The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 26

We stepped outside, the strong wind whipping across our faces. I felt an invisible force that pulled at me from the edge of the woods. My searching gaze turned in that direction. I scanned the trees, looking for any sign of movement.

Just then a guttural growling came from the edge of the trees. A monstrous lycan stepped out, followed by many many more. I had never seen so many creatures in one place. There had to be at least fifty of them there. They all crept slowly forward. I heard ripping noises from behind me and glanced back to see that everyone had shifted. Except me.

I didn't know what they were here for, but we had no time to chit chat as they immediately flung themselves towards us. I summoned my newfound powers and within seconds I had my walls up, pushing against the trespassers, throwing them back into the woods.

Somewhere in that process, one of my walls slipped and two came in. I quickly glanced at my family and threw the shield around them as the attackers approached. Logan was clawing for a way out, unable to find it.

One of the lycans pounced and I threw them back with a flick of my hand. They all started charging together now, making it harder to push them back. It was also difficult because I was straining my power for the pack as well.

I could feel Logan's anxiety, fear, and anxiousness and his heart was going even faster than mine. The lycans realized my weakness so they would attack all at once, trying to throw me off. It felt like this dragged on for hours, though it had probably only been minutes. I could feel my power draining and my bones getting heavier with exhaustion.

Suddenly, I heard a deafening bang. I screamed when the bullet lodged itself into my shoulder. Logan's fury whipped through my core as I tried to keep the shield around my family. Another bang and I felt the pain in my stomach.

I was quickly losing a lot of blood and energy. My family behind me was screaming at me to let them out but I couldn't. I had to save them. With my last bit of strength, I pulled in all in. I reached up and with all I could, I slammed my hand to the ground.

The earth shook, but I wasn't sure what happened after that. The pain in my stomach was blinding, making me ignore the pain in my shoulder. I slowly went down, and everything went blank.


A/N: sorry for the short chapter guys! Love you!!!

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