Meeting The Troublemaker

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#14 "Mint Chocolate"

My Aunt eyed me weirdly when I was whistling in the bathroom as I did the laundary. She offered to do it for me, but I declined politely. I wanted to do it myself since I was the one who caused the blood stain to happen.

Jihoon kept teasing me that I was ‘whipped’, and I warned him that he was going to get literally whipped if he didn’t stop.

“Why are we leaving this early?” Jihoon asked as he yawned loudly.

“Because I need to drop in at the pharmacy.” I said, smacking the back of his head, making him almost bite his tongue.

Jihoon glared at me a bit but soon looked concerned. “Are you sick?”

I shook my head. “Nope.”

Jihoon just shook his head. “Oh well. Buy me a gumdrop there then we are good.”

I laughed. “Sure.”

Jihoon waited outside while I bought a medicine for the cold, a tonic and some Grape and Strawberry flavored gumdrops.

“Aww...Grape?” Jihoon said as he eyed the packet I held out to him.

“Don’t want it?” I said, slowly moving it towards me.

Jihoon snatched the packet away. “Next time, buy apple flavored ones.”

I snickered as we entered the school, chewing on gumdrops.

While Jihoon was studying, I made it to the Ice Queen’s homeroom. As expected, Sia was the only one there, studying with her gym clothes on.

I smirked as I quietly snuck in, slowly standing behind her, opening my mouth to scare her.

“Don’t.” Sia said, not even turning around to face me.

“Aww...You suck. Boo.” I said, pouting as I dropped my arms.

“What are you, a child? Give me my uniform back.” Sia said as she finally stared at me.

“Where’s my gym clothes?” I said, smirking as I hid the bag with her uniform inside behind my back.

“I threw it away.” Sia said coldly.

My mouth dropped open. I had gym today! This was not good...

“..For real?” I said, my face going all white.

“Yup.” Sia said, turning her attention to the problem she was solving before.

“Oh...well...Oh. Well...uh...Here’s your uniform. I ironed it for you after I dryed it so..yeah.” I said, leaving the bag beside her, turning around.


I turned around, and Sia flicked her sharpie to point at the bag hanging on the other side of her desk.

“I was joking. I didn’t iron your gym clothes though.” Sia said, her eyes glued to her book.

I smiled as I went back and got the bag. I ruffled Sia’s hair quickly.

“Hey!” Sia said, glaring at me.

“Nice play.” I said, quickly getting out before she noticed the things I put in the bag along with the uniform.


The previous classes were a big yawn, but my favorite class, Gym, was right next.

“Hey. Dress quickly. We need to go outside today.” Jihoon said, already in his gym clothes.

I rolled my eyes as I pulled out my gym clothes from the bag. I quickly got dressed and soon felt something weird in my pocket.

“Cool. Chocolates!” Jihoon said as he reached out for it. I quickly slapped it away.

“Not for you.” I said as I popped it into my mouth before Jihoon can protest. Mint chocolate. It really suited her.

“You meany. You have a bunch in your pockets!” Jihoon exaimed.

“You aren’t a kid, Jihoon. Meany? Come on.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I want some chocolate toooo.” Jihoon begged.

I rolled my eyes as I gave some to Jihoon who grinned as he put it in his mouth.

“Ew. Mint chocolate?” Jihoon said, shaking his head as he gave back the rest to me.

“You don’t like mint chocolate?!” I gaped at him.

“No. Why would you eat a toothpaste flavor willingly? Chocolate is already good. Why ruin it by adding mint?!” Jihoon said as he gargled his mouth.

“You are weird. Mint chocolate is the best!” I said, popping another in my mouth. The sweetness combined with the cool mintiness. It was a good combination.

“I’m not going to even.” Jihoon said, shaking his head as he grabbed his water bottle as we made our way outside.

As I passed the Ice Queen’s homeroom, I noticed the strawberry gumdrop on her desk along with the pills and tonic.

I smiled widely as Jihoon asked me why I was acting like a doofus.

“I’m just loving this chocolate.” I said, shrugging.

“Sure...” Jihoon said, rolling his eyes at me.

Today’s activity was dodgeball. I usually like it but...

"Okay! Guard the Lady dodgeball! Whose student number is Odd, go to the left. Even numbers to the right. Let’s move it, people!” The teacher hollered.

Anything but that.


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