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Honey, Hold Me Tight || Completed✅

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2) The Popular Ones

“God, this is the worst first day ever!” Keit cries as he searches in his room for a needle and thread, still in his bath robe. A button falls off his shirt and now he is panicking. A bad start of his first day. In half an hour, he has to report to the college and he doesn’t have a shirt to wear!

Dean went to his room half an hour ago to get ready. His room is right in front of Keit’s.

A knock comes on the door and he rushes to open it, praying it is Dean.

“Whoa!” Dean is greeted by Keit throwing his body on him and hugging him tightly. He enters the room taking Keit along with him and closes the door.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet?” Dean asks and Keit releases his hold on him. He looks so stressed and this worries Dean.

“What happened?” he asks, cupping the younger’s face tenderly.

“My uniform is ruined. I don’t have anything to wear.” Keit replies dejectedly. Dean picks up the shirt thrown on the bed and sees one button missing. He tries hard not to laugh. His boyfriend is really in panic mode. He walks towards the closet and picks out another shirt and holds it in front of Keit who looks at him in shock, his mouth forming an O.

He mentally face palms himself. There are three set of uniforms given to every student. Damn, it totally slipped his mind.

He takes the shirt from Dean and rushes towards the bathroom, his face red in embarrassment. Dean laughs silently and waits for him to get dressed.

Keit comes out after a few minutes dressed in the uniform and started combing his hair while Dean leisurely waited for him on the bed to get ready.

Dean hugged him from behind when he got ready and pecked his cheek a few times.

Hmm, these grey pants don’t look bad. Keit thought.

“Good luck for your first day. Don’t be nervous, okay.” Dean says and he turns a little in his hold. Dean understood what he wanted to do and leaned in to give him a soft kiss. He controlled himself because he can’t let Keit roam around in the campus with swollen lips.

A loud knock on the door forced them to break their kiss and Keit looked at the door in confusion.

Who can it be? He doesn’t know anyone here.

Dean opened the door and Ohm entered the room with a mischievous smile on his face. Keit smiled at him and waved happily.

“Did I interrupt anything?” he asks knowing that he did. Dean wanted to smack his Best friend’s head but controlled himself. Ohm laughed looking at Dean’s annoyed face.

“I thought if I don’t come and get Dean, you both will start making babies already.” He says making Keit blush fifty shades of red and Dean smacked him across his head.

Ohm has an attractive built. Tall, and handsome. The fair guy with chestnut hair. His warm brown eyes always radiating happiness.

“Kitty boy, you nervous?” Ohm asks to which he nods.

“A little.” Keit says and plops down on the bed.

“Ahh, don’t you worry. Everyone will be as nervous as you there. All are freshmen. Talk to everyone and make a lot of friends. Don’t let anyone scare you…” Ohm trailed off and Keit’s mind stuck on one sentence, Don’t let anyone scare you.

“Scare me? Who will scare me?” he asks. Dean narrows his eyes at his best friend.

Stupid idiot, scaring Keit like that!

“I mean don’t get scared by the seniors. They are students here, just like you. Respect them but don’t consider them your boss or something. Third years are jerks. They troubled us a lot when we were the freshmen. Almost made us their slaves. We are not that cruel. We’ll just have a little bit fun.” Ohm winks towards Keit who had difficulty digesting this news.

He mentally made a note to be around the first years only. No encounter with the seniors, no other shit. Easy peasy.

“Let’s go now!” Ohm says and the three of them made their way towards the parking and Ohm went to his own car while Dean and Keit headed towards Dean’s car.

Dean dropped Keit in front of the CSE building and drove away to the parking but not before giving him a good luck kiss. Fortunately, no one noticed the young boy getting off from The Dean Wongsuwan’s car or saw that sweet little kiss thanks to the black tinted glass. Keit was in for a big surprise. A really big one.


Keit was sitting alone in the huge auditorium where the orientation ceremony is to be held for the first-year students. He was the first one to arrive. He was not able to mingle with other students of the university till now. He was with Dean the whole time. Dean’s friends arrived at their dorms two days prior the classes so Dean spent the evenings with them. The rest of the time he spent with Keit.

“Hello!” a cheerful voice made him look up and he saw a very good-looking guy smiling down at him. The guy sat beside him and offered him his hand.

“Hi, I am Mitch Maxwell. You are?” he asks very enthusiastically.

Keit tried to hold in a giggle when he remembered a segment of WWE about Mitch the potted plant.

It was hilarious!

“Hi, nice to meet you Mitch. I am Keit Wadisaran.” He managed to introduce himself without laughing.

Mitch grinned at him was about to say something when two girls approached them and took a seat next to Mitch.

“Hi!” they both said simultaneously, leaning forward a little so they could look at Keit too. One girl has long, brown, straight, silky smooth hair that would make anyone jealous. They were legit sparkling! And she had fair glowing skin. Keit had a feeling that this girl will be very popular in the college. She’s god damn beautiful.

The other girl had a beautiful dusky skin with shoulder length, black, wavy hair. So, every girl here is beautiful. Noice.

Both the guys waved and introduced themselves one by one.

“I am Ella Rose.” The brown-haired girl introduced herself.

“And I am Flora Jean. Yes, I know, sounds like Lara Jean.” The black-haired girl followed. The three of them chuckled at that. The auditorium was getting crowded as everyone made their way inside.

“Keit, did you come here today only?” Mitch asked him and Keit shook his head.

“No, I was here a week before.” Mitch’s eyes widen at that.

“One week! I came here two days before and I met so many people. I never saw you anywhere.” He raises his eyebrow when Keit started squirming in his seat.

“Umm, actually I didn’t leave my room much.” he replied.

“Oh, you’re an introvert.” Mitch says and patted his back and whispered under his breath don’t worry, we’ll change that soon. Keit heard it though but pretended he didn’t.

“We both met three days ago.” Ella said, pointing at Flora who nodded in agreement.

“Whoa, there are so many students here!” Flora had her mouth open when she turned to look behind and saw the auditorium packed with students.

“And I see many handsome hunks.” Ella adds and they both giggle at that.

“And I see many pretty girls too.” Mitch says and wiggles his eyebrows at them, making them blush. Keit rolls his eyes. Just met and flirting already!

“Hey Mitch!” a boy made his way over to them. He had almost same height as Keit and has honey colored skin. A few tones darker than him.

“Heya Theo!” Mitch exclaims and calls him over.

“He is Theo Williams.” Mitch introduces him to everyone and they all start chatting about random things. Keit comes to know that majority of students come here from overseas. he turned around to look at the crowd and found many Asian students but he didn't get the chance to interact with them. He hopes he get to, though.

Silence fall over the entire auditorium when seven men dressed in formal clothing enter. They come to know that they are the professors and one of them is the head of the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The HOD gives a welcoming speech and then the others explain them about their respective subjects and their importance and the opportunities awaiting the students if they excel in them. The professors are not as strict as they look. Some even joked a little with the students.

They were told to make good relations with their seniors and if anyone tried to rag them, report immediately to the Registrar's office. They were given the emergency contact number so they could reach out to the authorities in case of any type of bullying.

Then a question answer round was held where the students asked their queries and were given satisfactory answers by the professors. After that their names were spoken and students were given their respective sections.

There are total 360 students in the department. Six sections were made having 60 students in each and fortunately for Keit, Mitch, Theo, Ella and Flora, they were in the same section. CSE section A.

They were guided to their classes and were waiting for their first class for the day to begin.

“What a bummer. We didn’t get to meet any of the seniors.” Ella whispers dejectedly.

“Why do you want to meet the seniors?” Keit asks, totally confused.

“We’ve heard some stories about our seniors. They are so cool! We wanna meet them in person. I hear they all are very popular.” Flora says excitedly.

“And who told you all this?” Keit asks and this time it was Mitch who responded.

“The seniors whom we met. Were they sitting in the canteen, in the corner table when you met them?” Mitch directed the question towards the two girls who nodded excitedly.

“Damn, they repeated the same thing to you at different times. Gossip mongers.” Keit snorted and they all laughed.

After three lectures of 40 minutes each they were given a break an they all went to the canteen area and ordered milkshakes to refresh their minds.

“Do you think our seniors will come here?” Flora asks and peeps at the entrance of the canteen.

“Why are you so eager to meet them?” Keit asks and chuckles.

“You don’t know anything that’s why you’re asking this question.” Ella says and flicks his forehead.

“Then tell me.” he says, rubbing his forehead which did not sting at all.

“You see, here people take this senior junior thing very seriously. Juniors do whatever their seniors ask them to do without any questions. We have to call them sir or ma’am. But last year few boys retaliated. I hear their seniors were bullying them, treating them like slaves, it was no light fun teasing anymore. Those boys talked back and the matter got worse. The fight turned physical.

Don’t know how, but the first-year students managed to beat up their seniors pretty bad.” Flora explained and Keit’s eyes widen in shock. Dean never mentioned any such thing to him.

“Even the Mechanical Engineering faculty got involved.” Theo whisper yelled. The boy was legit scared when he heard about this.

“Whatever you do but you never mess with the mechanical faculty. They are vicious.” Mitch added rather dramatically.

“Two groups were formed in second year CSE. One group was the one who bullied the freshmen and the other group who supported the freshmen. The mechanical seniors also tried to beat up the freshmen but they couldn’t. Their own freshmen became rebels too. It was war!” Ella continues.

“They all fought violently. The seniors finally got the point that the freshmen will not tolerate all this.” Theo said banging his fist on the table lightly.

“Honestly, they just chose the wrong guy to bully. If they picked on someone nerdy and shit, he wouldn’t have retaliated. But that guy turned everyone against the seniors.” Ella scoffed.

“Who was their target?” Keit asked. The whole incident was like a movie plot. Must be so adventurous!

“His name is.. omg there he is!” Flora almost screamed. Ella and Flora were facing the entrance so they saw who was coming and the guys turned to look who it is.

There was a commotion in the entire canteen as a group made its way inside. Keit’s mouth was open in shock when he saw his boyfriend making his way towards his table with his friends like he owned the whole place.

Why is he coming here? Is he the guy who fought with the seniors? No, no, this can’t be true. Dean never fights. He is so kind and gentle.

Dean and Ohm were coming towards his table along with two more guys and three girls. Keit looked at them wide eyed. He and his friends stood up automatically when the group of seniors stood near their table. A powerful aura radiated all of them and they looked at them with a pointed gaze making the poor juniors nervous.

“First year, huh.” Dean said in a deep voice, making Keit shiver. Damn, his voice was full of authority and it turned him on.

He averted his eyes shyly. Dean put his hand on his shoulder and the other on Mitch’s shoulder pushing them away and climbed the bench and sat between them. Keit and his friends were nervous as hell. Ella and Flora were silently drooling the handsome seniors and Mitch and Theo tried hard not to ogle the pretty ones.

The other seniors also sat down beside them except one girl.

“Shift.” The girl said to Mitch in a cold tone. The poor guy shifted obediently and the girl happily sat down beside Dean. Keit tried hard not to frown at her.

Dean’s arm was still on Keit’s shoulder which smoothly traveled down his waist and pulled him closer discreetly. Dean totally forgot that the whole cafeteria’s attention was on them. Keit’s heart started beating fast. He pinched Dean’s hand and that made Dean realize what he did. He pulled away his arm and stared at all of the juniors.

“Introduce yourself.” Dean commands in an icy cold tone. Keit never heard his boyfriend talk like this. He could really feel the coldness surrounding Dean. His friends were dead scared as the man whom they heard so much about was sitting in front of them, with them.

Mitch gulps and starts with his introduction.

“I am Mitch Maxwell.”

“What did you just say?” the girl who earlier ordered Mitch to move aside, snapped.

“I- I am Mitch Ma- Maxwell.” He stuttered. Keit felt bad for him. He was getting nervous for himself as well.

“Who will greet us? No one ever taught you any manners?” She snapped. The juniors looked confused.

“I- I am sorry. Good afternoon seniors. I am Mitch Maxwell.” Mitch corrected himself. The senior looked satisfied this time. Everyone else also introduced themselves. When it was Keit’s turn, he tried hard not to stutter as Dean was looking at him intensely. Keit pinched his thigh under the table and then only Dean looked somewhere else.

The whole cafeteria was now around their table, forming a big circle and they also introduced themselves after greeting the seniors first. Some more seniors joined when they saw the crowd in the cafeteria.

Now it was the seniors’ turn to introduce themselves.

The one who scolded Mitch, her name is Stephanie Garcia. She has a beautiful brown skin and straight, short, black hair. They only reached till her neck. She looked like someone from the elite class. The way she carries herself, the way she talks. Too bad, she has such a shitty personality.

The next girl was quite tall and had long curly brown hair. She did not speak much but laughed whenever a junior got nervous. She has a pale skin and freckles on her face. Her name is Gina Peretti.

The other girl was a tone darker than Gina. She had shoulder length straight black hair and has a soft look on her face. Her name is Amy Reinhart.

The guy next to Amy was more muscled as compared to Dean, they were practically about to rip his shirt. He looked like a body builder. Keit was very interested in knowing his age. No way he is nineteen years old or even close. He has fair skin, very prominent jawline and dark brown hair. His name is Weston Lopez.

The other guy has a lean figure and is a little darker than Dean. His black hair looked very shiny practically screaming for everyone to run their hands through them. He is Jude Andrews.

And then there was Ohm. Keit noticed that all the girls were drooling while the guys introduced themselves. To be honest, the guys really are drool worthy but obviously no one was as sexylicious as Dean.

Now, it was Dean’s turn to introduce himself.

“I am-”

“Dean Wongsuwan!” all the girls screamed leaving him stunned.

“So, you all already heard about that incident, huh.” He said after he recovered from the shock.

“You are so handsome.” Ella said, or more like blurted out dreamily and got smacked on her head by Flora. Her eyes widen as she realized what she did.

“Thanks.” Dean smirks at her making her blush. Stephanie glared at Ella while Keit glared at Dean and pinched his thigh again. Dean was trying hard not to laugh at his jealous boyfriend.

“Listen up, you all.” Stephanie aka the bitch started speaking after the introductions were done and they all stood up to walk out of the cafeteria and the juniors also stood up to show their respect.

“You will not call us by your names. This university is making you ready for your careers and you need to learn every aspect of the professional world. You need to learn how to respect your seniors. You will refer to us by Sir or Ma’am. Got it?” everyone nodded their heads.

“I want verbal answer!” she screamed making almost all of them jump.

“Yes, ma’am!” the juniors replied in unison.

Keit made a face at Stephanie thinking how in the world Dean is friends with such a bitch but to his bad luck, Stephanie noticed this.

“What is your problem?” she said and walked towards Keit. All the juniors looked at the scene with interest when she walked towards him with a sneer on her face. Some felt sorry for Keit and some were very excited to see the drama unfold.

“Enough scaring the juniors for today, Steph.” Dean says and holds her arm to stop her from walking further towards Keit. Stephanie looked at Dean and gave him a soft nod, biting her lips. Keit’s eyes narrowed at her and had only one thought in his mind. Why is she looking at his boyfriend like that?

The seniors turned to leave the place but Dean looked back to look at Keit and then left with his friends.

All the juniors sighed in relief when they left.

“The fuck, man!” Mitch said and plops down on the bench, putting his hands on his head.

“The seniors are so scary!” Theo whisper yells.

“You stupid Ella. Shamelessly drooling over Dean!” Flora scolds her friend who just rolls her eyes.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t drooling over him too.” Ella fires back. Keit stopped himself from rolling his eyes on time. Drool as much as you want, he is mine!

It was quite a surprise for Keit that Dean is such a bad ass. He legit is a rebel!

“Damn Keit, why did you frown at Stephanie? Are you crazy? And- and Dean turned back to look at you specifically. You are now doomed, my friend!” Theo was freaking out.

“Chill, guys. Nothing will happen.” Keit said nonchalantly. As if Dean will ever harm him.

“Nothing will happen? No, you and Ella are on the hit list now! Ella, you idiot! The other seniors warned us not to try anything with Dean Wadisaran in front of Stephanie. She is very possessive over him!” Flora exclaimed.

“Possessive?” Keit asked, suddenly wanting to rip Stephanie’s hair from her head. Possessive? Over HIS boyfriend? Bitch!

“Yes! She is very possessive! I mean, she is not his girlfriend or anything but even a blind man can tell that they both have a sizzling hot chemistry. People believe that they both will end up together some day. I just hope she doesn’t bully Ella now.” Ella puts her arm over Flora’s shoulder and tells her to calm down.

Keit huffs. End up together, his butt!

The rest of the day went by smoothly without any encounter with the seniors. Students continued to gossip about the hot Dean Wongsuwan and Weston Lopez. These two guys caught the attention of the juniors the most. They admired Dean the most because they think of him as the hero who stood up for himself and his friends and raised his voice against bullying.

Keit heard many rumors about Stephanie and Dean and had to pinch himself in order to not cause any damage to the person who is speaking.

Dean would never cheat on him!

His head ached because of all the things he heard. Stupid Dean, who asked him to be so popular?

After the long day, the classes were finally over and Keit got to go to his room and sleep peacefully. He did not know when Dean will come and there was no message on his phone too, Keit informed him about coming back with Mitch but there was no reply. He personally hopes that Dean would visit him after a few hours, after he got his beauty sleep.

He throws his bag on the chair and washes himself up before plopping down on the bed. He was so tired that he fell asleep in just a few minutes. And boy, he slept like a baby.


“Do you think Keit will be angry?” Ohm asks Dean as they both make their way towards their dorm. Both know that Keit must have heard the rumors circulating Dean and Stephanie and were worried about his reaction. Dean was so mad when he saw Stephanie sneering at Keit. How dare she mess with his baby?

“I hope not. Or I’m gonna kill Steph.” He says and runs his hand through his hair.

“Ohho, now when the boyfriend is here, you wanna kill your friends.” Ohm teased him, trying to lighten the mood. Dean gave him an unimpressed look.

“Okay, okay, go to your boy. Do whatever you want, just don’t knock him up. I’m not ready to be an uncle.” He said and instantly ran away when Dean tried to beat him up. Ohm was lucky he was in the same floor where his room is. Easy escape.

It has been three hours, Dean was busy studying with his friends and secretly waited for Keit’s message or a call but the younger didn’t reach out to him. The last message he received from him was that he will be leaving for the dormitory with his friend. Someone named Mitch.

What if he is very angry? What if he wants to break up?

Dean shuddered at the thought.

Nah, Keit would never break up with him. Not over such a little thing.

His pace quickened as he wanted to see Keit and make sure everything is okay between them. They never fought over anything and he doesn’t want to start now.

He reached their floor and went straight towards Keit’s room. He knocked on the door and waited for his boyfriend to open it. He got impatient started banging on the door and only stopped when he heard a ruffling sound from the inside.

Open up already!

He calmed down when the door finally opens and reveals a very sleepy Keit rubbing his eyes.

“Deano, I was sleeping.” he mumbles and bury his face in Dean’s chest, wrapping his arms around his torso.

Dean enters the room taking Keit with him and locks the door. Honestly speaking, Dean was sleepy too but Keit was sleeping for almost over two hours and Dean wanted to make sure he had eaten and done his college work. Before he could say anything Keit pulled away from his embrace and dragged his lover to his bed, pushing him on it.

“What happened baby?” Dean asks but instead of replying, Keit lies down beside him and mumbles a little sleep.

Dean smiles at his adorable boyfriend and closes his eyes, not even changing his uniform or even taking off the shoes. They both succumbed to darkness as sleep took over.

Keit woke up half an hour later and looked at his lover who was sleeping without a care in this world. He shifts closer to him and gently caresses his face. He decided to let him sleep some more as his face displays how tired he is even in his sleep.

It’s just the first day and he’s already worn out.

Keit removed Dean’s shoes and socks and even unbuckled his pants to make him sleep comfortably. He covers him with the duvet and leaves to bring some food for both of them after locking the door. It was quarter to nine and the canteen was still packed. There were so many unfamiliar faces. They were all his seniors. An uncomfortable feeling settled in Keit’s stomach when he saw Dean’s friends entering the canteen.


Keit averted his eyes elsewhere and vowed not to look in their direction. Lord knows what that bitch Stephanie will do if she recognizes him.

Keit ordered two vegetarian tortilla casseroles and waited as his order might take some time to be prepared. Suddenly, Keit had a feeling that someone is looking at him and he turned around to see the group of seniors, Dean’s friends looking straight at him. He gulped in nervousness as the color disappeared from his face.

Why the heck are they staring at him?

Before anything could happen, Keit’s order arrived and he almost ran away from the canteen.

Scary seniors!

On the other hand, Dean’s friends were laughing out loud except for one person, Ohm.

“The poor boy was terrified.” Weston said while laughing.

“You guys need to tone it down a little bit.” Ohm said, displeased with his friends’ actions.

“Chill brother. We didn’t even do anything.” Jude said and patted his back.

“I am still wondering how can a guy look so cute.” Gina says talking about Keit. Everyone just shrugged their shoulders. Stephanie did not pay attention to her friends as she kept on dialing Dean’s number which, for the umpteenth time, went unanswered.


Keit rushed towards his room wanting to avoid any encounter with the seniors and slammed the door shut. The sound startled Dean as he woke up with a jolt.

“What happened?” he asked, rubbing the sleep off his eyes. Keit instantly felt guilty for waking him up like this.

“I bought food for us.” He says and shows him the packed food, smiling sheepishly. Dean smiled gratefully and washed himself up, followed by Keit and then both of them sat to eat their dinner.

“How was your first day?” Dean asked after they both finished eating. Keit narrowed his eyes at him. He was waiting for him to ask this question.

“It was amazing. But I didn’t know you had such shitty friends.” He said and folded his arms. It was the first time Dean saw Keit sulk at him like this. He is so cute!

“Come here.” Dean pulled Keit towards him and kissed him deeply. Keit melted in an instant, holding onto Dean for his dear life where as Dean’s hands roamed inside Keit’s shirt and gradually dipped inside his pants, fondling with his butt.

“Dean!” Keit moaned as Dean started kissing down his neck, Keit showing no reluctance.

“Baby, stop me before I take you hard.” Dean warns Keit, his voice raspy.

“Don’t stop!” Keit whines and scratches at Dean’s clothed chest. Dean kisses his lips with a smack and then press his lips on Keit’s ear to whisper

“You have classes tomorrow. Don’t want you to limp around the campus.” Keit’s whole body shivers at his words and he looks up at his lover and gives a small nod of understanding.

“Change into your night clothes. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Dean leaves and Keit does as told. Dean was back within ten minutes and embraced Keit while lying on the bed.

“My friends are not as bad as they seem at the moment.” Dean starts explaining.

“They are just on their high of being seniors. Everything will be normal after the fresher’s party. All of us will be busy with the studies. No one will bother you.”

“I still don’t like them.” Keit huffs making Dean chuckle.

“And why is Stephanie so obsessed over you? Why do people say that she is your girlfriend?” Keit asks, looking up at Dean’s face, displeased by the entire situation.

“People have the habit of shipping anyone they want. Steph is just a friend. I know she likes me but she never confessed in front of me and I am always at a safe distance from her. She is my friend and I treat her like.

The only one with whom I am involved romantically is you, baby.” Dean explains and pecks his lips. Keit pouts but understands. He can’t ask Dean to stop being friends with someone because he is jealous.

“Since when were you such a bad ass? Fighting with seniors, being a rebel? And why you never told me about this?” he asks raising his brow.

“Because I didn’t want to bother you. Whenever we are together, it’s our time. I didn’t want to focus on anything else, just you and me.”

“Cheesy!” Keit exclaims and hits Maverick’s chest playfully. Dean kisses him once again and hugs him close to himself, burying Keit’s face in his chest, protectively encaging him in his arms and they both drift off to sleep.


“Dammit!” Stephanie screams and throws her phone on the wall. The device falls down, breaking into pieces and the other two girls present in the room looks at their friend in shock and worry.

“You need to relax, Steph. He might be busy” Gina tries to calm her down.

“Busy where? He didn’t pick a single call! What the hell is he doing?” Stephanie says as she paces the room, breathing heavily.

“Ask him tomorrow. Don’t lose your cool like this. I don’t think he will appreciate you being this crazy over him not picking up a call.” Amy tries to diffuse the situation.

“You’re not eligible to advise anyone on how to treat the man they want. You can’t even talk to Weston properly. I know how to keep my man under control, alright. So, you better be quite.” She snaps at her.

Amy tries to blink away the tears and leaves Stephanie’s room without any word. Gina just shakes her head. Stephanie is going crazy just over a simple phone call. She was truly scared for her friend. She wanted to word out her concerns but decided against it. She will just spend the night here to make sure she doesn’t go barging in the boys’ dormitory and bother Dean.

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