Meeting The Troublemaker

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#3 "Departure"

“You are all set, right? You got your passport?” Josh asked. We were all at the airport. My dad offered to drop me off but I gave him a cold shoulder, saying that he didn’t need to bother checking if I was actually leaving.

“Yes, Mom. I have my passport on me.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Okay, Sass queen. Be sure to call us or whatever. Oh and if you see hot girls...” Cole said, winking.

“You have a girlfriend.” I deadpanned.

“Yeah. That’s exactly why you should introduce me. I mean Korean girls...” Josh said, whistling.

“You guys are morons.” I said, shaking my head.

“These morons are here for you, waiting for your flight.” Cole said, tutting his tongue.

“Just go already. I’m fine by myself. Boarding starts soon anyway.” I said.

“Nah, you don’t mean that. Will your uncle be there waiting for you when you get off?” Josh asked, slinging his arms around my shoulder.

“Yeah. An uncle who I have only seen once when I was a baby. By the way, you need deodorant.” I said, removing his arms, shuddering.

“Hey! I do not smell!” Josh said, sniffing his armpit.

“In what world? God, I would love to lend you mine, but mine is already been sent with my travel bag.” I said, wrinkling my nose.

Josh’s eyes widened. “Wait...You’re serious? Cole, sniff my armpit.”

Cole’s eyes widened as well, fear in his eyes. “No way, man! Why would I ever do that?!”

“Come on! Do I smell???” Josh asked, walking towards Cole. Cole took a step backward. One step, two..three...Yup. Cole suddenly started to run and Josh started running after him yelling: “Smell me!!!“.

God, I have weird friends. I quickly looked at my phone screen, trying to act like I didn’t know them.

“Sean!!! Make him stop!!” Cole said, gagging as Josh forced his face into his armpit.

Josh grinned like a maniac. “Yeah! Smell that!!!”

I rolled my eyes as I leisurely sat in my chair. Cole and Josh soon got tired of playing around and they came back to sit next to me.

“Hey. You need to go now.” Josh said, pointing at the screen. Sure enough, I needed to go. I looked at them, not quite believing that I wouldn’t see these guys for an entire year.

“Bro hug!” Cole said, squeezing the life out of me. Josh laughed as he joined in.

“Go now.” Josh said, waving his hands as I slowly started to go.

I waved a final goodbye as I went to catch my flight. Korea, here I come.


It took a freaking day to get to South Korea. My legs were killing me because I didn’t have enough leg space. I didn’t have enough sleep and because it was so dry in there, my throat and nose felt like it had been rubbed with a sandpaper. No, scratch that, it felt like it was the sandpaper.

As soon as I got my travel bag, I was greeted with a whole family surrounding me. My eyes widened as I wondered who they were.

"Aigu, uri saekki ijeya bone! (Oh, I can’t believe I’m seeing my baby at last!)” An old lady exclaimed, hugging me tightly, tears in her eyes.

"Eomma! Sean annyeong? wanjeon oraenmanine. nan neo oesamchoniya. (Mom! Hey Sean. It has been a while. I’m your uncle from your mother’s side.)” A man said, smiling widely as he pulled me into a hug as well.

“Uh...Okay? What should I call you?” I asked. The family just looked at me blankly. A boy sighed as he interpreted the world I said to them.

"Uri mworago bulleoya doenyaeyo. (He asked us what he should call us by.)” The boy said, rolling his eyes.

"A! geunyang samchon, halmeoni, sukmorago bureumyeon dwae. yaeneun nae adeurinde, neorang donggabiya. ireumeun Jihoon igu! (Ah! Just call us Samchon, Halmeoni, Sukmo. This one is my son, and he is the same age as you. His name is Jihoon.)” My uncle said as he pointed to himself, the grandmother and his wife. Great. Jihoon smirked at me as he turned his back on me.

"Great. Can we go now?" Jihoon asked in Korean. I mean yeah, I could understand Korean and could speak it, but I wanted them to sweat. I wasn’t going to speak Korean unless necessary.

"Oh, right, right. Will you tell Sean that we’ll be going to our house?" My uncle said, taking my travel bag from my hands.

Jihoon turned around to face me. “He said-”

“I know.” I said as I smirked. Two can play that game.

"Honey, why don’t you sit next to Sean in the car. He can teach you some English.” My Aunt said, nodding to Jihoon.

Jihoon started to complain but as soon as my aunt threw him a dirty look, he shut up.

“Someone is a momma’s boy.” I sang.

“What would you know?” Jihoon said, scoffing.

I glowered at him as I turned my back away from him and stomped away. It took all my willpower not to punch him.

"Jihoon! What the hell did you say to him?" My aunt half yelled at Jihoon.

"Nothing! I just told him that he didn’t know anything about being a momma’s boy!" Jihoon said, scowling

"I didn’t raise you to be that insensitive! You know very well what happened to Your father’s sister!" My aunt said.

"Wait...Oh." Jihoon said, realizing what he did. Well, I’m not going to make it easy for him.

"Apologize! You know where we parked." My Aunt said.

I sat in the waiting area, my arms folded together. Jihoon soon sat down next to me, huffing.

“Did you have to act all Drama Queen on me?” Jihoon said.

“You are just lucky that I didn’t punch you.” I said, scoffing.

“Look, I’m sorry for what happened to Aunt Jess. I apologize if I offended you.” Jihoon said, scratching the back of his neck.

“Hmph.” I said, standing up. Jihoon just looked at me.

“Well? Aren’t we going to find your dad? I don’t want to be stuck in this airport forever.” I said, rolling my eyes.

Jihoon smiled as he stood up. “You better keep your sass to yourself. I can easily ditch you, you know?”

“Oh, your parents would kill you for that. I think they already love me more than you.” I said, laughing as I followed him. This stay was going to be interesting.


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+) As you guys already know, when a text is like this, tilted, It means that the speaker is talking Korean. I can write Korean in roman, but I thought that would be too un-reader friendly.

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