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I groaned as I tried to open my eyes. Oh the pain in my head and eyes was awful. Had I been attacked? I turned over and snuggled down into the duvet, inhaling a lungful of man scent as I did. I froze. Had I had a one night stand? Oh yes, as I needed more complications like a hole in the head. I opened my eyes and saw the room was filled with darkness. There was no one in bed with me, but I knew where I was.

I was in Adam Stones bed.

What? I tried to sit up, then realised that was a terrible idea. I fell back into the bed, my hands covering my eyes. Memories of being sick came to me and I lifted the duvet. I had clothes on. My hair was damp.

I sat up, spying a glass of water beside the table. I drank it quickly, before padding over to the mirror to see my reflection. Oh god. I had make up all over my face. I looked really shitty. I opened the door a crack to see the familiar hallway, leading to James room, and felt my heart lurch. I couldn't believe this was happening. I needed to find my stuff. If I was really quiet, maybe I could call a cab and make a sharp exit. I made my way down the plush stairs, searching everywhere for my clothes and boots. I turned the corner and saw James sitting on the counter, drinking coffee. He looked at me, stunned. I froze.

"Kate?" He stared at me, his handsome face frowning in confusion as he took in my wet hair, messy make up and his brothers clothes.

"Kate, there you are. How you feeling today?" I heard Adam from the lounge as he walked out, wearing just shorts. "Oh, morning bro. Hope we didn't wake you last night."

He smirked at James and gazed at me.

"I was looking for my stuff..."

I started as I looked around desperately. James stood up and walked out the back door, storming towards his car. I ran after him, as Adam shook his head.

"Kate leave him babe." He called after me.

"James, wait, please!" I called as he reached his car. He turned and looked at me, anger and hurt in his eyes.

"You really are a fucking slut. Don't ever speak to me again. I mean it."

He got in his car and sped off before I could even speak. I stood, tears sliding down my face as I watched him go. I turned, walking into the kitchen to see Adam sitting on a stool, munching on toast.

"Well that went well." He stated quietly. I glared at him.

"I need my things. I need to call a cab." He indicated a carrier bag on the floor of the kitchen.

"Thats got your stuff in it. Your bag is over there. Do I even get a thank you?" He said coldly.

I picked my stuff up, finding my phone.

"Thanks Adam. I am sorry I was so drunk and that you found me. I am grateful for you helping me." I realised I was crying again.

"Yeah you seem it. I can give you a ride home, don't call a cab." His voice was softer now. "Let me just chuck some clothes on and I will drive you home." I shook my head, holding my hand up.

"No, thank you. I will get a cab."

I felt his eyes on me as I dialled the cab company, ordering a cab for the address I knew off by heart.

I opened the back door and walked outside, leaning on the wall, desperate to be back at home.

I opened my phone and tried calling James but it just went to voicemail. I texted Lisa next, asking her to call me when she woke up. Where was this damn taxi? The sound of James calling me a fucking slut rang in my ears as I stared at the floor. This was a nightmare. Suddenly I heard the sound of a car and rose up to see the cab. I climbed in, giving him my address. James was not going to understand or forgive me. I read my messages from last night and saw the one from James.

So you are clearly avoiding me. If you have changed your mind, just tell me. Adam told me you kissed him the other day. I am not playing fucking games, I am not waiting around whilst you decide who you fancy more. But I do love you Kate.x

I started to sob then, imagining how this must feel from his perspective. I remembered the hurt in his eyes this morning.

So he thought I had spent the night with Adam.

I stared out of the window, wishing he would answer my calls. I made it home, and stuffed my clothes in the washing machine. I went up stairs and ran the shower, desperate to try and scrub the night before away. I heard my phone ringing and I grabbed it to see it was Lisa.

"Hey! Are you ok?"

She asked, her voice full of concern. I started to cry and she said she would be right over. I showered and pulled on my pjs, grateful I wasn't at work for a few more days. I called James again and it just went to voicemail. I sighed, placing the phone on the side. Lisa arrived and pulled me into a big hug.

"So are you ok? You were really out of it last night. Has Adam hurt you?" Her eyes flashed with anger.

I shook my head, pulling at the cushion cover on the sofa.

"No, he was actually really decent."

I explained about how he had looked after me whilst I was sick, even showering me.

"What and he didn't try it on?" She snorted in disbelief, getting up to make us a cup of tea.

I sat and tried to remember.

"No he didn't, oddly."

Even I found this strange. She raised her eyebrows in surprise as she filled the mugs with water.

"That isn't very Adam like is it? Especially after what's gone on Kate, why would he look after you of all people?"

She drained the teabags and placed them in the bin. As she poured milk in the mugs I watched her absent mindedly.

"I don't know, but then when I woke up he wasn't there...he must've slept down stairs."

My memory was hazy but I know he didn't sleep with me. Lisa handed me my mug before curling her legs under hers as she sat opposite me.

"So why are you upset?" She asked bluntly.

"When I walked downstairs James was there." Her brow furrowed as she listened. "Adam said something about how he hoped we didn't keep him awake..." I closed my eyes at the memory.

"Oh shit." She said quietly. "Wait, you said you were sick. What were you wearing?" Her eyes widened as I nodded.

"Yup, Adams stuff."

"Right so he thinks you two have like, hooked back up. I get why he would think that hun, but I dunno. Is that everything that happened?" She fixed her eyes on mine and I groaned. I filled her in on the Adam kiss in my room and she covered her ears.

"No no no! You DIDN'T." She was aghast, yet she was smiling with empathy.

"What are you smiling for?" I hissed.

"Because you have always really loved Adam. You have always been so drawn to him. I'm not overly surprised. Maybe James isn't either." She smiled at me kindly. "So he just left and thats it?"

I looked down.

"No. He told me I was a fucking slut and that he never wanted to speak to me again."

I felt the tears fall as her mouth dropped open in dismay.

"Oh babe. Shit, you really don't deserve that."

She reached over and held me, her sweet perfume enveloping me.

"The thing is Kate, like it or not you have to choose who you want. Adam or James. Or none of them."

I knew she was right, and there was no easy way to decide. I had to just go with my heart.

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