The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 18

I woke up in my own bedroom, smiling when I remembered the night before. I groaned and stretched my stiff muscles. I felt a little sore but I didn't mind. I realized that I was fully dressed and vaguely remembered Logan gently sliding my clothes on and carrying me back to my own room before anyone noticed.

A light knock sounded on the door and Abby barged in. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw that I was already awake. "Thank goodness," she said. "It's time to get ready Shyanne! The ceremony is in three hours. Let me know when you're out of the shower. I'm going to fix your hair and Mackenzie wants to do your makeup."

I nodded and she left the room. I slowly stood up and dragged myself to the shower. I washed off my body and rinsed off the soap. I got out after a while and dried myself off with my favorite, fluffy blue towel. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that the mark that Logan gave me last night was already a pink scar.

I brushed out my hair after towel drying it and then pulled the dress from the box. I put it on, along with the strapless bra Mom had suggested I wear with the dress.

The dress fit perfectly and the clingy satin accented my curves. I smiled at myself and then looked down at the wretched box of heels. I frowned and reluctantly sat down to slide them on. I slowly stood up and cautiously walked back and forth, trying to get used to the deadly shoes.

I finally pulled out my phone and texted Abby to let her know I was done and ready for her. It wasn't a minute later until she burst into my room with Mackenzie behind her.

They both smiled in approval of my attire and pulled out my desk chair then pumped it up to the right height. I sat down and Abby went to work on my hair while Mackenzie went to get her "supplies".

Mackenzie came back a few seconds later with a giant bag full of beauty products. It had a bunch of different toned foundations, concealers, and highlighters. My eyes widened in surprise but I didn't say anything.

Abby decided that she would do a fishtail braid, saying that it was simple, yet elegant. After she braided it and pulled out a few of my shorter strands to frame mmy face, she used what seemed to be a half can of hair spray, trying to get my hair to stay.

When she was done with that, Mackenzie immediately started in on my makeup. She put a bunch of crap on my smooth face and rolled her eyes but took it off when I complained that I didn't need it. She still did the rest though.

She applied a light blush to my cheeks, some darker blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and some bubble gum pink lipstick and a coat of lip gloss. She plucked my eyebrows and then filled them in, and made me put on Gage's fake earrings.

After what felt like an eternity, she told me that she was finished and I turned to gaze at the stranger in the mirror. Although I didn't really wear makeup, it worked wonders on my face. I actually felt kind of pretty.

When I turned to face them, Abby and Mackenzie shared a quick glance and a smile before giving each other a high five.

Abby said that we needed to go before we were late and she carefully led me downstairs. The house was quiet and empty, which I took to mean that everyone was already crowded around in the backyard for the ceremony.

Abby went to find her seat and as the last one to be mated, Mackenzie led me down the aisle, arm in arm. Soft music started playing when we stepped out and everyone stood up to watch me walk down the aisle. Gage stood up front on the stage and he was wearing a suit, his hair slicked back, and a smile plastered on his face. At least he cleaned up nice.

When we walked towards the front, I glanced at the seat where the Alpha usually sat. I locked eyes with Logan for a brief second before his hungry eyes devoured me from head to toe. I smirked and smile lit up his face.

Mackenzie slowly helped me up the three stairs onto the stage and I made a mental notw to thank her later. I probably would have fallen on my ass if not for her.

I stood in front of Gage now, facing him. He smiled at me and it almost seemed apologetic. Jeremy stood beside us. As Beta, he led the ceremony, making sure we said the right words and made our vows and pledged allegiance to our companions. He gave me a kind smile and I returned the smile.

"You may all be seated," Jeremy announced into the microphone. My eyes scanned over the crowd as they sat down and I smiled when I saw Lukas, Krystal, Ryan, and two older looking beautiful people who had to have been Logan's parents.

"Before we begin," Jeremy started, snapping my gaze away from the group in the very back. "Alpha Logan wanted to say a few words," Jeremy said. My attention snapped to the man walking up the stairs. I smiled at him and a corner of his mouth lifted up. He took the microphone that Jeremy held with an outstretched hand and stood before the crowd.

He appeared to be xalm and collected but I could tell that he was nervous, due to the hand he ran through his already perfect hair. I admired his white button up with the sleeves rolled past his elbows and the black dress pants he wore, along with the familiar chain around his belt loop, with the other end of the chain disappearing in his pocket.

"I just wanted to say," he began, his clear, velvety voice ringing throughout the yard. "That I do not approve of this arranged mating between Shyanne and Gage."

Questioning murmurs rippled throughout the crowd and my parents looked up at the stage in shock.

"The reason for my disapproval is that Shyanne April Beeker is my soulmate." A smile appeared on my face and gasps spread throughout the crowd. I looked over to see Grandma's smug expression while her eyes were focused on the stage, like she was watching TV.

A few of the pack members all threw disbelieving glances up at us. Gage stood to the side, looking furious while Jeremy just smiled broadly at the two of us.

"This is stupid," Gage yelled. "It's probably not even true! You just want to get an easy lay you dipshit." He pointed an accusing finger at Logan and his jaw tensed.

I grabbed his hand and he gave it a tightening squeeze, trying to stay in control. Dad stood up, and called up to the stage. "Is your claim true, young Alpha?"

Logan nodded once and said "Yes sir. Shyanne is the one I'm meant to be with. I'm very sorry to tell you all like this, but we figured it best to tell everyone at the same time." Dad nodded once then turned to me.

"Do you love him?" I nodded eagerly. "Yes. I've already marked him," I revealed. The muttering grew louder and Jeremy ordered them to stay quiet. Dad nodded again and continued to speak.

"Then I see no reason not to go through with it. Gage didn't want to do this anyways, so I see no reason as to why he would object, except to try and maintain his dignity." Gage looked down at my father's words and he grumbled something too quiet for me to hear. Apparently Logan heard it though.

He rushed up in front of Gage and punched him in the nose and the whole crowd could hear the break. "Call my woman a whore again and you'll be out on your ass, mutt," he hissed.

He grabbed his nose and rushed off the stage. Aaliyah stood up and rushed after him. Guess he had more than the chick at the club. A moment of tense silence followed and I grabbed Logan's hand again to calm him down.

My Grandma stood up now and yelled out as though nothing had happened. "What are you waiting for Jeremy? Do the binding ritual already!" Jeremy smiled at Grandma and instructed the crowd to calm down once again.

He pulled out the knife of promise, told us to slice our palm, join hands, and then state our vows and promises to our mate. Logan pierced the skin of his hand and slid it down to open an inch long cut, then handed the knife to me, and I did the same. We interlaced our fingers and pressed our palms together then Logan started first.

"I, Logan Johnson, vow to love, cherish, and spend the rest of eternity with Shyanne in all her shapes and forms. I promise to stay with you through the tough times and try to advise you through your troubles. I vow to protect, honor, and encourage you in whatever you choose to do."

I felt giddy and exuberant at his words. I smiled and fought back the burning sensation in my eyes. It was my turn now. I squeezed his hand and began.

"I, Shyanne Beeker, vow to love only you for the rest of forever. I vow to care for you and savor your love. I promise to be there when you wake up in the morning and fall asleep by your side every night. I will be there to help you in all your stahes of life, whether it's anger, happiness, sadness, or loss of control," my smile grew wider when I saw him smirk at the last one. "I also vow to always be there for you in life and never leave your side, even if we die, I'll be there taunting you in the afterlife."

A few chuckles went through the crowd and Jeremy smiled at us. "You may now complete the binding ritual by sealing it with a kiss." I leaned forward and connected my lips to his. I hadn't realized until now that this was it. We had just finalized the mating process and all three steps were complete.

I smiled at the thought of it. Logan was oficially mine forever and I was never letting him go.

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