Meeting The Troublemaker

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#17 "Will you be my-"

Well, Sia did manage to pull out Hyejin out from the bathroom. Hyejin’s eyes were all blotchy red.

"Look what you guys have done." Sia growled. Hyejin turned her back on Jihoon.

Jihoon sighed and mumbled something. Sia glared harder at him,

"Excuse me? Is that supposed to be an apology? SPEAK LOUDER." Sia said, arching her perfect eyebrow.

Just when Jihoon opened his mouth again, the bell rang, signaling us that the first test would soon begin.

"Look. This clearly needs some clearing up. So why don’t we meet you guys again at lunchtime?" I said, shrugging.

Sia whispered something in Hyejin’s ear and Hyejin soon nodded.

"Fine. I can’t believe I’m wasting time on you two losers. We’ll be in the stands. 1 AM. Be there." Sia said as she turned around and walked off. Her ponytail flipped as she did that.

Hyejin said bye to her friend as she ignored us completely and walked towards our classroom.

“Well, that went well.” I said, grinning widely at Jihoon.

“I’m not looking forward to lunch anymore. And today’s menu is potato pizza.” Jihoon groaned as we made our way to our classroom.

I smiled as I patted his back. Was it mean of me to say that I was amused by all of this?


“My soul has been ripped out of meee.” I moaned as Jihoon started to drag me to the cafeteria.

“You are fine. Potato pizza. Let’s move it.” Jihoon said, pulling my arm.

“How are you not fazed at all?!?!” I said, letting Jihoon drag me as I moved like a zombie.

“Because I’m used to it?” Jihoon grinned as he grabbed the trays, handing one to me.

“Aww. Math test felt like testing my language skills. I’m still not used to all these mathematical terms.” I said, pouting.

“Aww, at least the next test is English.” Jihoon said, smiling brightly as the lunch lady gave him his pizza.

“First of all, It’s still hard for me. Second of all, What the F? I thought you were joking about the said ‘Potato Pizza’.” I said, staring at the slice of pizza on my plate. It looked tasty enough. I loved potatoes, so why not?

“Wha? You never tried it before?” Jihoon said, looking shocked as his mouth fell open, showing the half-chewed pizza. I made a face as I shut his mouth for him.

“Yes. And you are ruining it for me.” I shuddered. Jihoon looked at me expectantly as I took a big bite.

“Well?” Jihoon asked as I gulped down my bite.

“Meh.” I said as I put down my pizza.

“Meh? MEH?! You don’t deserve Potato Pizza! I’m taking this baby with me!” Jihoon said, his hands grabbing my pizza slice. I slapped the hand away.

“Hush. It’s mine.” I said, taking another bite.

“You just said it was meh.” Jihoon pointed out, rubbing the back of his hand.

“It’s..Okay.” I said reluctantly as I finished my slice in a flash. Damn it. I wanted more.

“Hmph.” Jihoon said, finishing his slice too.

“Hurry up! We are gonna be late.” I said, checking the time on my wristwatch. Jihoon peeped at it too and started filling his mouth with food.

“Wets Guu. (Let’s Goo)” Jihoon said through his food-filled mouth. He looked like a disgusting chipmunk.

“Ew, Man. Please chew it fast.” I said, blocking his face from my view using my hand.

“Wa, Duues eet ma u uncoomfo-” Jihoon started to speak, and I blocked his mouth quickly.

“Yes. It makes me uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. Chew.” I said, trying not to gag.

Jihoon rolled his eyes at me as he slapped my hand away. He quickly swallowed and showed me his empty mouth. “Better?”

I frowned. “Let’s just go and brush our teeth before we see the girls.”

Jihoon rolled his eyes. “Do we have to? I mean it’s not like we are gonna kiss them.”

I smacked the back of his head. “Don’t be gross.”

“Neat freak.” Jihoon said, rubbing his head.

“You are just lacking manners. No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Hey! That’s just mean.” Jihoon said, pouting.

“Aww...It’s the truth. Just embrace it.” I said, not feeling sorry at all.

“Just attacking me with facts.” Jihoon said, feigning hurt.

“You need some reality checks.” I said, grinning.

We both rushed upstairs, brushed our teeth and went back down to the stands. We had about half an hour till the English test began. Gah. They even stopped the planes from taking off, trying not to interrupt the listening comprehension part of the test, as much as possible. Geez.

“Where are they?” Jihoon looked around this way and that.

"Behind you, doofus."

I gave a smile as Hyejin and the Ice Queen made their way down. Hyejin looked awkward, grabbing the end of Ice Queen’s blouse with one hand while fumbling with the other.

Jihoon looked uncomfortable too as he bit his lower lip, opening and closing his mouth.

"Well? I have to review my vocabulary list before we take the test. Make this quick." The Ice Queen said, picking on her nails.

Jihoon flashed me a glance, looking nervous as hell. I just shrugged as I smirked.

Hyejin just stood there awkwardly, looking back and forth at the Ice Queen and Jihoon.

I sighed. This was getting nowhere.

"Okay. We will leave you two to solve things yourselves. You two are all grown. You don’t need mommy and daddy to solve your problems. We’ll be right there." I said, pointing up at the stands.

I gestured to the Ice Queen to follow me, and surprisingly, she did. We sat on the very top of the stands, the winds slightly blowing behind our back.

"So...Think you did well on the first two tests?" I asked, breaking the silence. The Ice queen stared at me with wide eyes until she nodded.

"Well...Yes. I screwed up a few problems at math though." The ice queen sighed, looking stressful.

I sighed. ”I’m sure you did fine. I screwed up big time. I didn’t understand what the questions were asking because I was unfamiliar with the terms."

The ice queen hesitated a bit and patted my back a few times. Very awkwardly I might add. ”There’s always next time.”

"I can’t screw up. I have to get into medical school. I have to.” I said, clenching my fist.

"Why is that?" The Ice Queen asked, cocking her head. My neck snapped in her direction, showing my surprise. I didn’t think she would bother to care.

"Personal reasons.” I mumbled, fiddling with my fingers. The Ice Queen sighed beside me, staring at the sky.

"You know why I study this damn hard?" The Ice Queen asked, her eyes still set in the sky. I shook my head, a little bit dazed by her sad aura.

"You have your own reasons why you want to go to medical school that you don’t want to share. Well, I have one too. Long story short, Messed up family, the only chance of me going to college is getting a scholarship. So I got to grit my teeth every day and strive to be the best. If you want something, you have to give it your best. Do you know how high your grades have to be to get into medical school? You have to get a perfect score on the PSAT too. Like 100 on every subject." The queen said, her stare now fixed on me. I squirmed, feeling uncomfortable as her eyes bored into mine.

"I am trying.” I said, my eyes avoiding hers. I stared down at my old Reebok sneakers. I should really buy a new one...

"You sure? Because I’m sure I have seen you in the hallway during free study session one too many times. Plus, you are thinking about getting new shoes. Is that really trying your best?" The Ice queen said, rolling her eyes.

I stared at her wide-eyed. ”Wait...How did you see me in the hallway? And how did you know I was thinking about getting new shoes? Are you a psychic? Hold up...You are! Holy shit!"

The queen stopped me by smacking my back. ”No, you idiot! You mutter under your breath a lot. Do you know how annoying that is?"

I frowned. ”I mutter? And that only answers my second question. What about my first question? How did you see me in the hallway? You study in your own homeroom so you shouldn’t have been able to see me unless..."

I smirked as the queen’s cheeks turned into a bright shade of red. ”Were you on a lookout to see me?" I said, grinning.

The queen looked furious in an adorable way. ”Pffft. Me? Why would I be wasting my time just to see your ugly face? You must be on crack."

My grin widened. ”Admit it. You likeee meeee."

The queen glared at me. ”Dream on, pretty boy."

I gasped. ”You think I’m pretty? Awww. Thanks, doll. I think you are freeze-my-butt-off kind of cute too.”

The queen glared at me once more as she stood up. ”That’s it. I’m going."

"Wait! I have something to ask of you.” I said, grabbing the queen’s wrist gently.

The queen rolled her eyes at me. ”Fine, fine. What is it? We only have about 15 minutes to spare till the test."

"I want you to tutor me." I said, giving my best puppy dog face at her. The queen merely scoffed.

"Hell no. I don’t have time to take care of your studies. I have my own to deal with." The queen said, shaking her head.

"Aww...Please? Be my Shifu. You don’t have to teach me everything. But can you at least help me when I get stuck on some problems? It would be like a reviewing time for you! I won’t take up a lot of your time. Only like 10-15 minutes and-" I started to rant, but Sia soon stopped me by pressing her hand on my mouth.

"Okay, okay. Fine. I’ll do it. You are giving me a headache with all this ranting. Just never call me shifu." The queen said, gagging.

I pouted. ”Aww...Why not, Shifu?"

The ice queen raised one of her eyebrows warningly. I gulped.

"Fine, fine. I won’t." I said. I liked calling her ice queen anyway.

Just in time, Jihoon and Hyejin came up the stairs, grinning as they stood in front of us, shoulder to shoulder.

"So I guess it all worked out, huh?" I asked, grinning.

Hyejin nodded with a grin. ”It sure did."

I opened my mouth to say something but the bell interrupted me. We stood there in silence for a moment and started to run as fast as our feet would take us.

Who knew time would fly this fast?


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