Meeting The Troublemaker

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#11 "Prank Detox"

I was tired as F, But it was all going to be worth it when I saw and hear how she reacts when...

I couldn’t hold in my laughter any longer. I burst out laughing right in the middle of the hallway, and all the students stared at me weirdly as they made their way to their classrooms.

“Are you freaking mad?” Jihoon said, frowning. “Why don’t you just shout out I pranked Jeon Sia?!”

It was now my turn to frown. “Who?”

“Jeon Sia. The girl you just..” Jihoon hissed, shaking his head.

“Oh. That was the Ice queen’s name? Damn.” I said, laughing as I went to my seat and sat down. Jihoon gave me some useful information about her, and I had planned an ultimate plan. It turns out that the Ice Queen always comes to school at about 7′o clock to study, So I woke up at 5 to get to school before her. My first plan was to set multiple alarm clocks in her locker at the back and at the desk drawer of the classroom, making it ring loudly every 2 minutes, interrupting the class. I just hoped she didn’t check her locker before.

Now, that was stage one. Stage two involved stealing her phone. As everyone has to hand in their phone before class starts, I bribed the queen’s class cellphone collector to slip me her cell phone for 5 minutes before he gave it to his homeroom teacher.

“You ready for stage 2?” Jihoon asked, snickering.

I grinned. “Yeah. Cover for me, alright? I’ll be back in 5.”

I slipped out of my homeroom, and just in time, the cell phone collector came out from his too.

"Hey. Does she have a screen lock?" I asked.

"Yeah. But I saw her pattern. It’s this." The collector said, grinning as he showed me the pattern, unlocking her phone.

“Great. Just give me 5 minutes. I’ll be quick.” I said, going to the men’s room to do my deed.

First, I went to her contacts and changed all their names to Harry Potter characters. In Korean, of course. Didn’t want to be too obvious.

Secondly, I went to iPhoneception and chose...The kitten option. I was doing her a favor. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want their apps to look like Kittens?

I slipped back out and handed the phone to the collector who waved as he scurried off to the teacher’s lounge to hand in the phones.

I sighed a satisfactory sigh as I half skipped back to my own homeroom. I needed to get the pranks out of my system. Thank god I found a perfect opponent.


It was in the middle of the class when a sudden commotion was heard. Damn.

"What’s going on?" The history teacher stopped in the middle of his lecture and peeped outside. My classmates started to whisper within themselves as the beeping became louder.

I smirked as I shared glances with Jihoon who was bright red in the face, muffling his laughter.

"Stop it!" The math teacher shouted as the Ice queen desperately tried to shut the alarm off right in the middle of the hallway. Oops. Now did I forget to mention that once it goes off...There was no way to stop it unless you break it?

"I...I don’t know how!" The Ice Queen shouted back, looking flustered.

"Well just dump it outside! You are disturbing the whole school! Now go!!" The math teacher half yelled as The queen herself ran down the stairs holding a bunch of alarm clocks that were ringing loudly.

"Alright. Now let’s calm down." The history teacher said, trying to stop the laughter as he shook his head, shutting the classroom door.

I high-fived Jihoon under the desk. Prank One, done. Now I had to wait until the classes were over to see the queen’s reaction to her phone.


Man. How did you come up with these ideas?” Jihoon asked impressed as he took a big bite of the school lunch.

“I’m just a genius in that way.” I said shrugging as I munched on the chicken nuggets. Damn. Lunch was never this tasty. It almost tasted like...revenge.

I snickered as I dipped my nugget in mustard. That face of hers...Could I just say that it was so fun doing that?

The commotion only lasted 5 minutes so I doubted Mr.Shin was angry with me doing that. I would have to keep quiet for a while though.

“Hey. Are you preparing for the March mock PSAT?” Jihoon said, standing up to dump his leftovers. I followed suit.

“Uh...I guess? How does this mock PSAT thing work though?” I asked.

“So the real test is held in November. Before that, we have three major mock tests to prepare for that and see our grades. All the students in Korea will take that test, so you’ll get to know how you are doing compared to others.” Jihoon said as we made our way back to our homeroom.

“Oh.” Was the only thing I could manage to say.

“Look. You have to do well in this. We are studying at our own homeroom at night right now, but if your mock PSAT grades are in the top 50 in this school, you get to go to an academic pursuit class.” Jihoon said seriously.

“What is this academic pursuit class?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Mr.Shin is in charge of it. We get our own special locker and desk in a classroom designed just for self-studying. If we survive to be in that class, the better chance we have to go to a better university. He will help the students to be more appealing to the schools.” Jihoon said.

I bit the inward of my mouth at that. I needed to go to a good school. I didn’t know whether I was going to go to the one here in Korea or back in the States, but I already planned out what I was going to major in. I needed to get into medical school. I had to.

“I...I think I need to go study. Like right now.” I said.

Jihoon smiled. “Yeah. Let’s go.”


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