The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 11

Logan's P.O.V.

I had panicked when I realized that I was hurting her and let her go immediately. I pleaded with her to forgive me, knowing that if she didn't, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I was surprised when she whispered the three words that I wanted to hear at that moment. "I forgive you."

Her cool, minty breath fanned across my face and I couldn't resist anymore. I pulled her face to mine and she only hesitated for a second, but after that, it was like light bulbs exploded in my mind. I had never felt so completely blissed out.

Her soft lips wrapped around mine and I savored the taste of her, enjoying every second. I pulled her closer and she responded with a soft whimper that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. I wasn't sure if she even noticed.

I heard the front door open and she tried to push away, but I only held her in place. She couldn't leave me now. I've been waiting for this. She pushed harder which only made me pull her closer. "Alpha Logan? Get off of her, you see she's trying to get away from you."

I opened my eyes and softly bit her lip before slowly pulling away. Gage's words registered in my mind. She wasn't trying to pull away at first. Was it because he walked in? It was the first time she showed any possibility that she might want me back. I wanted to ask her if I might have a chance but I held back.

Even if there was a chance that she wanted us to happen, she wouldn't admit it with Gage standing right there. She quickly grabbed his hand and stormed out.

I was left confused and angry. Normally, I could figure out what women wanted, but with her, I always had questions filling my mind. Did she want me or not? It seemed pretty black and white to me.

I walked outside to see Gage's car pulling away and I felt a surge of jealousy. She trusted him and wanted to be with him, at least it seemed that way. Maybe she'd say yes if I just asked her to go out with me. I wasn't very good with the whole relationship dating thing. Usually I'd smash someone and then leave them, but with Shyanne, I wanted everything possible.

I know what I have to do now, I just have to figure how I'm going to get her on board.

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