it was amazing. I thought of the process that these beans have gone through since the day they were hand-picked and sorted in their original country. I also considered the long way they have traveled into the kitchens and smiled to myself without Mrs. Spencer noticing.

“My dear always grind your beans as close to the brew time as possible for maximum freshness.” She explained. “A burr or mill grinder is best because the coffee is ground to a consistent size.” she added.

“Is a blade grinder less preferable because some coffee will be ground more finely than the rest?” I asked her, wanting to understand.

“Of course sweetheart,” she said smiling.

We made the coffee and we drank some of it and it was really good. I’m glad she taught me something today.

“I wish I had someone to teach me these things sooner.” I said to her sipping on my coffee.

“Wasn’t there anyone to teach you sweetheart?” she narrowed her eyebrows. She looked curious.

“No ma’am”, I answered shortly not wanting to get into detail.

“Oh well you have me now to teach you anything you desire to know, ok honey?” She said rubbing my back. I just nodded smiling.

Mrs. Spencer’s phone startled me when it rang.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

She answered it and put it on speaker because she was removing the muffins from the oven

“Hello rose, how are you honey?” She answered the phone.

“I’m good mom and you?” Rose answered.

“I’m okay my baby.” She replied.

“Mom can you come over to dinner tomorrow at 6? Pieter and I miss the side of our family. We need you and dad to come. Please mom.” Rose sweetly asked.

“Will my grand children be there? I miss them so much”, she asked.

““Yes mother they’ll be here”, she replied.

“Okay honey your dad and I will be there.” She said.

“Bye mom I love you, say hi to dad.” Rose replied.

“Bye my child love you too.” She replied.

Called ended.

“That was my daughter Rose.” She said smiling.

“Oh I didn’t know you have a daughter Mrs. Spencer.” I said. She has never talked about her family in my presence.

“I do. She just invited me to a family dinner like you heard and I want you to come with us please Claire we would love to have you there with us. I would like my family to know the sweet young girl that helps us with our library.” she said checking the muffins.

“Oh no Mrs. Spencer it’s a family dinner I’m sure your daughter will mind.” I said nervously.

“Nonsense she won’t mind. The more the merrier.” she said to me, placing a muffin on my plate.

“Thank you, but how do I get there?” I asked her.

“We’ll pick you up at your apartment, just be ready by 5 okay?” She said.

“Okay Thanks.” I chuckled.


The next day

It’s a Saturday today and I usually rest and read my books but today I decided to do some cleaning since I haven’t done when I moved in.

When I was done cleaning I did a bit of laundry. I took a bath afterwards in my little round bath tub and brushed my teeth. It was three o’clock already so I went to find something to wear for later on.

I wore my long black vintage dress with my green pumps and tied my silver greyed hair in a bun and wore my green wig on top. I like this one more than my black wig. I think I look better in the green one. I waited on the couch and laid down a bit, closing my eyes but, sleep took over me and I was a goner.

I was awaken by a knock on the door, it startled me a lot.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

“I’m coming.” I said in my sleepy voice. I opened the door and it was Mr. Spencer.

“Oh hi Mr. Spencer I’m sorry I was asleep,, let me quickly get the keys and lock up then I’ll come to the car.” I said to him.

“Okay we’ll wait for you in the car then.” He said and left.

I quickly wore my eye glasses and took my keys on my small table. I locked the door and put them in my dress pocket and headed to the car.

“Hi honey,” Mrs. Spencer greeted me. She looked so happy.

“Hi Mrs. Spencer, how are you today?” I asked.

“I’m great sweetie, I’m just looking forward to seeing my side of the family.

She and her husband made a small conversation during the trip and there was soft music in background. So the ride was pleasant. We drove to her daughter’s house for a few more minutes and we were there in no time.

I was attracted by their beautiful house when we entered the yard, it was amazing, just breath taking.

I couldn’t stop starring at it. Wow...” were all the words I could say at that moment.

I slowly got out of the car glancing at every little detail of the house. I only saw such houses in books and magazines I read. I never thought that someday I’d step into one, it was somewhat a dream come true. I’m absolutely sure that this house is one of the most incredible houses I’ve ever seen. The shape of the house, the straight lines, the use of a few gorgeous materials, that I believe are main points on the contemporary architecture, are all too evident on this house. It’s such a complex and exclusive house with simple and rectangular shapes working together with huge windows, they’ve indeed built a perfect example of modern architecture. I suspected that they were on the wealthy side of life if they owned such an extravagant house.

“Claire come on inside honey.” I jumped out of my thoughts when Mrs. Spencer called me out.

I zoned out there for a second.

I quickly jogged towards her and we entered the house. Even the inside of the house was gorgeous. The interior and exterior designs were amazing, they matched perfectly like twins. The walls were all white with Red and Black leather couches in the living room.

Polished floors which are mirror-like, exquisite choice of paint colors, breathtaking and spectacular.

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw the owners of the house.

“Hi mom, hi dad how are you?” A woman in her early 40′s said hugging Mr. and Mrs. Spencer.

It must be Rose. I inwardly said.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Spencer,” a man in his early 40′s greeted politely in his deep but smooth voice..

“Hi my loves. It’s really great seeing you two after such a long time,” Mrs. Spencer said them embracing them both with a hug.

“Yeah we missed both of you a lot,” Mr. Spencer added.

I glanced at the man standing next to Rose and he looked so intimidating like one of those wolves in twilight. He looked like a real business man who takes no nonsense from anyone and everyone worships the ground he walks on. He had an excellent posture and a great deep voice. It must be the husband.....

Grandmama and grandpapa,” A cute little girl yelled out in excitement. She’s a brunette and had her hair tied into two ponytails. She was so adorable with no front teeth, she reminded me of myself when I was 6. She must be at least 5.

She was followed by a beautiful blonde girl in her 20′s and two handsome guys that were the same height 6.1 in their 20′s as well. They hugged Mr. and Mrs. Spencer too.

I stepped back a little. I saw how happy everyone was to see each other. It made me a little sad because I never had what I’m seeing right now. A happy family or a stable family for that matter.

“Everyone I’d like you to meet Claire Mooresville, she works with us at our library,” Mrs. Spencer said. I invited her to come join us for dinner.” She added.

I just smiled and raised my hand, slightly waving it at everyone.

“Hi Claire, I’m Melanie.” The blonde girl introduced herself to me. “This is my mom and dad, Rose and Peter Devereux, Liam my brother, Jeremy our cousin and my little sister Sally.” She introduced everyone to me.

Melanie was gorgeous, her curly blonde hair flowed to her shoulders. She looked like a model because of her tallness and beautiful long legs. Her smile was just perfect with her pure white teeth and green eyes. And a perfect body.

Jeremy looked like one of those sweet guys who are liked by everyone because of their kindness and are always there for their family and friends. He has beautiful brown eyes with black hair that just got trimmed. He is so cute, especially when he smiles.

Liam on the other hand was devilishly handsome with dark brown hair. And blue sexy eyes. He’s one of those men who are wanted by every women he comes across. The 5o’clock shadow upon his face was much more sexier. He’s ridiculously hot. He looks like he can make time stand still and switch it back on with just a snap of his finger. He definitely got the looks from his father.

I feared him already.

“Nice to meet you all.” I said to them looking down. I was actually embarrassed by the way Liam looked at me, like I’m disgusting.

“I love your hair Claire it’s pretty.” Sally complimented me.

Thank you Sally I love yours too.” I said touching her ponytails.

“Welcome Claire it’s lovely to meet you,” Mrs. Devereux said. Smiling.

“Thank you ma’am,” I replied with a smile. It seemed like it was all I was going to do all night “smile”. My cheeks were tired already.

“Please call me Rose my dear,” she said pulling me into a hug. I slightly hugged her back.

“Nice to meet you Malady,” Jeremy said taking my hand, kissing the back of it. I blushed at his gesture. Such flattery.

“Oh stop it Jeremy you’re going to scare the poor girl away.” Melanie said slapping the back of his head.

“Mel that hurts. I’m just trying to be a gentleman here.” He grinned at her.

Everyone laughed cheerfully. We walked to the dining room. I followed quietly behind them. I sat in between Melanie and Sally, they preferred me sitting next to them. At least they didn’t think I was disgusting, except for Mr. Serious face over there. Ever since I got here, Liam has been giving me a very disturbing look that makes me very uncomfortable but I’ve tried to ignore it.

Rose said grace and we took turns to dish up for ourselves. I was so hungry that my tummy started grumbling so loud. I was so embarrassed I felt everybody’s gaze on me.

“Sounds like somebody can do with more than just food, how about an Elephant,” Liam hinted at me and he chuckled. I felt so hurt and embarrassed when he said that. I haven’t eaten for almost two days now and seeing all this food made my tummy excited.

“Liam stop it...” His mom scolded him and he chuckled. “Claire darling you can eat whatever you feel like ok?” she added and I just nodded.

“Geez can’t you people take a joke?” He said chuckling then continued dishing up for himself.

We started eating and Melanie whispered something really funny to me about Liam and we both laughed. She said Liam has a whale head that’s why he’s so arrogant.

“Do you two want to share the joke with the rest of the table?” Liam said to us.

I just looked at him then back to my plate.

“We had a moment Liam stay out of it.” she said looking at him crossed side.

“Oh that’s very funny Mel, look how hard we’re all laughing at your joke.” he said sarcastically.

Geez this guy was something else.

“What the hell is your problem Liam, ever since I got back home you’ve been like this! Tell me what’s your problem?” Melanie asked with a little hurt in her voice.

“You’re my problem Melanie, do us all a favor and go back to Europe.” he harshly said with a frown.

He was so rude, but there was a little hurt in that statement of his. There was clearly something eating away at Liam.

“You two STOP IT!!!!” Rose yelled out in frustration. “You’re ruining this whole thing for all of us.” she added.

They both apologized and the family dinner continued.

“Liam I need you to come early to the office tomorrow there are a few things we need to discuss.” his dad said.

“Cool, I’ll be there dad.” he replied shortly.

“How’s the business going by the way Liam?” Mr. Spencer asked.

“It’s going well grandpa. I closed a very important deal yesterday, so very soon we’ll have more shipments to run.” He said. He was clearly proud of himself. It must’ve been a big deal.

“Wow I see your father is grooming you very well.” he said smiling.

“Okay, can you all stop talking about work this is a family dinner not a boardroom,” Rose said and the conversation changed.

“So Claire how long have you worked for my grandparents?” Melanie asked me.

“It’s been 8months now.” I replied shortly.

“Oh so what were you doing before you worked for them.” she asked glancing at me.

Oh crap why did you have to ask me that question Melanie how will everyone feel knowing I was in juvie then I turned to ripping people off????

“I wasn’t really doing anything. I was just looking for a job a few months before I got this one.” I replied.

“How old are you again?” She asked curiously.

“I’m ah...17.” I answered.

“So your parents were cool with you looking for a job?” She asked.”

“Melanie stop asking the girl so many questions.” Her mom said.

I realized that dodging these questions wasn’t going to help me with anything. Besides, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer are going to find out anyway. I can’t keep this from them any longer.

“It’s okay Mrs. Devereux....I mean Rose. I don’t have parents Melanie, well I never knew my real parents. I was adopted when I was 8 but my adoptive parents weren’t really ideal. My father abused me for 3 years straight, so later on that year I ran away from home. I went to juvie for something stupid that I did and then for a while I ripped people off. It was the only way to make a living. I decided to change my ways though, and when I started working for your grandparents things started to get better so here I am today.” I explained everything all at once so she doesn’t ask me any further questions.

Everyone was quiet for a while after my explanation. That’s the reaction I expected anyway. I was waiting for them to kick me out but they never did.

“I’m sorry Claire I shouldn’t have asked.” she felt bad.

“It’s okay, really Melanie” I said smiling at her placing my hand on top of hers on the table. I was glad that nobody asked me any further questions. I guess my explanation was enough.

“Mommy can aunty Claire sing a song for us,” Sally suggested.

I almost choked on my saliva when she said that.

“Only if she doesn’t mind sweetheart,” Rose said.

“Aunty Claire please sing a song for us please, please, please.” she made those puppy dog eyes that I couldn’t say no to.

“Ahh....um..….” I couldn’t utter a word. I always sing when I’m alone, how am I supposed to sing in front of an audience. I’m so nervous. It’s a good thing I know how to sing a little otherwise this was going to be the worst day of my life.

“Come on Claire I’ll play my guitar.” Melanie suggested. I stood up from my chair and followed Melanie to the living room and everyone followed behind us.

“So which song would you like me to sing for you Sally”, I asked her going down to her level.

I want “Lips are moving by Meghan Trainor”, she said excitedly.

I started singing the song when Melanie started on her guitar. It was good combination. I sang the rest of the song with Sally and Melanie joined our sloppy dancing.

When I was done everyone clapped their hands, even Liam which was surprising. Rose came and hugged me. It actually felt great singing for them. For once I made other people happy.

“You sing so beautifully my dear.” She said.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“Marry me Angel voice.” Jeremy went on one knee and kissed the back of my hand again and placed his other hand on his chest dramatically. He was really adorable.

“Oh Jeremy I...” I didn’t know what to say to him. He was so funny.

“Jeremy leave Claire alone.” Melanie pulled him up to his feet with his ear.

“Ouch ouch dammit!!! Mel you’re hurting my ear, I’m sor-sorry I’ll leave her alone then, damn woman!” he yelled out.

I laughed so hard. Their fights are priceless.

“Sally this is past your bedtime, now go upstairs to your room. I’ll be with you just now.” Rose said.

“No mommy I don’t want to go.” she said whining.

“Sally no arguing with mom.” Liam said to her going down to her level.

“Okay fine.” she said pouting. “Aunty Claire can you come give me a bath and read me a bedtime time story?” she added.

Everyone looked at me.

“Ahh.... ye-yeah sure I... I don’t mind,” I muttered.

“Yaaay come come come.” she took my hand and dragged me upstairs. We went to her room.

Her room was very adorable with all her pink stuff. Her bed was covered in Barbie sheets and her curtains as well, her floor mat was Hanna Montana. I went to fill her tub with water and filled it with foam bath.

I took off her clothes and bathed her.

“I really love your hair, I want mine to look like yours,” Sally said and she chuckled.

“I want to tell you something, can you keep a secret?” I asked her. She nodded and her eyes went wide.

“This is not my real hair,” I said to her and took off my wig and undid my bun. “This is my real hair.” I said to her.

“Wow aunty Claire your hair is pretty.” she said touching it.

I tied my hair back into a bun again and put on my wig.

“I need you to promise me not to tell anyone okay?” I said to her.

“Yes, I pinky promise,” she said smiling and we intertwined our small fingers.

I finished bathing her and she put on her Hanna Montana pajamas and I tucked her in, placing the blankets over her body.

I read her the story book called “the little red riding hood”.

I read the book for a while and Sally was already half asleep and yawning a lot. So I continued reading a little bit of the story.

By now Sally was fast asleep. I closed the book placing it back into her drawer and kissed her forehead. I pulled up her blankets to her shoulders and went out of her room closing her door carefully. That was refreshing.

Walking down the hall way I was staring down at my green worn out shoes, maybe that’s why they Liam was looking at me so weirdly.

*bang* *bang*

"Ahhhh ouch uh-uh mmmhhh.... hey watch it!!!” Someone growled.

"I’m so sorry.” I muttered. I looked up and realized that I just collided with Liam and I spilled grape juice all over his shirt.

"Look what you’ve done you stupid girl! Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” He hissed.

He was so pissed off! I don’t blame him though.

"Li-Liam I’m so sorry I’ll go and get you something to cle-clean you-you...um...up.” I startled.

He looked more scary when he was angry like this.

"Don’t bother!” He said to me firmly and hurried back downstairs.

I felt so small and guilty for not looking where I was going. I slowly followed behind him and I saw him trying to remove the stain from his shirt.

"Hey did you put Sally to sleep?” Mel asked me and I just nodded but my eyes was still on Liam. He gazed at me and I slightly looked away.

"Mom thanks for the evening but I’m gonna go now.” He said.

I knew he was leaving because of what of. He was approaching the door but I stopped him. This was their family dinner, I didn’t even have the right to be here in the first place.

"Liam wait.” I approached him. He turned around and just looked at me like he wanted to strangle the living hell out of me.

"I’m really sorry. You’re right I’m stupid for not watching where I was going, now I ruined your shirt and probably your night. I’ll replace your shirt but please don’t leave because of me. This is your family dinner so I’ll leave. Again I’m really sorry." I explained hoping he’ll forgive me for my stupidity. "Thank you for letting me be a part of your family tonight." I said to him really grateful. I kissed his cheek, not sure why but I had hoped it'll ease the anger he had towards me. I wished everyone a good night then I walked out the door.

I walked to the gate thinking maybe he’ll forgive me, who knows. Anyway I had a great night and for once I felt love, happiness and joy. At least I had a family for one night.

*Hoot* *hoot*

I jumped almost having a heart attack when I heard a car hooter behind me. I turned around and I was bombarded by heavy car lights. I tried hiding my face with my hands but the lights were too bright.

The car stopped and someone got out of the car. It was Jeremy. What was he doing here?

"Hey come with me, I’ll take you home,” he said walking towards me. He lead me to his car, I got inside and he closed the door for me and came inside the car too.

"Jeremy what are you doing here?” I was really surprised to see him.

"Rose sent me to come and take you home after Liam refused to come.” he stated.

I guess he didn’t forgive me. I shouldn't have expected it so soon.

"Oh I see well thanks a lot hey.” I was actually relieved that it was Jeremy taking me home. I was going to walk home since I don’t have enough money for a cab.

"It was nice having you over Claire, my family likes you a lot, especially Sally. I think she’s attached to you already.” He smiled.

"Your family is a lovely one indeed. Sally is too adorable I can’t resist her, she makes me wish I had a little sister.” I said smiling.

"Yeah I wish her sister was adorable too she bullies me a lot.” He said frowning. I saw a pout on his lips, it made me laugh.

"I think it’s adorable when the two of you fight.” I said glancing at him. He just looked at me and chuckled.

"Can you tell me what’s Liam’s problem?” I needed an explanation for his attitude.

"Oh Liam has a lot of issues. Firstly he doesn’t like the kind off relationship I have with Melanie, she’s more like my sister than his because they don’t get along at all. Secondly he’s a multi-billionaires son so his work attitude made him very ruthless, inconsiderate and arrogant. Actually he was groomed that way. He took over his father’s company when he was only 18 years old while he studied part time, so he was groomed from then till now so you can imagine what kind of person he has become. Thirdly he doesn’t like letting people into his life because he has gone through a lot. Sometimes I don’t blame him for how he is but that is another story for another day,” he said.

"Wow...ahh...Okay... But he shouldn’t shut people out. I’ve tried that once and it just makes you a bitter person.” I said remembering the past but my mind was still thinking about the multi-billionaire statement. So I was right when I assumed that these people were wealthy. They're filthy rich.

"Well we’re here..” he said. I looked around and realized that I’m home.

"How did you know I live here Jeremy?” I asked him.

"Mrs. Spencer told me where you live.” He said shortly.

"Well thanks a lot for the lift.” I smiled at him.

"Tomorrow is Sunday, do you have any plans?” He asked.

"Not really I just want to finish reading the book I’m currently on and rest for Monday because I’ll be working.” I replied.

"Can’t I change your mind to go out with me and Mel?” He looked at me without blinking.

"Well..um..sure no problem I can go with you guys.” I said. I didn’t want to disappoint him.

"Cool so tomorrow at 10 we’re coming to fetch you here ok?” He said sounding excited.

"Sure I’ll be ready by then, goodnight Jeremy.” I said getting out of his car and he waved goodbye.

I walked to my small apartment, unlocked the door and went inside then locked it again. I took off my worn out green shoes and realized it has the grape juice spilled on it from earlier. I took off my wig, glasses and dress.

I slept with just my underwear and tank top. I took a blanket and went on my couch which I consider a bed for now. I can’t really afford a bed at the moment. I closed my eyes and thought about today again, it was really amazing and after a while I fell asleep.

Hi guys! This book is finally online. Get yourself a copy on Amazon. To see the book, search for working for the billionaire By Lesego Makokoe and it’ll pop up.

Your support will be much appreciated


Claire Mooresville as Ariana Grande

Liam Devereux as Matt Bomer

Melanie Devereux as Selena Gomez

Jeremy Clinton as Liam Hemsworth

Raphael Griffiths as Jon kortajarena

Chad Devereux as Bran daugherty

Bethany Hamilton as Keke Palmer

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