The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 15

Logan's P.O.V.

I watched as her eyes closed and she fell asleep with a content smile on her full lips. I wanted her so badly, it hurt. I would have to be patient though. I wanted her to accept me more than anything.

I thought about what she said earlier about time. You shouldn't be afraid to take a risk because you may not have time to do it later. Her words rang in my head like a mantra, repeating over and over again. I needed to take the risk before it's too late.

I remembered the mating ceremony that would be held soon. My grip tightened around her and pulled her even closer. She was mine and I damn sure wasn't letting that lying, manipulative bastards take her from me.

She stirred a little and I looked down at her beautiful face. Her mouth was parted as she breathed in and out, snoring so softly that I don't think human ears could hear it. Her long eyelashes lay resting on her cheek and her tiny, pointed nose twitched every so often. The slight splattering of freckles made her nose look even smaller. Her cool breath fanned over my bare chest and I could still smell the alcohol.

I brought my hand over to push back a strand of hair from her face and I noticed that the corner of her lip twitched up. I knew that she was asleep but it almost seemed as if she were fighting a smile.

I lay there for hours, watching her face subtly move in sleep. Sometimes her mouth, eyebrow, or nose would twitch a lot and I'd think of a bunny every time she moved her nose like that.

I was glad my brother wasn't here. Before I moved in with the pack, I stayed here with my brother. I had given him the house after I left and he told me to come back anytime, I just hoped that his offer didn't change in the past couple weeks.

I looked around, and my room was the same way I had left it. It was clean and my empty laundry basket still sat in the corner. The door to my bathroom was slightly ajar, like I always kept it and my dresser still held pictures of my brother and I, hanging out or on vacation.

Out of all my family, my brother was the most supportive. Though he still doubted my control, he didn't tear me down like the rest of our family did. He was the closest thing I had to a best friend.

When I moved out of my parents house, I got a job and found this apartment. I used some of my college fund to help pay for the rent and about a year ago, my brother found me and decided that he would crash on my couch. Finally, I turned the spare room that I was using for storage, into a bedroom for him and we split the rent. I felt kind of bad for leaving him at first. He'd have to pay full rent now and his music career wasn't exactly taking off yet, like he had wanted it to. I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep, wrapping Shyanne tighter in my arms.

I woke up and I could see sunlight trying to break through the curtains. I groaned and stretched, trying not to wake Shyanne up. She stirred and turned around to face me.

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at me. She laid her small hand over my tattoo, just as she had done last night. Jer hand trailed up my neck and rested on my jaw. I didn't move as I studied her face while she rubbed her thumb back and forth across the light stubble that had appeared on my face.

I smiled and she must have felt the muscles move because she looked up at me through her thick lashes. She still had a small smile teasing her lips.

"I have a headache," she whispered.

"Do you want some Tylenol?" She nodded in response and I slowly climbed over her and stood up. I went to the small bathroom that was connected to my room and opened the built in medicine cabinet in the mirror. I shook out two pills from the bottle and walked back out to hand them to her.

She swallowed them dry then reached up to grab my arm. "Come lay back down with me, I'm cold," she whispered. I smiled and crawled back over he to the other side. Once I was laid down and settled, she gently pushed me to lay on my back before laying her head on my chest.

She trailed her hand up and down my stomach, causing a soothing desire to spread through me. My lycan still called for me to claim her, but as I resolved last night, I would wait for her to be ready.

"Why did you let me drink last night," she asked in a teasing tone. "That was very irresponsible of you, Alpha." She smiled and I did too. She looked up and continued to whisper. "You should smile more often. It looks good on you."

She moved her hand and I felt the loss of warmth, but she pulled herself up so that her head was level with mine on the pillow. I suppressed the urge to kiss the tip of her small, button nose and brush my lips along her jaw until I finally make my way around to her lips.

It took me by surprise when she moved closer and pressed her lips to mine. I immediately reacted, deepening the kiss. I slowly pushed my tongue forward, gliding it along her lip. She parted her mouth slightly, allowing me entrance and I slid my tongue along hers. She reciprocated the act, but her tongue was more curious, pushing around my mouth tentatively, gliding over the roof of my mouth and trailing over my teeth.

She pushed her hands up into my hair and I pulled her closer with one arm around her waist while the other gently held her head. I savored the taste of her, enjoying every single bit of it. She had willingly initiated the kiss this time and I couldn't help but feel a burning hope within me.

She pulled away to breath and I smiled at her, feeling triumphant. She smiled sheepishly back up at me and I planted a featherlight kiss to her forehead. A thought pushed its way into my mind and I whispered "Happy birthday."

Her eyes widened with slow realization. "I forgot about that," she said. "I'm twenty-four now. Yay," she said with little enthusiasm.

I was completely aware that I was, physically, four years older than her, but she didn't seem to mind the very slight age gap. In reality, the age gap was a lot bigger. This is supposedly the year that female werewolves stopped aging. In actuality, I was a little over a hundred years old, but it didn't matter to me.

"Do you want some breakfast," I offered. She slowly nodded her head and I helped her stand up. I pulled my shirt and shoes back on and we walked downstairs, but she never let go of my hand. We walked into the kitchen and I grabbed a small pan from the cabinet and a few eggs along with a pack of bacon.

She sat the table while I cooked the food. She had her head leaning on her hands. It almost looked like she was feigning boredom, but I knew that she didn't feel well. I shouldn't have let her take those shots.

After we ate, she helped me rinse off the dishes while I dried them and put them away. When we finished that, I went ahead and began while she seemed to be in a good mood.

"I need to tell you something Shyanne," I started. She lifted an eyebrow and asked what it was. I let out a nervous chuckle and ran my hand through my hair. "This is going to sound completely crazy, and I just hope you don't hate me." I paused a second and took a deep breath while she patiently waited.

"Shyanne, you're my-" I was cut off by the front door closing. I sniffed the air and recognized the three scents. "Logan? You still here," came my little brothers voice. I sighed and told him that I was in the kitchen.

My little brother, Luke, appeared in the doorway with a smile on his face. He glanced at Shyanne then looked back to me with an eyebrow raised in question. "Who's your girlfriend," he asked quizzically.

I was about to answer and tell him her name, but she cut in first. "Um, I'm not his girlfriend. We're just friends," she told him. I felt a pang in my chest, but I stayed quiet. Luke's smile grew and then Luke's friends, Krystal and Ryan, walked in the room. Their eyes widened when they saw Shyanne.

Shyanne tore her eyes away from Luke and looked at the other two in the room. A smile lit up her face as she greeted them. "Hey guys. Small world, huh?" Krystal laughed and nodded while Ryan stood with a smile on his face.

"Are you going to introduce me to your friend then," Luke said. She smiled and said "I'm Shyanne." He introduced himself as Lukas and shook her hand.

"She's a member of my new pack," I told him. His eyes widened and he glanced at me with a smirk. Krystal spoke up this time, her words directed towards Shyanne.

"Why haven't you been in class?" A corner of Shyanne's mouth lifted just a little before she answered.

"I, um, got suspended for a week. I'm supposed to go back Monday," she told them. Both of their eyes widened and Ryan spoke up for the first time.

"What did you get suspended for?"

Shyanne was full out smiling now, as if she were proud of her actions. To be honest, I don't think she liked Mandy very well, and I wasn't sure if it was just because of the necklace. Finally she answered.

"I kind of broke a girls wrist, possibly on accident or purpose. Either one works." Luke was fighting a laugh while Krystal and Ryan looked at Shyanne in shock. They didn't say anything, and Shyanne turned back to look at me. Luke broke the silence with a question for Shyanne.

"So what rank are you in the pack," he asked. Shyanne looked at him and I could see her jaw clench. "Does it matter," she challenged. He watched her with amusement playing on her face and I realized that Shyanne was ashamed to be an Omega.

"I guess not. I was just curious. You have a strong power radiating from you so I figured you were somewhere around Beta ranking," Luke said. Shyanne burst out laughing so hard she had to wipe the water in her eyes.

She shook her head slightly when she was done and looked at me with a hint of a smile. "Can I go back to bed? My head is pounding." I nodded and led her upstairs. I had never seen someone manage a hangover so well and I wondered if she was just toughing it so she can look brave.

She laid down on the bed and said "You didn't tell me you have a brother." I shrugged my shoulders.

"It was a minor detail. You should get some more sleep so you can feel better," I said quietly. She nodded a little and closed her eyes, blocking off the deep blue irises from me.

I smiled and walked out after I was sure she was sleeping. I went downstairs. Luke was in the living room, his friends already left, and I took a seat on the sofa beside Luke.

"So is she really your girlfriend or did she just go into denial once she saw all this," Luke asked with a smirk. "Like she said. We're just friends," I grumbled.

"But you want more than that," he stated. I sighed and leaned back against the sofa.

"Yes," I admitted. "She's my mate, but she doesn't like me like that though." Luke sat up and looked at me. "Really? I didn't think you'd ever find one. It's been decades. Why doesn't she like you?"

I avoided his eyes and looked down at my hands. "We had a few rocky meetings in the beginning."

He looked at me with curiosity stamped in his eyes. "What do you mean by that?"

I still didn't look at him when I answered. "The first time she saw me, I was trespassing on their territory and then the second time, I broke her arm and almost killed her. It was before I realized that she was my mate."

Luke looked surprised when he said "Dude, that definitely makes a problem. I thought you recognized your mate at first sight," he asked.

"Usually, but she had on this necklace and it was like it contained her scent and her power. She's an Omega. The power she radiates now wasn't there before until her necklace broke," I explained to him.

His face lit up in understanding. "So she had a Caster necklace? I've heard about those, but I've never actually seen one, or known someone whose had one. I've heard they're pretty rare. How did she get one?"

I looked at him with furrowed brows. "Her birth mother gave it to her before she gave Shyanne to a different pack. What is a Caster necklace," I asked.

He rolled his eyes, as if it was obvious. "A Caster necklace basically holds the power in the charm. Some packs have Caster wolves who have the powers of the Moon, but those are as rare as the charms. Usually, they are worn to disguise the person who wears them. It hides their scent and their power, making them seem unimportant and it tends to make other supernaturals overlook them. I've heard it only works on other Caster wolves though, but sometimes it can be used for Alpha's."

My mind was reeling, trying to absorb and understand all the information he was giving me. "Why would her mother give her the necklace if it takes away her power," I asked.

He shrugged but still answered. "Maybe she didn't want people to find out about her daughter. Maybe Shyanne is more powerful than her and she felt threatened by it," he suggested. I shook my head and said "No. The former is more likely. Her mother died after she gave Shyanne to our pack."

"So Shyanne has powers," I thought out loud.

"Yes, I think we've clarified that," Luke said. I didn't say anything and we sat in silence for a few minutes while I thought over everything he told me.

"So why haven't you told her that she's your mate yet," he asked curiously. I shrugged.

"I doubt she'd like that. Besides, she's has a mating ceremony tomorrow. It's not like I can stop it," I said sourly.

Luke snorted and said "You're Alpha aren't you? So why can't you stop it." I snapped my head over to look at him. Why hadn't I thought of that? "Does she want the mating ceremony to happen," he asked. I shook my head and he smiled.

"Well there you go! Just stop the mating ceremony or object or whatever werewolves do and then you can have her all to yourself. Easy as pie." I smirked and said "I burnt the pie last time I tried to make it." He laughed and said "Fair point."

We laughed and joked like this for hours. I had missed my brother and I enjoyed spending time with him. Maybe he'd come back to the pack with me, I wondered. I knew he wouldn't though. He left the lycan pack so he could be rid of the rules and regulations of the pack and I doubted he'd go back after escaping from our family.

In the early afternoon, I felt the air close in again and my head went to the stairs as her familiar scent wafted over me. She came down the stairs slowly and smiled in my direction, which also brought a full smile to my lips.

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