The Monsters We Hide

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Chapter 7

Logan's P.O.V.

I watched the quarrel between the two in amusement. I already knew this wasn't going to end well the moment Mandy called her a bitch, but then Mandy reached out and pulled her hair and Shyanne immediately grabbed her wrist, causing her to let go of her hair. Then, Mandy reached up for the silver chain that Shyanne always had tucked in her shirt and pulled. I heard the chain snap amd saw the fury and in Shyanne's eyes, but I was no longer focused on the cat fight.

The most amazing scent filled my nose the instant the necklace was off her neck. It smelled like vanilla and cookies, but it had something mixed in with it. It was undeniably her. I heard a break and Mandy cried out but I no longer cared about her. Shyanne turned to me with her big blue eyes and she was all that filled my mind.

My lycan wanted to come out and sink my teeth into her neck. Mark her. Do it now. She's yours. I almost did what my lycan said too. I pushed her against the wall. She opened her eyes and I was lost in them. I wanted her. Badly. But did she want it? I searched her eyes for any clue or indication that she could possibly want me the way I wanted her. Instead, all I found was confusion, pain, and sadness clouding her blue gaze.

"Logan. Let go," she hissed. I let go of her arms but I didn't move away. I didn't hurt her, did I? I couldn't live with myself if i hurt her in any way.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself, but her enticing scent filled my nose and I wanted more so I just kept breathing in.

"Hey! What in the world is going on here," came a masculine voice behind us. Shyanne and I both turned to see a short balding man walking towards us. His face was bright red, like he would explode at any second. "She broke my wrist," Mandy cried and I saw Shyanne visibly wince.

Shyanne pushed against my chest causing me to step backwards then met the man halfway as she started to explain everything. I was surprised by her honesty and I was even more surprised when Mandy confirmed what Shyanne had just finished saying. The man helped Mandy up and then commanded us to follow.

I fell in beside Shyanne, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. How had I not noticed how beautiful and perfect she was before? She turned her head and tilted it up to look at me. Confusion filled her eyes, drowning out the panic.

After the headmaster suspended and dismissed us, Shyanne and I walked out together. When we were away from the school, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her against me and it was like she fit perfectly, tucked against me. Her hands were trapped between us and her fingers were splayed out against my stomach. "Logan, what is wrong with you? Let me go and stop looking at me like that," she said, irritated.

What was wrong with me? She's what was wrong with me. Yesterday, I wanted nothing to do with her. I had honestly considered kicking her out of the pack after I became Alpha, but I wanted to show them all that I was worthy of being their alpha. I honestly felt bad for killing Cody. He seemed like he was a good guy and he treated his pack with respect and listened to them, but I had to prove myself to my family.

I was not just a dangerous murderer like them. I had control over my lycan and I didn't kill people out of spite or fun. I wanted to prove to my whole lycan family that I had a heart, and now I had to prove it to my new pack. No one's heard of a lycan leading a wolf pack, and I wanted to be the first and show them all that I could lead with compassion and help them.

I leaned down, our mouths just inches apart. She squirmed in my hold but I wasn't letting her go. Take what is yours. My lycan was taunting me, but I completely agreed with it. Just a little further and our lips would touch. I closed my eyes but they shot open when I heard a smack and a stinging sensation burst on my right cheek.

I looked down in surprise. Shyanne's eyes were filled with anger and outrage. I was still in shock from her slapping me and she managed to push me back, hard.

"What the hell? What are you doing?" She was yelling and I did nothing but stare, mouth agape.

"You were about to kiss me? Are you freaking serious? I am not one of your stupid fuck toys, you know. You're supposed to be my Alpha, remember? I am not going down this road with you. You're a murderer, and you killed one of my family like he was nothing then you have the audacity to try and kiss me? You are unbelievable." She turned and stomped away.

I felt a flare of anger burst within me. She called me a murderer. I guess I was but I wasn't angry with her. I was angry at myself because now I was exactly what I didn't want to be. Then panic settled in. She was leaving me. She didn't want me and it was all my fault.

I had to get her to want me back, somehow. If I just claimed her and marked her, and she didn't want me, then that was defeating the whole purpose. The person you spend the rest of your life with is supposed to love you back unconditionally right? That's how it was in the books and movies.

Right then, I vowed that I would never hurt her again. I would do whatever it takes to make her happy and I would try to win her love the right way. I had one more person to prove my worth to. Shyanne. My mate.

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