Meeting The Troublemaker

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#5 "Library Tour"

“You know what a library is, right?” Jihoon asked.

“I’m from the states, not space. Yes, I know what a library is, you moron.” I replied.

“Hey. I have a question. You seem to understand Korean very well. You know, like when we speak Korean among family, you nod your head like you understand. But you say that you don’t know Korean...Seems fishy, don’t you think?” Jihoon asked, raising an eyebrow as we entered the Library.

“I can’t speak it but I can understand it just fine.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

“But is it possible?” Jihoon asked, still skeptical.

“Well, I’m the living proof, aren’t I?” I replied, raising my eyebrows as well. Jihoon let out a defeated sigh as he started dragging me to the top floor of the library. Great. Absolutely super. Stairs. Now that doesn’t bother me at all.

“Freaking. Stairs. It’s the 6th floor for god’s sake. Where’s the elevator?” I panted.

“Shush. People are staring! You said you knew what a library was, you idiot! You are supposed to shut up!” Jihoon whisper yelled.

“Yeah, yeah. We are still in the hallway. We can speak, you know.” I whisper shouted as well, rolling my eyes.

Jihoon just huffed as he led me to the reading room in the far right. There were dividers on the desk, making sure that one had their personal space. Super. I no longer had to face the idiot.

“Here’s our spot. Just sit there and study. We aren’t moving from this spot till 10 PM. That’s when the library closes.” Jihoon said like it was nothing. My mouth fell open. It was only 9 in the morning. We were going to be here for 13 hours? He was insane!

“Are you nuts? It’s only 9 AM. On a Saturday! I’m not spending my weekend stuck in a library!” I whispered.

"Hey. Shut it. This is a library." A girl whispered from the opposite of us. She looked taken aback as she spotted me, but her glare soon returned. I mock saluted at her which made her get even more pissed.

Jihoon rolled his eyes as he unpacked his workbooks on the table. ‘Check your phone’. Jihoon mouthed.

I took out my phone and saw a message has arrived from Jihoon. What a waste. We were right next to each other! I rolled my eyes as I read the message. Thankfully he was willing to give us a study break, A.K.A lunch and dinner. I had to muffle my groan. Did all Korean students study like this every fucking single day?! I don’t think I can last long here...

After solving some infinitesimal problems, I glared at my so-called language workbook. This was absolutely nuts! The title was an absolute scam! Korean? You call this Korean? This looked like some alien language!

‘Hey. How is this Korean?!’ I wrote on the side of the workbook, showing Jihoon.

Jihoon rolled his eyes as he wrote back. ‘It’s written right there. Medieval Korean.’

I stared blankly at it. So the medieval Koreans were aliens...? Oh my god. It must be true. It’s a conspiracy! No wonder Koreans have invented some crazy stuff. It was all because they were aliens in human form, mocking us!

“Snap out of it!” Jihoon whispered, shaking us.

Just then, a note was thrown to us. I unfolded it to find something written on it. ′Hey, As I said before, This is an effing library. So if you two women want to have your own tea party, go the f outside!

I glared at the girl who was narrowing her eyes at us. “Lunchtime.” I whisper growled as I dragged Jihoon outside, ignoring his resisting. Who did that girl think she was? Queen of Korea? We weren’t even that loud!

“Ow, Ow, OW!” Jihoon whisper yelped as we reached outside.

“Don’t be such a wuss. That girl was getting on my nerves.” I said, rolling my eyes.

Jihoon rolled his eyes as well. “Yeah. You don’t want to mess with her. She is really serious about her studies. Top of the school. Never missed the number one spot.”

“So...She’s a nerd.” I said.

Jihoon smacked me on the back of my head. “Ow? What was that for?!”

“We don’t do nerds here in Korea. As you can see, most of the students are pretty much taking their studies seriously. Unlike you. You know there aren’t any Football scholarships here, right?” Jihoon asked.

“What, because I look dumb I’m automatically a jock?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“There you go. At least you acknowledge the fact that you look dumb. It’s a huge step forward, my friend.” Jihoon said, grinning.

“Hey!” I said, frowning. The bad thing was that I didn’t know what to say to that. I did say that I looked dumb. Damn you Brain, for saying stuff without thinking it over first!

“Come on. Let’s just get some lunch. I know a place where they make killer Tteok-bokki.” Jihoon said.

“What’s that?” I frowned.

“Oh. You are going to find out soon enough, young one.” Jihoon smirked, leading the way.

I shook my head I caught up with him. Whatever it was, I sure hoped it was tasty.


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