Meeting The Troublemaker

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#12 "Eavesdropping"

So I was still in quite a good mood when I was waiting for our after-school class to start. Today’s subject was Korean, and I was kind of glad of it because I still had a hard time understanding Medieval Korean.

“Hey. She still looks kind of pissed.” Jihoon whispered as Jeon Sia stomped in and slammed her book on her desk.

"Will you please be quiet? Some of us are trying to focus on our studies.” I said, glowering at the Ice Queen as she roughly dragged the chair out.

"Oh, I’m sorry your majesty. Did I bother you in any way? Fuck Off." The Ice Queen snarled at me as Jihoon laughed beside me.

"Roar. Someone is in a bad mood.” Jihoon said, shaking his head.

"And I wonder why that is...Probably because some twiddle dee and twiddle dum put a bunch of alarm clocks in my locker." The Ice Queen growled, narrowing her eyes at him. Jihoon gulped.

“Oh, hon. You don’t have proof that it was us. If you stopped acting a bitch all the time, someone wouldn’t have done it to you in the first place.” I said, shaking my head.

“I said, speak Korean. You son of a-” The Ice Queen started to say as her friend dragged her away to the desk far away from us.

“Wow. Kitty has claws.” I snickered.

“That was just...” Jihoon said, shaking his head.

“Eh. Kind of comical that she thinks it’s automatically us though.” I said, laughing.

Just then the teacher came in and started to take attendance. I could feel the burning stare that came behind my back. I slightly turned my head to the Queen’s direction and winked. The Queen flinched at that and started to get up while her friend stopped her. I grinned widely at that. Oh, I was enjoying this 100 percent.


“Ugh...My butt is hurting. I can’t stand another minute in that chair.” I whispered to Jihoon. It was about 8 in the afternoon which meant that I still had two hours to go.

“Just take a stroll or something. If a teacher spots you, just say that you are going to the bathroom.” Jihoon said, waving me off as he continued to solve a math problem.

I stretched as I made my way outside to the hallway. As I made my way to the bathroom, I heard a soft whisper coming from the middle of the hallway where the stairs were. I carefully stood near the edge, trying to overhear the conversation. What? I was curious!

"No, no. I need you to listen to me. Stop being so reckless!" A whispered voice came.

"No! I can’t come and help you find him. I’m in school!" The girl said, angrily. Who was she? What was she talking about?

"What? How can you say that? I can’t be there every time he decides to fuck up. No! You...Fine! I’ll be there! Give me 15 minutes." The voice said as she ended the call. Shit. What should I do..?!

I quickly acted like I was coming out from the men’s room as I bumped into the Ice Queen.

"Get out of my way." She growled as she glared at me.

"Uh...Why do you have your phone with you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

The Queen raised her eyebrow. ”What, you are acting all hall monitor now? I got it from my homeroom teacher asking if I can use it so that I can listen to some online classes. Thanks for the kitty app, by the way, you jerk. Now get the fuck out of my way. My eyes are hurting from your ugliness."

"Gee. Are you trying to get out of the study session too?" I asked.

The queen inhaled a deep breath. ”You were listening to my calls?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. So, Are you?" I asked.

The queen glared at me. ”What I do, or do not do is none of your concern. So do me a favor. Get the hell out of my face and just leave. me. alone." She said as she thrust a finger in my chest along with the last three words.

I grabbed her hand as she glared at me. ”Hey. I was just looking out for you."

The Queen snatched her hand out of mine. ”I don’t need it. Not now, Not ever."

Along with those lines, The Queen quickly stormed off to her classroom as I stared at her back. I frowned as I made my way to my own classroom. Something was wrong, but she was right. I shouldn’t be looking out for her. When I already had so much on my plate.


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