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Shifted~ "Rachel stop!" , a voice had said, I was running through dark woods, I'm just unsure of what I was running from, but I didn't want to find out. I ran and ran and stopped at the edge of a cliff. I was scared that what ever had been chasing me had won, that whatever or whoever had gotten what they were after. I turn around with my back facing the deadly cliff, my breathing was heavy and my legs weak from all the running, I could hear whatever was chasing me step on dead leaves and twigs an maneuver through the tree's to get to me... Rachel is unsure of what she wants in life, she doesn't know weather to walk or run, yell or wisper, smile or frown, but her life takes a huge turn an eventually she starts to make decisions , but are they the right ones?

Romance / Fantasy
Isabella Eckart
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~Chapter 1~

"Ughh just one more hour an this hell is over with" I thought to myself. School is so tiring, especially last block "Science".

I don't know what makes Science class so tiring, probably the fact that Mrs. Mores room is always so dim, an always the right temperature, or that her voice is so calm.

After an hour of learing about atoms an taking notes like we were rewriting the constitution, the bell finally rung, which was an alarm clock for half of the class but a sound of freedom for me. I grab my white an black Addias bag an sling it over my shoulder an headed out the door.

As I walk out of the building, Zoey was leaning against the wall outside waiting for me. "Well it took you forever" she said with a sly smile, "Well i can't help that Mrs. Mores almost put me to sleep about 3 times" i replied with a hint of tiredness in my voice, "Well who's fault is it for taking honor's Science?", "Hehe Miness" i giggled, we walked towards her grey Dodge Charger, it was a 2007 model. It definitely fit her personality, she was a mix of tomboy an ordinary , she had black hair an milk chocolate eyes ,an almost always wore jackets an cardigans. She was a converse girl, an had a variety of diffrent colors.

Me on the other hand i have long light brown hair an deep ocean blue eyes, i always wore hoodies an some times jackets, an i have always had a love for Vans an Addias.

We finally made it to her car ,an i got into the passenger seat an first thing i did was turned on the radio, an as we were driving out of the school parking lot we sung "Slow dancing in the dark" by- joji ,which was one of are favorite songs.

Zoey an i have known each other since 3rd grade , an have been close ever since. Now that she's 16 an has her license she always gives me a ride. I have my license, just no car sadly.

We drive down this road with nothing but trees , an soon we turn into my drive way. As soon as i close her car door ,my mother opens the front door of our house an waves , an Zoey honks her horn an speeds off.

"Soo how was school honey?", she says smiling, "It was great, how was work?" I asked, "Tiring , i have to go back tonight an finish up a few things", she says with a sigh "I'm not sure when I'll be back, will you be ok alone tonight?", "Yea I'll be fine", i said.

My mom works for a company, she delivers things for other people, sometimes she has to drive out of the country, or maybe even catch a plane. Ever since my father died she's been working longer hours, an when he left i know it hurt her, so i try to watch out for her an she does the same for me.

I run upstairs an open my door an close it behind me an kick off my shoes, i put my bookbag on my dresser an fall into my bed exhausted. My phone rings with a text from Zoey,

Zoey- Heyyy do you have the vocabulary for reading?

Me- Yea , I'll send you a picture, Lol what fall asleep in class again?

Zoey- Thanks youuu , an hehe maybe.

Me- Yep, Lol figured, well I'm gonna take a shower, love ya bye.

Zoey- Hehe, ok, love ya too bye.

After my shower i brushed my teeth an untangled my wet hair , i put on grey losse shorts an a black spaghetti string tanktop an headed down stairs.

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