Meeting The Troublemaker

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#18 "My Life"

What the ice queen told me hit home. You have to give it your best. All I got in me.

I banged my head on my desk. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Worthless freeloader. That’s what I am.

“Woah...Someone is off his rocker.”

I turned around to face Jihoon, who was smirking as he munched on a chocolate bar.

“I am a fucking loser.” I said, continuing to bang my head on the desk.

“Aww...Don’t say that. Sure you aren’t as handsome as me or as attractive, But you aren’t a loser.” Jihoon said, patting my back half-heartedly.

“What if I can’t get into medical school? What will happen then? I’ll go back to the states like the fucking loser I am, living in shame. I’ll live in the basement, getting my father’s stares that just speaks ‘you are a disappointment’ and-”

“Woahh. You went wayy too far.” Jihoon said, shaking his head. He grabbed my laptop and began typing away on my bed. I just stared at him, dazed.

“Okay, you obviously need a break, so-” Jihoon started to speak but I cut him off.

“I can’t! I just have to get a perfect score on the PSAT. I can’t miss a fucking problem or it’s over for me!” I said, yanking my hair in fistfuls.

“Woah there. Why do you want to get into medical school anyway?” Jihoon asked.

I sighed. “It’s just...You know.”

Jihoon looked puzzled for a second. His eyes widened in acknowledgment soon after. “Oh...Aunt Jess?”

I nodded. “That scene just replays over and over in my mind, you know.”

Jihoon stared at his feet, biting his lips. “Well...Ask me if you need any help.”

I smiled at him. “I will. Don’t worry. You know I rely on you most here.”

Jihoon laughed. “Alright, this is getting too sappy for me. Just speak to your friends, alright?”

I frowned. “But I am talking to you.”

“He means us, you moron.”

I gaped at the source of the sound as Jihoon closed the door with a smirk.

“Josh? Cole? Heyyy!” I said, breaking a smile as I jumped on my bed, staring at my laptop. Cole smirked as Josh grinned back.

“You asshole. Do we really need to ask your cousin to find out how you are doing?” Cole said, shaking his head as he made a face.

“What do you mean? You could have just contacted me.” I said, frowning.

“We did! You didn’t check our facebook messages.” Josh pointed out, rolling his eyes.

“What? Of course, I did! Oh, wait...” I frowned, logging into facebook with my phone. My inbox was full of Josh and Cole’s messages. Hmm...Alison left a message too...Interesting.

“Yo. We are still here.” Cole said, making me jump.

“Oh, right. Sorry. I’ve been busy.” I said, yawning a little.

“We can tell. Dude, you look...” Josh trailed his words as Cole tutted in distaste.

“Well, basically you look like shit.” Cole said, making Josh glare at him.

“What! It’s the truth!” Cole said, scratching his neck as Josh’s glare hardened. I sighed a little as I put my hands over my face.

“Yeah. No time for sleep. I already screwed up one test already. And the midterms are coming up.” I said, rubbing my eyes.

“Yikes. Sucks to be you, pal.” Josh said, shaking his head.

“Yeah. That’s no fun at all.” Cole said, faking a gag.

“Gee. Thanks for stating the obvious, Cole.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Anyways...Have you, uh...Have you been in touch with your dad?” Josh said, not meeting my eyes. I frowned.

“No. And I won’t till he contacts me first.” I said, raising an eyebrow.

Cole calmed his throat. “Yeah...About that...”

My frown got deeper. “Guys...What are you two keeping from me?”

Cole and Josh stared at each other and hesitantly nodded. Cole nudged Josh, and Josh sighed.

“Well, the truth is that, uh...” Josh mumbled. Cole nudged Josh again.

“Hey! Quit it!” Josh said, nudging Cole back.

“Guys! What in the world is going on!” I yelled, which made those two knuckleheads stop their bantering.

“Your dad invited us over lunch to tell you that if you don’t contact him, you’ll lose your allowance.” Cole said. It sounded more like a question.

“Seriously?!” I groaned, rolling my eyes. This was my ego we were talking about. Since school ended at like 11PM, it was impossible for me to get a part time job. And I was investing all of my free time into studying. Weekends were precious. Which meant....

“You need to back down and call him.” Josh said, nodding.

“God I can’t believe he is doing this to me. I don’t have time for part time jobs!” I said, throwing my arms up exasperatedly.

“Well we were pretty much threatened to tell you this news so....” Cole said.

“Job done?” Josh said, facing Cole.

“Job done.” Cole said, grinning. They did their ‘man-shake’, whatever it was, and kept a goofy smile on their faces as they faced me. Me on the other hand, had a scowl on my face.

“Well thanks for dealing with my crazy ass father. How did being his bitch feel?” I asked, still scowling. Cole and Josh shook it off, laughing.

“Oh, it was enjoyable. Talk to you later, bro. You call us first this time.” Josh said.

“Burnnn.” Cole said, cackling as he ended the call. Stupid friends.

I sighed as I plumped down on my bed. I had to call my father to beg him for my allowance? Greatttt. Seriously fantastic.

Jihoon knocked and peeped inside. “How did the call go?”

“You knew about this.” I said, glaring at him.

Jihoon laughed nervously. “What? Me? About what? I don’t know anything! Haha. I’m dumb. Oopsie!”

I frowned at him till Jihoon’s awkward laughter stopped.

“You are one shitty liar. No wonder the Ice queen had such an easy time finding out who pranked her.” I said, shaking my head.

Jihoon protested. “Hey! That was all you! You were the one who laughed like a maniac right smack in the middle of the hallway!”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh surreee.”

Now Jihoon glared at me. “Hmph. It’s true!”

“Let’s agree to disagree.” I smiled, cracking a grin. Jihoon grinned too.

“Deal. By the way, mom wants you to have this.” Jihoon said, giving me a bowl of fruit slices.

“Oh. Say thanks for me. I should get back to...” I said, gesturing to my desk.

“Sure. Don’t stay up till too late.” Jihoon said before he closed the door.

I was going to postpone my call till tomorrow. Right now, I needed math problems to help me keep my cool.


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