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He likes her. She likes him. Will love conquer everything? Chloe Summers, every school boy's dream, undeniably the hottest girl. Devon Bickersen, a billionaire, every woman's fantasy and the hottest bachelor you've ever known. Will these two find Love in each others arm? Love and Lust -- both have four-letter word but definitely have different meaning. But.. What if they feel both love and lust? Let's follow their story and find out the answer. Devon: "Soon..your name and mine are going to be the same.." -------- This book is based on the author's imagination. Any photos or video clips that might be attached are purely serve as references.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: A Charity Case

"Devon are you in here? Donna called out her older brother.

No one responding so she continued walking inside his room. " where is he?"

She dialed his number and phone ringing from the other room. She went to where the phone rings holding the brown envelope she got from the mailbox.

"Devo---holy crow!!!" She was not able to finish what's she's gonna say. The sight of her brother fucking someone in the room made her shocked. Couldn't even move.

"What the fuck Donna?!!" He yelled at her immediately covering their bodies. "Get out!!"

"Alright! Eewww! You should lock the door you idiot!!" She shouted walking outside and slammed the door.

Few minutes after the incident, Devon threw the girl out of the house after giving her some dollars for her service.

He went straight to the kitchen knowing his sister, she always headed straight to the kitchen and rummaged what's inside his fridge. His sister has easy access on his house since he allowed her to stay with him during weekends. He bought his own house far away from their parents because he doesn't want his family keep on prying his private life.

"What are you doing here all of a sudden Donna?" He said direct to the point. He saw her eating some of his pizzas.

"Goodness Devon, arent you asking me how am i?" She replied.

"Speak up! You're not supposed to be here. Not weekends yet."

"I know but I have a favor to ask..oh I saw this one from your mailbox." She pushed the envelope to his side. His brow arched. "What's this?"

"I don't know! Open it." Then he did what she said. It's an invitation to charity event coming from one of his clients.

"What's that?" Now she's the one asking him.

"Business." He said nonchalantly. "Now, what favor are you asking for?"

"Oh uhm..honestly it's my bestfriend. Uhm she needs my help but the thing is you are the one who could help us." His brows contorted from what he heard.

"It's friend is looking for a place to stay for a week and I could not let her stay in mom's and dad's know dad still mad at me."

"Why dont you tell her to stay in a hotel. My house is not a charity place to let anyone of your friends come here.!" He's pissed.

"Please Devon..please she really badly needed place to stay. She can't afford to stay in the hotel right now. Her account was frozen. She has nothing more. I'll explain more later but I need your answer now please..please say yes..please brother.." She begged almost kneeled.

Sighed. "Don't try to pull that brother-card on me's still a No.!"

"Please Devon, Chloe needs your help. She's almost raped by her step-dad and her mom believed on his lies. She was kicked out. Then her account was frozen all of a sudden. She needs a week to fix everything. She needs shelter and I know you're capable of providing that."

He was caught off guard of what he heard. There was a moment of silence.. Then he finally gave in. He can hardly say No to his one and only sister. "Fine! you can let her stay but make sure to educate her to where she can only have access with in this house. She needs to know her place here. I dont want her roaming around while Im here or if I have visitors. She can use your room, bathroom, this kitchen she can eat whatever she wants but I dont like loud noise..and only for one week..! got it?" He told her.

"Copy! Thank you so much brother.!" She hugged him then took the phone from her purse and dialed someone.

"Besty, my brother will let you stay in his place. Yup! I know..he's so kind..he can't resist my charm." She told someone on the other line. He looked at her brows contorted again but she just grinned at him.

"I will pick you up now. Give me 30 minutes okay? Sure sure..see you.!" She ended the call.

"I will fetch her now and we'll be here in an hour. I will introduce you to her later." She said.

"No Im fine. I will not be here anyways. I have business trips for 3 days. Ill be gone in 30 minutes. Just hand her your duplicate key and make sure she wont touch any of my valuables. Ok?!"

"Alright I got it.!" Then she left the house.

Devon also getting ready for his assistant to fetch him. He got a text from him that he's ten minutes away.


"Chloe!!! Beshie over here!" Donna waved her hands to get Chloe's attention and she didn't fail.

"Donna..oh God thank you so much for your help and for fetching me." Her face is half worried and relieved.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I. I wont let my bestfriend stay nowhere. What friends are for eh?" She said while hugging her.

"Now let's go?" She asked after they put her things at the car trunk.


"So here's your key in this house. My brother Devon allowed you to stay but he has conditons." She said as soon as they reached the inside house.

"Sure..what are those?" She asked.

"He doesn't want you to touch any of his valuables except the kitchen and my room which is temporarily be yours. I only stay here during weekends because I have easy acces to know clubbing..hahah! But since you'll be staying here you do whatever you want in the room. oh he told me not to be too noisy. He hated noises." She stated. Chloe nodded at her agreeing to the conditions.

"I have no problem with that. Infact I'll just be staying here for a week and once I fixed everything I will pay him for his help. Is he here?"

"Nope he just went out for business trips. He'll be back in three days." She replied.

"Well I guess I'll just introduce myself once he's back.

" yeah but let's unpack your things now."


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