Meeting The Troublemaker

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#15 "Guard The Lady"

Guard the Lady dodgeball. Basically, a game where every boy needed to guard his lady against being hit with the ball.

The teachers’ holler made everyone jolt, moving this way and that. Jihoon moved to the left side while I moved to the right.

"Hey, Sean. Will you be my knight?" A girl asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Uh...” I started to speak while another slightly nudged the first one who asked.

"Now, JiEun. You have a boyfriend who is waiting for you right over there. Guard me, Sean.” The girl said with a sweet smile on her face.

My face paled. I did not want to get in the middle of a catfight. I looked across, trying to meet Jihoons’ eye.

When I did, I mouthed ′SAVE ME’. Jihoon just laughed at me, making kissing motions. Sigh. Why did I even bother?

"Oh, For the love of god! Why are you guys just standing there like you are two different species?!? I’ll pair you guys up myself!” The teacher groaned.

After the long long process of complaints and whining, we were finally able to get the game going.

"Uh...I’m not really good at this, Sean.” My partner said, nervously touching her glasses.

I smiled. ”Don’t worry about it! Just hold on tight to my waist and you will be okay. I’ll protect you.”

The girl blushed as she nodded shyly. Aww...

"You are adorable!! Aww...Please be my little sister!!!" I cooed as her cheeks went a brighter shade of red.

"Uh...We are the same age.." The girl said, touching her glasses once more.

I waved my hand to dismiss it. ”Doesn’t matter! I look wayy older than you, anyway. By the way...Can I ask you your name? I’m really sorry. I’m such a Dory that I forgot everyone’s names as soon as I heard it.”

The girl fidgeted. ”It’s HyeJeong.”

I grinned. ”Pretty name.”

"Okay! Enough chit-chat! Start playing!" The teacher said, throwing the ball at me. I grinned as I caught it. This is going to be fun.

Jihoons’ face paled as he saw me smiling wickedly. I aimed straight at the hand grabbing Jihoon’s gym shirt. Jihoon instinctively turned around to avoid the ball, and the ball ended up hitting his lady straight at the back.

“Ow!” The girl yelped, glaring at Jihoon.

"Oops?” Jihoon said, sheepishly.

The girl hmphed as she stomped off to the side. I snickered as Jihoon glowered at me.

The game went on smoothly. Jihoon kept trying to hit me but failed epic.

In the end, I managed to hit the last couple standing on the other side, and like a victory music, the bell rang.

After getting some pats on the back, I turned to face HyeJeong, who was already gone. I frowned. Where was she?

"You jerk. You just had to kill me off first." Jihoon said, slapping my back.

"Ow! Yeah, nice work on using your partner as your shield back there." I laughed.

"Can you blame me?" Jihoon said, glowering at me.

"Yes. I can.”

We both turned around in surprise to face Jihoon’s previous partner glaring at us.



"Save it. You were a moron for throwing that hard, and you were an ass for trying to avoid the hit by yourself, making me get the full blow of it." The girl grouched as she snarled at us, pointing an accusing finger first at Jihoon, and then me. She soon stomped off, but not before barking, ′Make way, Losers!

“Is she a friend of the Ice Queen?” I asked, staring at the girl.

“How did you know?” Jihoon asked with wide eyes.

“Figures.” I said, shaking my head. “What’s her name anyway?”

“HyeJin.” Jihoon said.

“Hmm...Buy her a can of coke or something later to apologize. How to win a girl’s heart 101. Start with the simple things.” I said, winking.

Jihoon started to blush. “W...What are you talking about? You are hardly a Casanova yourself! You weren’t exactly being smooth with Sia, either! You aren’t the one to give out tips!”

Now it was my turn to get bright red. “What?”

“What?” Jihoon said too. We were both red in the cheeks as we stared at each other dumbly.

We both shuddered.

“Gah.” I said.

“Yeah. Gah.” Jihoon said too as he faked to vomit.

“Let’s just go grab lunch. I’m starving.” I said, shaking my head as I started to lead the way to the cafeteria.

Me? Liking the Ice Queen? As if.


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