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1) Ready for college

It was a cold winter night in a small town named Zenneth. The room in a small cottage was comparatively warm because of the dimly lit fireplace. The only sound coming from the room was of heavy breathing, moaning and grunting as the two lovers make love, celebrating their reunion after four painful months of separation.

“Aaannnhhhh” a loud moan erupted from the younger male who held on to his lover’s neck as he was pounded continuously, getting hit on the prostate again and again. The bed rocked back and forth with the force that the older male was using. The younger could only squirm under him as tears streaked down his cheeks with the extreme pleasure he was receiving.

“I- I- ahhh…” he couldn’t complete his sentence as the pleasure became too much for him. His back arched, eyes rolled back and he came undone underneath his lover.

“Baby…” the older male grunted as his thrusts became uneven, his eyes locked on his lover whose flushed cheeks and swollen lips were tempting him to abuse them again. He stilled and finally came inside the younger who was a sobbing mess.

They remain in the same position, locked in each other’s arms, the older still inside his lover, hovering over him. They took their time to get their breathing under control. The older male finally pulled out, and went to the bathroom after pecking the younger's forehead.

He cleaned himself up and then came out to clean the boy who was lying in the bed, still dazed. Both of cuddled up in bed after getting dressed in warm clothes, under the blankets.


Dean Wongsuwan, the second youngest and one of the heirs of the Wongsuwan Empire, is here, in Zenneth, to pick up his lover, Keit Wadisaran.

Keit’s parents handle the Wongsuwan’s charity home for the orphans and the elderly and are one of their most trusted employees. Dean often visits the town with his parents to meet the new additions in their charity home.

They both are childhood friends turned lovers. Keit is a year younger than Dean.

Dean was in grade eleven when he decided to confess his feelings for Keit and propose him. He was lucky that Keit reciprocated his feelings and accepted his proposal and became his boyfriend.

Keit’s parents know that their son is gay and have never objected his relationship with Dean. Dean’s parents however, are a different story. Both the lovers are well aware that there will be resistance from their side but to what extent, no one knows.

Dean has decided to come out to his parents and tell them that he is gay and very much in love with Keit, after his graduation. They both hope and pray that their relationship lasts forever but they are still young and decide to be sure about everything before coming out together in front of the world.

Dean studies at Scientia University in the faculty of Computer Science and engineering. Keit has also been accepted in the same university and will be Dean's direct junior.

It is not easy to get the admission in the prestigious Scientia University. Every student has to give a test and the ones who are shortlisted enter the advanced level. After clearing that exam, you are eligible to become the part of the university. The University fees is not much, making it easy for all the capable and deserving students to get a seat without worrying about their financial condition.


Bright light hit Keit’s eyes as he peeks them open, a huff leaving his lips as he stretches on bed, his hand coming in contact with his lover who is spooning him from behind and still very much asleep.

He turns around and stares at Dean’s sleeping face, smiling softly.

They will finally live together!

He bit his lips to stop himself from squealing at his thought. He will go to college with his love and they will stay together. Just the thought gives him butterflies in his stomach.

“You’re up early.” A deep voice brings him out of his train of thoughts. His cheeks turn pink and he nuzzles Dean’s neck as his morning voice always manages to make him flustered. Well, everything about Dean makes him flustered. He doesn’t know what good deeds he did in his previous life to get Dean as his boyfriend.

A chuckle escapes Dean’s lips at his lover’s actions and he pulls Keit closer to him and caresses his hair. he can't help but place a loving kiss on the younger guy's chubby cheeks.

“I wanna stay here.” Keit mumbles, face still pressed in Dean’s neck as he throws his leg over him to get impossibly closer to him.

“I want to stay here too but we have to get up and get going to your house. We’ll leave for the Uni after breakfast.” Dean slowly gets up, taking a reluctant Keit with him who already started missing the cocoon of warm blanket around him.

Dean secures Keit’s legs around his waist and arms around his neck and walks towards his car parked outside the beautiful cottage. Keit whines when he is deposited in the passenger side of the car. Last night, Dean picked him up from his home and took him to the cottage to spend some quality time with him.

This cottage also belongs to the Wongsuwans so it was easy for Dean to make all the arrangements for the special night with his boyfriend.

The whole ride, Keit keeps on chattering about the good times they will have in college. Dean smiles at his enthusiasm and hopes that everything goes well when the time comes. He knows their time in college will be interesting. Very, very interesting.

He pulls over the car at the side of Keit’s house as the mini truck is parked in front of the house in which Keit’s belongings are being loaded and his mom comes rushing out with a teasing smile on her face.

A petite woman with a fair, glowing skin which is inherited by Keit.

Keit holds Dean's hand and rushes inside his house before his mom can tease them. Looking at his flushed state, anyone can tell what happened in the cabin and he does not want to have a conversation about it with his mother.

Dean is lucky that Keit's father is not at home or there would've been no teasing but death glares.

Even though Keit's dad has no problem with their relationship, he still feels uncomfortable about his kid being intimate with someone.

The young couple freshens up in Keit's room while his mum prepares breakfast. Keit has a good time staring at his boyfriend's bulging muscles.

He can stare at Dean's honey tan skin forever and not complain. The hazel eyes stare back at the shimmering black with a knowing glint and Keit shyly looks away.

They need to get going. No distractions!

He stares at his room for quite a while, wanting to imprint it in his memory. Even though he will be back home during semester breaks, he is getting emotional. It's the first time he will stop outside the safe heaven of his home.

He has heard so many stories about how different college life is and it always makes him nervous. Excited, but still nervous.

He is a very much pampered child and he is about to step into the real world. Dean squeezes his shoulder in reassurance which makes Keit smile and they both make their way downstairs.

He doesn't need to worry about anything when Dean is there.

They have a hearty breakfast, or more like Keit has a hearty breakfast while his boyfriend and mother chat about the college and his mom asks Dean to take care of him.

“Take care of his diet too. I think it’s time for him to join the gym.” His mother says, obviously teasing him. Keit and gym do not belong in the same sentence.

“If he wants to, then of course.” Dean replies, ruffling his pouting boyfriend’s hair.

“No, I don’t want to.” Keit replies instantly which makes his mother laugh.

“No worries, baby. I like the chubby you.” Dean whispers in his ear which makes him blush. The woman looks at the two young men and smiles. Her son is lucky. She sends a silent prayer to the heaven to keep their love intact forever.

She clears her throat which brings the couple out of their flirting game.

“I think it’s time to go now.” Dean says and picks up the small bag in which he kept some snacks to eat on the way. He knows Keit will start whining if he doesn’t get any snacks.

“Bye mom.” Keit says and hugs her tight, trying hard not to cry.

“Take care, sweetie. Call mom every day, okay. Have proper meals and try to avoid junk food. And don’t go partying all night over there. Study hard and make us proud. Do visit from time to time.” His mom says as she barely manages not to sob in front of the kids. Her baby boy is going away from her it is hurting her. It is hard for her to let him go to a new place but she has to do it for his future. She can’t keep him wrapped in cotton forever.

“You take care of yourself and dad too. I will miss you both so much.” Keit says, sniffling a little. Dean’s eyes soften at the exchange between mother and son.

“I will take care of him for you.” He says which makes the mum smile.

“I know you will.” She says and pecks both their foreheads. The boys drive away with the mini truck following them.

“Don’t forget to take bathroom breaks!” his mom yells from outside.

“Mom!” Keit whines and hides his face with both his hands while Dean openly laughs.

“Don’t worry baby, we will take bathroom breaks.” Dean teases him and earns an elbow on his stomach.


“How far is it?” Keit whines.

“It’s a twelve-hour drive, baby. We have been on the road for just two hours and you are already whining.” Dean looks at him briefly before concentrating back on the road.

“I’m not whining. I just asked a simple question.” Keit pouts. Dean doesn't look at his cute lover’s direction or he will be compelled to pull over and have his way with him.

Hey, it’s not his fault. No one can resist Keit’s pout.

Dean puts his hand over his pouting boyfriend’s thigh and squeezes it gently. He can’t keep his hands off of him for a long time. How will he stop himself in college? He doesn’t know.

“Keit, you know that we cannot tell anyone about us, right?” Dean asks the most hated question, his hand not leaving Keit’s thigh, patiently waiting for his reaction.

“Yes.” Keit mutters, his mood dimming down. Of course, he knows he cannot tell anyone about their relationship. They have had this conversation a thousand times.

He is not happy with this but he understands why Dean asks him to hide their relationship.

Five years ago, a boy who was openly gay entered Scientia University. He revealed that he is gay in the freshers' welcoming party. That was the biggest mistake he made. His life became a nightmare after that. Everyone boycotted him. He was bullied in his dorm. It got so bad that he lost his mental stability. Some say that he was severely hurt. He could not complete his studies and his parents took him away.

Dean feels Keit tensing up so he holds his hand, entwining their fingers together and bringing their joined hands towards his lips and plants a kiss at the back of Keit’s hand.

“I will not let anything happen to you.” He says, his words confident.

“I know.” Keit gives him a bright smile, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Ohm will be there too?” Keit asks, changing the subject.

“Ahh, yes. He will be there.”

Ohm Saengarun is Dean’s best friend and is also a student of Scientia University. He knows all about Keit and Dean and is in very good terms with Keit.

It has been five hours and Keit has started squirming on his seat. Dean glances at him and notices his distressed face.

“Are you alright?” he asks to which Keit squeaks a small yes. Dean mumbles liar under his breath which results in him getting pinched by Keit.

They pulls over at a restaurant and Keit hurriedly exits the car and runs towards the restroom. Dean openly laughs and then walks towards the mini truck that carries their necessities and asks the two men to have lunch. He will pay for them, obviously.

Dean orders for both of them and when Keit comes back and sees the deliciousness on their table, ready to be devoured, he smiles like a little kid who got his favorite candy gives a sneaky flying kiss to Dean.

They have two South Indian Thalis which consists of Idli Sambhar and Vada along with Nariyal Chutney (Coconut Chutney).

“Why so shy? You could’ve just asked me to make a stop.” Dean says and catches the kiss Keit blew his way and keeps it in his pocket.

“The food is getting cold, lets eat.” Keit says, ignoring Dean’s question. A peck is dropped on his lips and he looks up at Dean in shock who gets himself busy eating as if he didn’t just kiss him publicly.


“Ugh, I’m so tired.” Keit groans and plops down on the bed of his new dorm room.

“Yeah, it must be so tiresome for you. Driving twelve hours and then setting up the room.” Dean says sarcastically and plops down beside Keit who laughs at his statement.

He pulls Keit closer to him, snuggling his cute, chubby boyfriend.

Dean loves the difference in their height and body build. Keit is so small compared to him. Okay, not so small but still he can tower over him and make him look like a little deer caught in the clutch of a giant Tiger.

“I love you.” Keit mumbles in his neck which makes Dean tighten his hold on him.

“I love you too, baby.” Dean says and drops a sweet kiss on his lover’s hair.

For a few moments, no one speaks. They just bask in the presence of each other.

“We’ll be able to see each other daily.” Keit says giddily and looks up at Dean.

“Yes, baby.” Dean kisses his lips.

“Session starts in one week.” Keit nods at Dean's words and then asks the question that was bugging him for so long.

“Why did we arrive one week early? I mean, we could’ve just come a day before the session starts.” He asks. Dean sighs but answers his question.

“All the students will come two days before the session starts. Today is almost over. We have four days that I can spend with you without worrying about anyone finding out about us. I will show you the campus and everything.” He explains.

“Oh, okay.” Keit says and pecks Dean’s neck.

“Baby, If I ever say anything to you at college, please don’t take it to heart. Seniors here do tease their juniors sometimes. It’s nothing serious. I have to treat you the same as other juniors.” Dean pleads, his eyes show that he is not happy with the arrangement either but this has to happen.

“I understand, Deano.” Keit smiles softly.

“You are the best.” Dean says and takes Keit’s lips in a sweet kiss. One thing leads to another and they both end up making love almost all night.


They both sleep until noon. Dean decides to take Keit to his favorite food place after they both get ready.

It is a pizza place in the college campus and heaven for Keit.

Pro tip: If Keit ever gets angry, just treat him with a pizza. He will choose pizza over anything.

The place is small and cozy and is surrounded by the aroma of the cheesy goodness. Keit is drooling already.

“They make the best pizza. You will love it.” Dean says.

“I’m already loving it!” Keit replies excitedly and barely stops himself from skipping in happiness. They both make their way to the counter to order.

A girl of their age or maybe a little older greets them with a wide smile. She has short auburn hair and is as fair as Snow White. Okay, okay, not as fair as Snow White but still, pretty fair.

“Oh My God, the handsome hunk is back! And who is this cutie next to you?” The girl squeals, making Keit blush and Dean chuckles at her enthusiasm.

“Hi, Millie. Nice to see you too. This is Keit, my friend from back home and now my junior. Keit, meet Millie.” He introduces both of them. Keit greets her happily and starts scanning the menu. Subconsciously, Dean’s puts his hand around Keit’s shoulder and it slowly slides down towards his waist, pulling him closer. This little action was not missed by Millie.

Dean looks at Keit lovingly as he babbles about having a cheese burst and wondering which side dish to order. His gaze shifts towards Millie who is looking at him with a shocked expression which then turns into a smirk. He pulls his arm away from Keit’s waist realizing what he has just done.

Damn, Dean! You can’t keep your hands off of Keit for a few minutes, how the hell will you survive four years? He scolds himself mentally.

They both order veggie loaded pizzas with extra cheese and one bright citrus salad just to give them self-satisfaction of adding something healthy to their diet and a bottle of coke.

Dean still manages his amazing body even after eating all this. How? Keit will never know. Maybe he is naturally gifted.

They both have their lunch, happily chatting with each other. It is just the two of them present so Dean does not need to worry about anyone seeing them together.

Keit gets to have one of the best pizzas he ever had in life and that too, with Dean. He is so happy!

Dean gets up to pay and is face to face with Millie who is wiggling her eyebrows at him.

“What is it?” he asks her, raising his eyebrow.

“So, he is the one who kept you out of the clutches of all the pretty ladies in the campus.” She says in a teasing tone.

“What are you talking about?” he feigns confusion.

“Oh, cut it out. I know he is your lover.” She says, calling out his act.

“Oh really? How so?” Dean asks. He knows their cover is blown.

“Dude, please, you literally had hearts shooting out of your eyes when you looked at him!” she exclaims making Dean sigh.

“Listen. Please don’t tell anyone about this. It will create problem for both of us.” He requests and Millie looks at him in understanding as her eyes which earlier had a teasing glint, soften.

“Of course.” She says and smiles at him. Dean pays for the food and leaves with Keit.

Damn, he already blew their cover in front of Millie! At this rate, the entire college will know about them in just one day. He really needs to control himself around Keit.

The irony is, he is holding hands with Keit when he is thinking about controlling himself around him.

“Are you alright?” Keit asks him to which he says yes and smiles reassuringly at him. Keit does not buy that but decides to let it go for the moment and continues to chatter about the beautiful campus and of course, the mouth-watering pizza they just had.

Dean has so many things going on in his mind. He really hopes and prays that Keit will be able to handle all the stress and the different types of people he will meet here. Everyone is so kind in Zenneth, people barely fight but here everything is about status, respect and fear. He learned it when it was his first day, a year back.

He is dreading Keit’s reaction when he finds out what kind of life he had in college. Dean is a real gentleman when with Keit or family or anyone generally but here, in college, things are a little different. Hopefully these four years will make Keit a stronger and a better man.

He is brought out of his thoughts when Keit tugs at his shirt and looks up at him with a bright smile which melts his heart.

“I think I will have the best first day of college ever!”

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