Abused, Broken, Then Saved

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(WARNING!! This story uses strong languages, has mental/physical abuse, self harm, etc. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!) Audrey has had a hard life. When she was 7 years old, her mother past away due to a car crash. When she was 15, her father began abusing her- mentally and physically. It only got worse as the years went on. There wasn't anything she could do about it though. Most kids at school knew her as the depressed girl; no one knew what actually happened when she was to go home. Elijah is known as the popular boy. Star of the football team, does track, all the girls swoon over him. On the outside he seems all big and tough, but on the inside, he's actually very kind, caring and sweet. But he barely lets that side show. One day, the two of them cross paths when Elijah finds Audrey at a small lake, crying. As he approached her, he sees she's bleeding from her arm, and had multiple bruises. She even had a bruise on her cheek. Elijah becomes worried. He didn't know this girl, but it still made him concerned. He tried to talk to her, trying to make sure she was okay, but she got scared and ran back to ger house. The next day" he sees her at school. He again talks to her. At first she wasn't opening up, and just kept pushing him away. But he wouldn't leave her alone, so eventually, she gave in and tells him. Will he be able to save her......?

Romance / Drama
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The Person I Bumped Into Was Elijah Young.

Audrey’s POV

I wake up, my body aching from last night’s beating. All around my stomach hurts.I sit up in bed, wincing at the pain.I ignore it though, and stand up from my bed, stepping into the bathroom.I take a quick shower, taking less than ten minutes. Once I’m out, I put on my bra and underwear, looking at myself in the mirror before I had put the rest of my clothes on.I swallow as I look at myself.

My body is covered in bruises, some fresh, some old, some unhealed. Cuts and scars litter my body.Most of them being from my dad. But a few of the scars were from me, caused by cutting myself. The marks went from my arms, all the way down to my legs.

I look away from the mirror and put on a pair of black leggings, my Black hoodie that had one of my favorite singers on its cover; Harry Styles, and my white slip on vans.

I blow dry my hair then look back at the mirror.My long red hair went down my back. I have never dyed it, therefore, it′s natural color.My face was covered in freckles, and I personally think they make me look childish. Emerald green eyes that were framed with long eyelashes, stared right back at me.

I take a deep breath and go back into my bedroom.I grab my school bag, slung it over one shoulder, and grab my book.I quietly sneak down the stairs and to the kitchen.I quickly grab a granola bar and silently leave through the front door before my dad was to wake up.

I eat my granola bar as I walk to school. It took about 10 minutes to get there.I threw away my wrapper in a trash can and go to my locker.

I put in the combination and open it up.Grabbing my textbook for the class, I close my locker and walk there.

When I get to the classroom; which was History, I sit towards the back of the room as always.I was pretty well invisible here. No one ever really talked to me, not even the teachers.I never got called on to answer a problem, which I didn’t mind.I’m not saying I’m stupid or anything, I’m actually pretty smart.I just prefer not talking unless necessary.

I take notes, read along in my textbook, doing what I always do. That’s all I ever really do in class. Pay attention, take notes, etc, etc.

When the bell went off, I had a page and a half full of notes in nice, neat handwriting.I close my notebook and put everything into my bag. Standing, I slung it over one shoulder again and walk out of the classroom.

As I’m walking down the hall to my next class, I accidentally bump into someone.

“Oof!”I stumble back a little.

The person I bumped into turned and looks at me.I look up and see that the person I bumped into was Elijah Young.

Elijah was one of the most popular boys in the school. He does football and track. All the girls want to be with him. Especially Melanie DuPont, top cheerleader.

He looks down at me with his ocean blue eyes.He was taller than me; I was 5′5 and he was at least 6′2.

"S-sorry" I stutter and look down.

“...It’s fine. Just watch where you going next time,” He says before walking away.

I blink. I was surprised he didn’t yell at me. Everyone else did. I shake my head a little and go to my next class. I do my usual, sit in the back and pay attention.

Elijah’s Pov

I wake up to my stupid alarm clock going off. Just five more minutes. I know what happened the last time I gave myself five extra minutes of sleep, though.I was late for school. So instead of hitting the snooze button, I turn off the alarm and sit up.

I stand and stretch before I go to the bathroom for a shower. After I’m done, I change into a pair of jeans and a plain black T-shirt.I look at the mirror, looking at myself.

My dark blue eyes stare back at me. My black hair was short, the hairstyle was kinda like undercut, but yet again it wasn’t at all. There wasn’t a fade or anything either.I’m probably just confusing you, so I’m just going to shut up now.

I grab my school bag and go downstairs.My little sister was sitting at the kitchen table with my mother.My sister was five years old. Her name is Lilly.

She and my mom look a lot alike. They have the same black hair, same nose, same green eyes.

I get my blue eyes from my father.I have the same nose and face shape as him as well.

I sit beside Lilly and began eating my food.

"Hey Eli,” Lilly said, smiling up at me.

I smile back and ruffle her hair.

"Hey squirt”

She giggled and fixed her hair. I smile and resume eating. My mom and I talk as we eat.We talk about school, her work, how we’re doing, just about anything really.

After we finish, I rinse our plates and grab my bag.I hug my mom goodbye and plant a kiss on Lilly’s head before I walk out the door for school.

It takes me around fifteen minutes to get there.I walk in and almost instantly my best friend- Leo- comes up to me with his normal goofy grin.

“What’s up asshole?” He asks.

“Nothing much” I shrug.

He nods “Cool."

He and I walked to class.We both already had what we needed.We make small talk as we do.

Once we get there, we take a seat beside each other.We goof around, but also make sure to get our work done.

I wouldn’t ever admit this, but I don’t know what I would do without Leo. He’s my Best friend; he has been since we were six years old.He’s seen me at my best times and my worse. And I’ve seen him at his.Honestly, I don’t know what I would’ve done if he wasn’t there.

It seemed to take forever for the class to end. Once it did, we stand up and leave the class.

We walk for a minute before we have to split off. He had a different class than I did.I hit him upside the head before I walk off.Ihear him grumble and Ichuckle.

As I walk, Someone bumped into me from behind.

“Oof!”I hear a female voice behind me.

I turn to see who it was. I look down at her; she was several inches shorter than me.She looks up at me, and my eyes met her emerald green ones.

Honestly, she was beautiful. Her gorgeous green eyes were framed with long eyelashes that nearly touched her eyebrows, that I could tell weren’t fake. Her face was covered in freckles. She had long, straight red hair.she was tiny compared to me.

Then, I blink as the realization hits me.

Audrey. I knew her from a few of her classes. She always looks depressed, always wearing hoodies and leggings.

"S-sorry" She stutters.

“...It’s fine. Just watch where you’re going next time,”I tell her before I walk off.I didn’t want to stand there any longer.

Once I reach my class, I sit down.I talk amongst a few of my friends, but most of the time I’m paying attention and taking notes.

Audrey’s Pov

It’s the end of the day now.I put everything I don’t need into my locker. This was the time I hated the most.Knowing what would be waiting at home.I knew he didn’t have work today. Which meant he would be waiting, and I know he’s been drinking.

I take a breath and walk inside.I can smell the alcohol lingering from the living room that was only a couple of feet away.

I swallow and quietly close the door behind me.I began walking to the stairs to go to my room, when something dropped and broke in the living room.

“Dammit!” I heard my father yell. “Audrey, get your ass in here!!”

I so badly wanted to turn around and dart out of the door.So badly wanted to run far, far away from here until my legs couldn’t run anymore.

But I knew that wasn’t an option.I knew I couldn’t do that, no matter how tempting it was.So instead, I take a deep breath, turn and walk into the living room.

I look at my dad who was standing, a broken beer bottle on the floor near his feet. He must’ve dropped it.

“Get over here and clean this mess up!!” He shouted at me, making me flinch.

I quickly bend down and began picking up the pieces of glass with my bare hands.I could feel some of the glass shards cutting into my palms. But I knew if I was to go get a broom, he would yell at me.

Once I finish, I stand up and head to the kitchen.I knew he would want me to bring another beer to him.So I threw away the glass, and grabbed a bottle from the fridge, and go back to the living room.

“Here dad” I hand him the beer.

He takesit from me, not saying anything as he opens it and takes a swig.I wait to see if he wanted anything else.

When he doesn’t say anything, I go up to my room and put my things away.I do my homework, double checking to make sure I had done everything right.

Then I go back downstairs and go to the kitchen to prepare his dinner, pulling up my sleeves.I warm up some spaghetti sauce, boil the noodles, and brown the meat.

Once the noodles had finished, I drained the water.Then, pour the sauce on them and the meat.I mix it all together.

Turning off the stove, I reach up and grab a plate.I wouldn’t be able to eat until later when he fell asleep.I put food on the dish and set it down on the table.

I walk into the living room, seeing him sitting in the recliner.

“Dinner’s done.”

I inform, before walking back into the kitchen. He follows me and sits down at his plate. I get another beer and put it beside his plate. He looks up at me.


I nod and go to the fridge to get it.I look around for a few minutes and don’t find it. Then I remembered we ran out last week, and I never got anymore.I swallow hard and close the fridge.
“Well?” He asked impatiently.

“We don’t have any.” I tell him in a quiet voice.

“We don’t? Why?" He raised an eyebrow.

“We ran out last week. And I forgot to buy more,”I say, keeping the same tone of voice.

I see his jaw clench.I swallow hard. I knew if it was even the smallest mistake was made - whether it was forgetting to do the dishes or not getting his beer fast enough - would set him off.

But he just picks up his fork and began eating. I blink. He didn’t attack. That’s weird... but I’m grateful.
I take a breath and go near the stove to clean up the dishes.

As I was putting the last pot into the sink, my dad grabbed my arm and placed it on one of the stove burners.

I yelp in pain; it was still blazing hot from me cooking. He wraps his free arm around me, pinning my other arm down so I can’t move.

I scream bloody murder, trying to make him let go of me. But he only tightens his grip. I scream again, tears going down my cheeks. It hurt so bad. It felt like my skin was being melted off my bones. The smell of burning flesh filled the air.

After several seconds, he takes my arm off and shoved me to the ground.

“You can’t do anything right!”He yells as he kicks me in the side.

I cry as he kicks me again, clutching my wounded arm to my chest.

" You’re worthless!!″ He shouts and sends a blow to the stomach. I gasp sharply as the winds knocked out of me.

“S-stop!!” I cry out.

Why does he do this...?

He yanks me up to my feet by my hair. I yelp in the pain. He slaps me hard across the face.

“You don’t tell me to stop!!!” He yelled in my face.

“I’m sorry,” I whimper.

He pushed me into the counter before going back and sitting down at the table and began eating his food again.Almost as if nothing happened.

I cry as silently as I could, holding onto the counter.I look down at my arm. The was nasty burn. It was red and bleeding and blistered. It hurt a lot, just like my sides and stomach. I’ve has multiple burns caused by him, but this one was by far the worse.

"I-I’m going out,” I say through the tears.

“Don’t bother coming back.”

I quickly walk out of the front door.I shed silent tears as I walk to the lake.I always went there when I was upset or hurting. It used to be my moms and I′ s spot.

Once I get there, I got onto my knees by the water, and continued crying, not worrying about my surroundings.My cheek stings from when he hit me, my arm burns, and my stomach and sides ache.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here. But I do know for a while now.

Then, I hear my name coming from behind me.


I flinch and turn, still on the ground.I look up, and my eyes widen as I see who it is.

To be continued...

Word count: 2433

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