The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 4

I tried hard to focus on the pages in front of me, I really tried, but it was impossible when I was drowning in his scent. Every time I breathed in, it filled my nose and my air ways, choking me, but in a good way… God, that sounded so weird and stalkery that I wanted to stab myself with a spork.

I shook my head and tried once more to look at the book in front of me. Now, I concentrated really hard.

Introduction to Lycanthropes

Lycanthropes, also known as Lycans, are usually mistaken for werewolves; the human shapeshifters. While Lycans can also pose as humans, Lycans are their true form. They are stronger, bigger, faster, and more superior in almost every aspect when compared to a werewolf. They are much harder to kill than werewolves and they are much more dangerous. Making a Lycan mad tends to be lethal.

They are one of the rarest supernatural creatures on record but their lifespan is eternal. They tend to live in packs but some are known to travel and split off from the group if they feel threatened, unwanted, or simply just bored. They have been known to overpower werewolf villages and reign over them.

To identify a Lycan in their true form, they are tall, averaged at about seven to eight feet tall. They can stand, walk, or run on both their hind legs or all fours. They have wolfish features, but are more humanoid.

In their human form, they are averaged to be above six feet tall. They have all the human features and usually stand out in a crowd. Their height and unusually light eyes are a strong indicator of a Lycan. They appear attractive to lure in prey and if they want a hunt, they'll be more than happy to chase.

That's when I stopped reading. My heart was once again thundering in my chest. His eyes. They had been so familiar to me and I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed since everything had happened just last night. The guy that made my hair stand on end, but also made me want to bathe in his scent. His unusual piercing eyes. It was him. He was the lycan from last night.

I thought over all of our conversations, trying to find any hints or clues that he really was the one. It dawned on me that he had known my name earlier. How did he find that out? Was it from one of the professors taking attendance? No because they knew who we were already so they did it quietly. Was it the same as when he knew that I was an Omega? How much did he know about me?

I jumped when I heard the bell ring. It was time for lunch. I was so occupied with my thoughts that I didn't pay attention to the time. I gathered my things and stuffed the Lycan book in my bag. I smiled at Mrs. Pitcher on the way out and left.

I went to the cafeteria and paid for my drink. I already had food, but I didn't like bringing a drink if I could help it because it wouldn't be cold by the time we got to lunch. Since most of the tables inside were filled, I took my stuff outside, since it was sunny with a few clouds and it was warmer today.

I took my stuff and sat against a high wall where people were less likely to see me. I didn't really like attention so I usually sit in the back of the classrooms or the far corner if I can. I sat at the barren wall at the far end. There was hardly anyone out here so I was alone, except for the group of people that sat underneath a tree farther away in the courtyard. It looked kind of like a study group but I chose to ignore them.

I pulled out a turkey sandwich that had cheese, mayo, and pickles on it. My god, how I loved pickles. I took a bite and then leaned my head back against the wall. I let my mind wander again to the possible lycan. No, it wasn't just possible. It was definitely him. I could feel it in my bones.

I also felt the familiar tug of my arm hairs standing up. I jerked my head up, instantly alert. I looked around but I didn't see him anywhere. The feeling wasn't going away though. He was close, I could smell him. I turned my head and scanned the courtyard again. Nothing.

"Looking for someone," came a familiar velvety voice behind me. That voice could melt honey. Snap out of it Shyanne! He's dangerous. I whipped my head in the other direction, only to see that he was standing on the other side of me. He was so much closer than I had thought. I immediately stood up.

"No. I wasn't looking for anybody. What are you doing here?" His facial expression stayed blank, showing no emotion except for his expression light eyes. I could see the emotions, but I couldn't read them, since I was trash at reading people.

"I'm here for you, Shyanne. Also, a guy has to eat too."

My guard was up and I looked at him suspiciously. "How do you know my name? I don't think I gave it to you." He shifted his position to lean against the wall.

A smirk pulled the corner of his mouth up, but just barely. "Would it make you feel better to know my name," he said with an arched eyebrow. I thought for a second and nodded.

"It's Logan," he simply said.

"I still want to know how you knew my name."

He narrowed his eyes a little, like he was evaluating me. Finally, he spoke. "There's a lot of things that I know about you." A chill shot up my spine and I bent down and grabbed my things, ready to bolt but at the last second, I decided not to let him intimidate me. I stood up straight and tilted my chin up, both in defiance and so I could look at him.

"If you're trying to scare me, then it's not going to work. I know what you are Logan, and you should know that I'm not going to put up with your bullcrap."

His eyebrows shot up at my words, as though he were surprised. Then his mouth lifted slightly at the corner again, giving me a ghost smile. "You're feistier than I would have thought, Omega."

I narrowed my eyes and I felt my nostrils flare. It was true then. It was him. The bell rang and I wordlessly turned around and walked to my next class. He had gotten under my skin, but I wasn't admitting that to anybody. I didn't know why, but something drew me to him and I wondered if it was everyone or just me. At least it seemed like some of the girls were definitely drawn to him.

I wanted to get as far from him as possible and I was scared of what would happen if I gave in to what I wanted. I needed to be on my guard and keep my head straight.

After all my classes were over, I walked out to the courtyard and waited for Jeremy to come pick me up. I sat at the same wall that I had at lunch. I took out the apple that I didn't get to finish at lunch and took a crunching bite out of it.

"Why are you still here," came his deep velvety voice. I lifted my head and looked around until I spotted him a few yards away. He walked closer and I could already feel the heavy atmosphere. "Why are you," I threw back at him.

"I'm trying to figure out if an Omega needs my help or not. I can drive you home, since you don't have a car. I'm sure your brother feels like it's a waste of time to come all the way out here to pick up his sister that no one cares about."

I felt a searing pain in my chest and I froze. I wanted to cry, scream, and run all at once. Instead, I took another bite of my apple and acted as though it didn't bother me.

"You can cut the nonchalance shit you know. I already know you don't like it when people talk about how your family mistreats you. You can't really blame them though. You seem like the type of girl who doesn't take orders easily and that's a bad quality in an Omega."

I looked up at him. Too late, I felt the burning in my eyes. I felt the warm tear cascade down my cheek. I silently stood up and wiped away the warm wetness before shooting him a glare and walking away. What a jerk. He didn't know me from Eve and he thinks he can talk crap about me like that?

He was dead on though. None of the pack wanted or cared about me and I didn't always take orders well. That's how I became an Omega. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my back pocket. It was a text from Jeremy.

Jeremy: I can't come pick you up right now. Alpha has assigned me something and I can't bail on it. Can you find another ride?

No, I couldn't but I didn't want to bother him. I shot him a text telling him that I had it covered and then I kept walking. It was a half hour walk from here, but I didn't mind. It wasn't that hard to move one foot in front of the other.

I looked at my reflection in the black phone screen and saw that my eyes were already rimmed from the tears I was holding back. I clenched my teeth together and kept walking. The clouds had darkened and then the rain started pouring. Did all the gods and goddesses hate me?

I know you're waiting for me to say "can it get any worse" but that's too cliché, right? If I were to answer that question though, it would be yes. It could get worse.

A dark blue beat up pickup truck paced itself beside me and the window rolled down to reveal his arrogant face. "Do you need a ride?" I glanced at him and turned to look straight ahead. "Just go. I don't need your help," I said coldly.

He persisted anyways. "Just get in and I'll drop you off at your pack house. You're getting wet out there in the rain." No dip, sherlock. How long did it take him to figure that out?

"Fuck off," I said. Inwardly, I was surprised. I didn't like swearing if I could help it but he was pissing me off. He pulled up and stopped right in front of me on the side of the road, but I walked right around it. I heard the truck door slam and then suddenly, he was there, already soaked and I could see the rain dripping from his thick eyelashes.

His scent overpowered me and it was especially strong in the rain. He towered over me and I glared up at him. I moved to walk around him but his arm shot out, blocking the way. Anger slashed its way through me but I fought for my control. "What is your problem," I snap. He was irritating me and all I wanted to do was go home and cry into my pillow.

"My problem is that I'm trying to help you, but you won't let accept my help." He was yelling too now.

"I don't know you! I'm not going to get in the car with some stranger," I tell him. I could practically hear his eyes rolling.

"But I know you. So just let me take you home."

"I don't think that helps. That just makes you seem like even more of a creep." His ghost smile came up again but it quickly disappeared.

"Get in the truck Shyanne. Please."

I wanted to. I really did. It was freezing, I was soaked, and I was hungry, but I wanted to be stubborn to show him that I'm not that easy to push around, regardless of my pack rank. I also didn't want to be in an enclosed space with him. I'm sure that his mouthwatering smell would drive me insane and I would probably suffocate in it.

He grabbed my face in between his large hands with his long, thin fingers and made me look him in the eyes. I swear, I stopped breathing for a second. My mind went blank. His stare was transfixed on mine, his gaze never wavering. His warm thumb brushed across my cheekbone, making me shiver.

"Shyanne," he said softly with his deep velvety voice. "Please get in the truck and let me help you." Before I knew what was happening, I answered him.


He gave me his ghost smile and then opened the passenger door for me. I hesitated for a second but when I looked back into his eyes, I forgot everything again and just sat down in the seat. He got in on the other side and I rolled the window up. I looked over and saw that he was watching me carefully.

I was right. His scent is overpowering in here. He reached back into the back seat and pulled out a large hoodie and handed it to me. I widened my eyes in surprise and looked at him wearily. "Just put it on. It's cold and the heater doesn't work." I looked down and then pulled the heather Gray hoodie over my head. It really was warmer and I felt better.

It didn't help the smell though. It wasn't bad but it did weird things to me that I had no right to feel. Is that wrong? Something inside me was saying that it was definitely wrong while the bigger voice screamed at me to take him right now. Luckily, I always tried to look out for the little guy.

I decided that the best strategy was to keep my eyes off of his and only take deep breaths if necessary. I kept my eyes strictly on the scenery passing by the window. I was practically chewing off my bottom lip the whole ride. I could tell when we hit the pack territory because I could smell the scent markers.

My nose was stronger than normal werewolves. I could smell further and it was easier to trace a distinct smell.

Suddenly, I thought of something. What if I get in trouble for bringing the stranger that's been spying on us into our territory? I glanced at Logan to find that he was already watching me. "Keep your eyes on the road," I said frantically. He smirked but turned his attention back to turn onto the little dirt road that led directly to the pack house.

"Wait," I said, holding my hand out to gently touch his arm. He stared at my hand but slowly pulled the car to a stop in the middle of the road before he turned to me.

"Can you… drop me off here? I don't want to get in even more trouble, since I'm late and I didn't make dinner because it was my turn. Alpha will probably make me sleep outside again." Why did I tell him that? It's like I have no filter when he's around and it was not a good thing.

His brows furrowed as he looked at me. "They make you sleep outside?" I nodded and looked away. "They always do that when I do something wrong," I say softly. It was the truth. I've been trying to keep up with everything, and I was doing an okay job considering that I haven't had to sleep in the shed since about three weeks ago.

His jaw was taut but he parked the truck anyways. The rain was pounding even harder down here, but I didn't mind walking in it. I looked at him feeling the need to say something. I was still upset because of what he said, but I was also grateful for the help. "By did you help me? You degraded me and then you helped me. Why?"

He seemed to be mulling over the question, contemplating his answer. "I felt bad?" It came out as a question rather than an answer. I growled and silently got out of the car. "Thanks for the ride," I grumbled before slamming the door. I stomped towards the pack house, ignoring the rev of the trucks engine. I didn't hear it pull away until I was halfway down the drive.

I walked in and realized that I was only a half hour late. I met Alpha Cody in the kitchen and I froze. Then my mouth started speaking for me. "I'm so sorry. I didn't have a ride, since Jeremy bailed and I had to walk halfway in the rain. I promise I'll get dinner ready, as soon as I put my things away, just give me like three-" He cut me off with a raised hand.

"It's okay, Shyanne. I've already got Aaliyah preparing dinner. Go ahead and do your homework and then meet us at the southeast perimeter in thirty minutes for border patrol."

His words were the last thing I had been expecting. I hadn't been on border patrol since they knocked down my rank. I was honestly speechless and I only nodded my head a little. Then I went upstairs and set my bag down at the desk in the corner. I changed my clothes and then sat at my desk, getting my work out to finish. It was all basic review and I finished it within fifteen minutes.

I still had time before the border Patrol so I decided to run for a while to take my mind off of everything that's happened today. To put it bluntly, I didn't want to think of Logan and his ghost smile. I stayed in human form then started jogging along the main trail. I had my iPod on, blasting the music in my ears and I tried my best to sing along while running.

Suddenly, the hairs on my arm shot up and I immediately stopped. I pulled one of my earbuds out and looked around, listening for any twig cracks. "Logan," I called hesitantly. No answer. I heard a deep, guttural growling to the left and I turned in that direction. I looked up to see a pair of familiar eyes staring back at me. He was in his lycan form and he seemed even more threatening than before.

"Take me to your alpha." His menacing voice was intimidating and the power radiating from him was incredible. He came closer and I could see him more clearly. "Logan?" My voice came out in a hoarse whisper. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew that they were dangerous when they shifted to lycan form, and they were out of control sometimes, but Logan striked me as a guy with a lot of self control.

"Shyanne," came his gravelly voice again, so different from the velvety soft one that I yearned for. "Don't make me hurt you." Alarm shot up my body at the threat and I shifted instantly.

"Logan. Please leave. I don't want a fight."

He came even closer, only a foot from me. "Then take me to your alpha." I raised my muzzle at him.


He snarled and then lunged for me. He was so much bigger than me, but that only helped my agility and speed. I dodged and then pounced on him, my teeth snapping at his throat. He brought up his giant claws and raked them over my pack before he got a grip and threw me off, causing me to hit a tree. I yelped in pain and laid there for a moment as red tore across my vision. Get up. I need to get up. I must defend the pack.

I slowly lifted my head, everything was blurry. He was there, baring his extended canines at me. They were so huge, they could compete with a tiger's. He brought up his human like paw and grabbed my throat, lifting me from the ground. I kicked and choked, trying to get my breath back. My wolf was weakening. His arm was long enough that no matter how hard I kicked, it wouldn't touch him.

Tears were burning my eyes and it felt like my head was getting heavier. I couldn't hold my wolf form any longer and I shifted back to my human form. I took in the beautiful eyes that had completely taken me off guard before. I could feel the involuntary tears stream from my eyes.

I didn't want to fight any more. I dropped my hands from his thick wrist and looked into his eyes. "Logan…" I trailed off, giving in. Giving up. Something changed in his expression. His ice cold eyes softened into the deep depths that I had fallen into only hours earlier.

He dropped me on the ground. It wasn't gentle but at least he didn't throw me. I choked and coughed for breath. When I looked back up, he was running towards the pack house. I could feel the searing pain in my arm and I could see the bone sticking out of my arm. It was gruesome, but I didn't care. I had to get to the pack house and warn them. I stood and ran as fast as I could. The tears were still streaming from my eyes, but I was past caring.

I ran regardless o f my weak body. The pack always, always came first. I pumped my legs harder and harder, but I knew it was useless he was already there. I could sense it.

I ran inside, but the house was silent. I kept going and ran through the house to the backyard. They were all there. Logan was no longer in his lycan form. Gage was the first one to spot me. "Shyanne!" He came pounding towards me just as my legs grew weak.

He caught me before I hit the ground. "Annie? Are you okay? What happened?" The tears were still coming and it was hard to breathe but I managed a few words.

"There's a Lycan… on our territory…" His eyes grew hard and his expression became unreadable.

"Don't cry Anne." I felt his callused thumb brushing my cheek. He turned his head to glare at something and I looked in that direction. Logan was staring at me. His jaw was locked and his eyes were full of anger. Was he mad that I was alive? If he thought he could get rid of me that easily then he was mistaken.

Murmurs rippled throughout the pack and I heard my name several times, along with words like "dangerous," "lycan," and "why?" Alpha Cody's voice boomed from the other side of the yard, addressing Logan.

"What are you doing here? Why did you want to see me?"

Logan turned to face the Alpha. In all of his height and muscles, the Alpha was nothing compared to Logan, with his lean frame, height, broad shoulders and chest, long legs, and thick, muscled arms.

It seemed like everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the dangerous strangers answer. Finally, he spoke with the deep, velvety soft voice that I liked.

"I'm here to challenge the Alpha." Dead silence.

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