The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 2

I jumped and looked around, trying to figure out what had woken me. I was a light sleeper to say the least. There was nothing around me that indicated any noise had been made. I did realize, though, that I was still wearing the yoga pants and tank top that I had worn earlier that day. My shoes were still on my feet too, but I didn't bother taking them off.

Instead, I felt like running. It was like a burning sensation inside me, telling me to get up and run. Keep running and never look back, but where would I go? I'll just run around the perimeter a few times until I get tired again, I decided.

I got up and threw my thick hair in a ponytail then quietly snuck outside. Once my feet hit the soft ground, I took off. I sprinted through the forest, pushing my legs at full speed. I didn't know where this need or desire was coming from but it was definitely there.

I pushed myself and kept pushing until I got to the far east corner of the perimeter. That's when I stopped. I looked into the bushes, trying to pinpoint the unfamiliar scent. It wasn't from our pack, and it wasn't a werewolf, but it was still… wolfy?

It was a strange smell and I needed to figure it out. I just hoped the saying that "Curiosity killed the cat" didn't apply to werewolves. I walked slowly forward but saw nothing. I let my gaze travel up and that's when I saw it.

I involuntarily screamed, but it wasn't as loud as it was in the horror movies. A massive paw-like hand cupped over my mouth, causing me to stop and when it moved back again, I stood frozen in place. The icy, almost white looking, blue eyes stared back at me. I didn't know what it was, but this thing was huge. Even bigger than the werewolf, though that's what he looked like. He took a small step forward and I immediately shifted.

I bared my fangs and growled a warning to the stranger to stay back. "You are trespassing on my packs territory," I snarled in the low, guttural voice of my wolf.

He sneered back at me. "You don't scare me, Omega." His voice was even more menacing then mine, but I felt something strange in my chest to hear him call me that, even if that's what I was. I wanted to whimper and slink down to the ground, but a sudden courage overwhelmed me and I found myself standing taller, looking him in the eye, despite the power that I felt emanating from him.

"That may be what I am, but I think it no less to mean that I have the grounds to tear your throat out right now. I've warned you. Now leave," I commanded.

Something flickered in his strange eyes, that looked like amusement and maybe even a little respect, but also resentment, which I was used to seeing on a daily basis.

"As you wish Omega. I will leave now, but I'll be back. I look forward to seeing you again," he said formally. With that, the large creature turned and stalked away through the night. As he walked through a shaft of moonlight, that's when I noticed that the wolfish creature was walking on its hind legs, like a human.

Just then, I heard pounding footsteps running towards me. I turned and saw Gage, Aaliyah, and Jeremy running towards me. They slowed down when they approached and they all looked at me in amazement.

They stopped and Jeremy nodded to Aaliyah and she walked forward, crouching close to the ground. Then, Jeremy turned to me. "We saw the way you handled him. I am happy to say that I am proud. He could have easily taken you down, yet you stood your ground," he praised.

I looked down and shuffled my paws, a little embarrassed. I liked the appraisal, I just didn't know what to do with it. "Thank you, Beta Jeremy," I said quietly. He nodded once then ran after Aaliyah, leaving me alone with Gage.

He looked down at me, his wolf taller than mine, and he had amusement glinting in his eyes. "Good job, Annie." He leaned over and gave me a quick lick on the cheek, reminding me of our times together when we were younger because he hasn't called me Annie in years and he knew I hated it when he licked me in wolf form. Or any form for that matter. It was gross.

If I was human, I would have undoubtedly blushed but instead, I ran back to the mansion, thinking about the creature in the woods. He said that he would be back and that he looked forward to seeing me again. Was that a threat? Should I be worried? I should be worried anyways. How did he know that I was an Omega?

Still, I was more concerned about who, or what, he was. I had never smelt anything like his scent before. It was strange. Then again, everything about him was strange.

I was also debating whether or not to tell Alpha about what happened or if I should leave that to the patrol to report back. I shifted back out of my wolf form by the shed and went inside to get a spare change of clothes that I always kept in here for emergencies. Sadly, I forgot underwear.

I walked to the mansion and decided to go up to room, seeing as the Alpha was most likely asleep by now, since the clock above the kitchen entrance said that it was three in the morning. I would let Jeremy tell Alpha Cody everything.

I went upstairs and went to bed after putting on some underwear to fix my commando situation. I flung myself on the bed, only in my underwear and a thin tank top, and fell asleep almost immediately.

I was awoken by someone shaking me, and I wondered how they managed to slip in without waking me. I hoped I hadn't overslept. I didn't want to miss the first day of school. I went to a community college and it was my senior year, so I was hoping it wasn't too late.

I jerked up and took in my surroundings only to see Gage standing over me. I pulled my sheets up, since I was practically naked and a little smirk graced his full lips. I turned to see that the clock on my bedside said that it was only five thirty in the morning. Are you serious? I had barely slept two hours and I still had three more before I had to get ready for my classes.

"What do you want," I groaned in exasperation. This earned me a light chuckle from Gage.

"Alpha Cody wants to speak with you about what happened earlier, since you were the one to run him off," Gage answered. I stood up and pulled on some shorts and a light sweater then walked out after Gage. When I went downstairs, I had my arms crossed to cover my chest, since I only had a thin tank top and I didn't want all my business out in the open.

Alpha Cody, my brother/Beta, Jeremy, and Aaliyah were all seated at the long dining room table. Jeremy looked at me with a hint of pride, yet regret on his face.

As his younger sister, they expected me to exceed in everything as well as he did since he was Beta, but it wasn't my fault that I tended to screw up from time to time. Okay, maybe it was a little bit, but I can't help it. That's just who I am. It was sad because we used to be really close when we were younger. Now he barely looked at me. I guess being Omega changes a lot of things and ruins relationships.

I stopped at the other end of the table, by my chair, but I didn't sit down. The three were all talking, not paying me any attention, though it wasn't unusual. Gage glanced back at me and I cleared my throat. "You wanted to speak with me Alpha?" Alpha Cody lifted his head at my words and nodded once.

"Come sit down here with us," he said, tilting his head to indicate the seat beside him where the Luna usually sits. I lifted my eyebrows in surprise and glanced at Gage. He was no help, since his amused smile turned solemn since Alpha started speaking. I turned and hesitantly walked over to the empty chair.

I slowly sat down and Alpha Cody studied my face for a long moment before talking. "I would like to get your account on the story, Shyanne. What happened and why were you in the woods n the first place?"

I looked him in the eye and began to give my account of the story. "I woke up and thought I heard a noise. When I saw that there was nothing there, I wanted to go running to take my mind off of some stuff so that I could get some more rest. I decided to run around the perimeter and when I got to the east corner of the territory, I smelled something weird, then I looked up and saw his strange eyes and it frightened me because he was huge."

"Then I shifted into wolf form then I told him that he was trespassing on pack territory. He said that I didn't scare him and I told him that it didn't matter and he should leave, then he said that he'll leave now but he'd be back. When he left, that's when I heard the patrol coming, and then I came back here."

Again, Alpha studied my face. "Why didn't you come tell me as soon as you came in," he asked. I shrugged a little.

"I figured you were sleeping and I wasn't sure if it was my place to tell you that, since the patrol would be reporting to you soon anyways." He nodded once like he understood then he continued to question me.

"Did you notice anything strange about the trespasser? Have you seen him before, or recognize his scent?" I shook my head. "No," I said. "But he… he knew that I was an Omega. Does that mean anything?" Alpha's eyebrows lifted to his hairline and he exchanged concerned glances with Jeremy.

"How did he know you were an Omega? Omega's radiate the same power as a warrior or scout. Have you ever talked to him before?" I shook my head. "No. Like I said I've never encountered him before. He also walked on his hind legs, but he seemed to be in wolf form. Or at least it looked like a wolf, but he didn't smell the same," I said.

Alpha's eyes narrowed a miniscule and then they widened, showing the whites on all sides and his face blanched. "Alpha? Are you okay," Jeremy asked. Alpha slowly turned his head to look at Jeremy then he sprung from the table. He went down the hall and disappeared behind the door of his study.

He came out only seconds later with a large book in his hands. It's pages were yellowed with age and the book seemed ancient. He opened it to the middle then flipped through the pages, looking for something.

Finally, he stopped towards the end of the book and roved his finger over the words, reading it. He sucked in a sharp breath and his eyes grew hard. He looked up at us with his jaw clenched. "He is not a werewolf." Then he looked at Jeremy, his tone now clipped and commanding, as an Alpha's tone usually is.

"Jeremy, we'll need to up the patrols. Instead of one Guardian, I want three on each patrol. Double the scouts and the Sentinels and add a warrior. These creatures are incredivly dangerous and we need to be on guard at all times."

I was a little panicky now at his urgent tone. I didn't know what was going on, and neither did the others. I was surprised when I felt a large warm hand grab mine and pump twice. I looked over and met Gage's eyes. I turned back to Alpha. "What's going on? What is he," I asked.

He looked at each of us in turn, penetrating is with his gaze. "That creature that's possibly been stalking us, is a lycan." With that, he walked out, Jeremy following behind him.

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