The 18 Ways

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Sa sobrang obsession ni Nikka sa numerong eighteen, lahat ng ginagawa o binibili niya ay may corresponding na bilang. Lahat nagtataka sa kanyang ikinikilos, pero wala namang kakaiba pa sa dalaga bukod sa obsession nito. At nang dumating na ang ika-labingwalo, araw kung saan ay nagbago ang lahat sa paligid niya, ang dahilan kung bakit siya obsessed sa number na iyon ay dumating na. Si Jepoy. Ngayong nagkita na sila, ano na? Hindi siya makaimik. May halong pait at pagkasabik sa buong pagkatao ni Nikka, pero marami rin siyang gustong itanong dito. Isa na roon ang posibilidad na naaalala pa rin nito ang pangako nila sa isa't isa.

Romance / Drama
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Hi pumpkins!

I've written this novel to promote the real lives of depressed persons, to be able for people to understand that depression and anxiety is NOT A JOKE.

I promote awareness and understanding that though this is just a work of fiction, depression shall never be a fiction. It is real and I demand others to understand them, care for them and treat them humans.

I am also a depression survivor, though still fighting my way out, this novel is also for my own recovery--to accept the reality that this is real and consuming lives.

Let us be the reason for the persons like me to feel the love they should feel as a human.


Tiya Elee

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