Meeting The Troublemaker

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#10 "Nice For What"

My vengeance plan had to wait since I had to see that frightful teacher on one on one.

“Hey. He doesn’t bite, you know. He is the head teacher of our year, so he was bound to frighten us with grades. Chill. You can just call him Seongha Sam. We all call him that.” Jihoon said, smirking as I had to stop my legs from shaking.

“Why Seongha Sam?” I asked.

“Seongha because his name is Shin Seongha, and ‘Sam’ is just a term to refer to teachers in a friendly way.” Jihoon said, rolling his eyes.

“Gotcha. Damn. Wish me luck.” I said as I stood up to go to the teacher’s office. The teacher’s lounge was full of eager students, asking teachers questions about the problem that they found confusing, University questions...It was utter chaos.

"Ah. Sean. Come. Follow me.” Mr.Shin said as he stood up from his chair and led me to a spare classroom.

"I heard that you can speak Korean. So tell me, What made you come here, to Korea, at the most important year of your life?" Mr. Shin asked.

Well...You see, I wouldn’t have been here if my dad hasn’t forced me in the first place. But You know, whatever, right?

Yeah...I can’t tell him that.

“Uh...” I managed to say, not really knowing what to say.

"Well, you’re here now. From what I saw from your records, you’re a bright kid. Your grades are good and your teachers said mostly positive things about you. Minus the ruckus you have caused over the years. I’m warning you now, Sean. You can’t show that kind of behavior here. These kids are desperate. The name value of the university or college they get into is everything to them. This year is crucial to that. If they mess up now, it affects their whole future. You understand this, right?" Mr.Shin said, staring right into my eyes. I slowly nodded.

"No pranks. I’m not saying that I will stop you from pulling some little jokes on your friends. But when it affects their studies, we are going to have a problem. You should be focusing on your studies too." Mr.Shin said.

"I’m not going to cause trouble." I replied. Suddenly the prank that I was going to do on the ice queen didn’t seem at all appealing.

"Look. I didn’t mean to treat you like some delinquent. I know it’s pretty hard for you to come to a foreign country, trying to fit in. I’m willing to help you through and see you go to a university that you want. But it’s on you to actually make that happen. So my question is this. Are you willing to give me your best shot this year?" Mr.Shin said, looking at me with trust.

I nodded at that. ”I will."

Mr.Shin gave a grin at that. ”Good. Now go along. You have to prepare for the mock PSAT test that will be held in 2 weeks from now. That’ll evaluate how much you have learned last year and will be crucial for the teachers to see which college you can go into. You better prepare hard for that, Sean."

I nodded one last time as I made my way to my homeroom. I wanted to show him that I could be serious. That I’m capable to be the best. But first thing first. I wanted to show the Ice queen who she was messing with.


“Why do you want to know..?” Jihoon squinted at me, licking his ice cream cone that I bought for him.

“Nothing. I was just curious.” I said innocently as I took a big bite out of my cone.

Jihoon smirked widely as he smacked my arm. “I get it! You are smitten with her, aren’t you? That’s why you asked me for her classroom number! You want to leave her a love letter! Aww.”

I recoiled at that. “What? Heck no. Why would I do that?”

“Because you have a crush on her, duh?” Jihoon said, grinning as he rolled his eyes at me.

“I want to pull a prank on her.” I said, grimacing.

“What? No no no! You said that you promised Seongha Sam that you will not pull any more pranks!” Jihoon said, his eyes widening.

“He said that it was cool unless it bothered anyone’s studies.” I said, shrugging.

Jihoon shook his head violently. “Aw come on. No!”

“Why? I need to get a prank out of my system sooner or later before I explode!” I said, eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Oh man. You are going to do this whether or not I tell you her classroom number, aren’t you?” Jihoon said, sighing.

“Uhuh.” I said, nodding as I finished my cone.

Jihoon sighed once more. “Fine. If it’s gonna happen, I might as well get the front row seat.”

“That’s the spirit!” I said, slapping his back with a smack.

My lips twitched upward, already thinking of various pranks to do. Hmm...What would be the ultimate prank?


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