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Book One of the Royal Series. She was the second in line for the throne at just 19. Now though she was young her family were trying to set her up in an arranged marriage. What happens when the former King and Queen were in an accident that took their lives, leaving their 24-year-old son Frances to rule the Kingdom of Krasovia. He was the only person ahead of Ella in the line of succession. Shortly after taking the throne another tragic accident befalls the Kingdom of Krasovia. King Frances Milbourne was ruthlessly murdered. Leaving young Ella Rose to take the throne at just 19, and be the queen that the kingdom needs after back to back tragedies that happened involving the Royal Family. Read to follow the story of Ella Rose St. Claire and her reign as Queen of Krasovia.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

[Chapter One]

Being second in the line of succession was a bummer. I know most would be thinking just one person and you are Queen, but it wasn’t that simple. Yes, I would be Queen but to take that position meant giving up my childhood even if the chance was slim to none that I’d ever actually sit on the throne.

I didn’t get to live my life like normal boys and girls my age in Krasovia. I didn’t get to go to school dances or even school! I had the best private tutor money could buy. I was trained to do my duties if something would ever befall the Royal family of Krasovia. I was trained in all there was to be a Royal lady. From proper etiquette, how a lady should walk, to how a lady should talk. I was taught to never put myself in a position where I could disgrace my family’s name.

The King was my uncle and my mother’s brother. My mother married Lord St. Claire. A close friend and advisor in a way to King Barnabus. My parents had me shortly after marrying, 9 years after I was born, my little brother was born, Joseph St. Claire. He was always mothers favorite. Whereas, I was my father’s little girl.

I was sixteen years old when my mother first started introducing me to men, hoping one would be my husband. The men weren’t even my age. If I remember correctly the youngest man that my mother tried to arrange a marriage with was 29, I was only 16. But I guess when you’re apart of the Royal family you must do your duty and marry young.

I, however, wanted to marry for love. Not because it was my duty to marry young. Not when there isn’t the slightest chance that I could be Queen. My father believed the same, as did uncle Barnabus, The King. My mother and father often got into fights over her continuously bringing older men around me in the hopes that one would have enough to offer that father couldn’t refuse, and force my hand into a loveless marriage.

Krasovia was a very rich country. The land was rich in minerals, gems, and sustainable energy. We had this massive economic standing so much so that there wasn’t much poverty in our country. The unemployment rate was very low, almost nonexistent. The King’s motto was “We take care of our own”

And he did with all the money that came flooding in fro taxes and tariffs he put towards updating schools, repaving the roads, and giving back to the community. Uncle Barnabus was an amazing guy, but an even better King. And Krasovia was beyond lucky to have him.

When the news broke, the kingdom was in chaos. “The beloved King and Queen were in a tragic accident” The news reported stated.

I remember my father yelling and gather my mother, brother, and I together as we headed to the castle. Frances, he was all alone. He was an only child and was being groomed to take the throne in just a few short years. Well now because of this, his coronation is going to be a hell of a lot sooner then he was prepared for.

I spent two weeks in the castle with Frances. Helping plan the King and Queen’s funeral. Which was hard. There were a lot of tears, as we shared all of our favorite memories together. Helping prepare for his coronation. Which was going to be big! I think what sucked the most is that Frances will take the throne officially as King of Krasovia just a week after his parents funeral.

The funeral was one of the hardest moments of it all for our family. Frances was in tears as he delivered this heartfelt eulogy. Hearing the pain in his voice as he spoke of his mother and father was a tear-jerker. It was saying the final goodbyes however that really got to me. It made everything feel even more real. As I laid the roses and tulips down of the final resting site of the late King and Queen, my aunt and uncle, I lost it. I was shaking as I whispered my final goodbye, and stood up to leave.

Getting back home after spending those two weeks at the castle, my mother was already trying to pawn me off to strange older men. Her excuse and reasoning behind it all was, “you are now the next in line for the throne, god forbid if something ever happened to Frances and you had to step up and be the Queen the country would feel a hell of a lot better if you had a King by your side ruling the country.”

It was then that it really hit me....

I was next in line for the throne.

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