To My Future Cheating Husband

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Ava Makee lived her life believing that the world revolves around her, only to find the cruelty of reality after a bitter divorce. Reality hits her and it slaps hard. Not a single shoulder to cry on, Ava merely sat on the streets of Chicago and reflected upon her life. In the end, she has nothing. Living the life of a villain can only end with tragedy. But, what if she was given a second chance? Will she live her life differently or had fate already determine her course?

Romance / Adventure
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0. To My Future Cheating Husband

For you it was nothing, but pure lust

What had happened between us

I’m certain you don’t remember my face

After all, it was merely a game of chase

I remember that night

When I was still tight

You were on your knees

Wanting to be please

Seeing your eyes begged

I grabbed my legs

We could feel the heat

While the volumes seem to increase its beat

You know exactly where to touch me

Filling my body with nothing, but glee

Your hands memorize my curves

I gave you everything you don’t deserve

My mind, heart, body, and soul

In the end, you tossed me aside like a used hole

Laying in bed, my body curls

Remembering the day you got yourself a real girl

You never saw, my tears

Red lipsticks that were deeply smeared

By the can of wasted beer

Trying to forget those sweet words you used to whisper in my ear

A woman still with the mind of a child

A kid with a foolish smile

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