Meeting The Troublemaker

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#6 "Tteok-bokki?"

Okay...There was red all over this place. I looked around the place skeptically as Jihoon took a seat. I sat opposite of him, wondering what the hell Tteokbokki was.

"Immo! Uri Tteok-bokki 2inbunirang chamchijumeokbab 2 gae juseyo! (Aunt! We would like to order 2 servings of Tteok-bokki and two tuna rice balls!)” Jihoon said to the plump looking lady.

“Okay...Why did you call her aunt? And what is a tuna rice ball?” I asked.

“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just...I dunno..friendly? And Tuna rice balls...Man, you are going to love it. It goes well with the Tteok-bokki.” Jihoon said, rubbing his hands.

“It looks so spicy.” I said, glancing at the couple next to us, eating the red food.

“Nah. It’s not that hot. If you want I can take you to where they make exceptionally spicy Tteok-bokki. The Capsaicin...Whew!” Jihoon said, grinning evilly.

I just stared at him. “I think I’ll take a pass.”

“What are you, chicken?” Jihoon said, scoffing.

I narrowed my eyes. “Do you really think I’m that easy to fool?”

Jihoon shrugged. “Well, you did say that you looked dumb yourself just a few minutes ago. It was worth a shot.”

I grimaced. “Oh come on. I’m still jet-lagged. My brain is not functioning right.”

“It has been 5 days since you came here.” Jihoon said with a blank face.

I scratched my neck nervously. “So? Some people take a month to get used to the new environment.”

Jihoon scoffed. “Yeah...Let’s just say that I believe you.”

"Here you go! Two Tuna rice balls and Two servings of Tteok-bokki. Here’s a rice paddle if you guys want to make stir fry rice later." The lady said, smiling.

"Gamsahapnida. (Thanks.)” I replied.

Both Jihoon and the lady raised their eyebrows. ”Oh, wow. You speak Korean very well!" The lady said, giving me a smile before she headed back to the kitchen.

"Yeah. Fluent Korean. A little bit too natural..." Jihoon said.

“Well, What can I say? I’m practicing it in private.” I said.

“Come on. You’re lying! You can speak Korean fluently, can’t you?” Jihoon urged. I just shook my head no, giving him a look that said ‘You cray cray?’.

“Hmm..Anyway, Dig in.” Jihoon said, grabbing his chopsticks as he started to get some of the Tteokbokki onto his plate.

I skeptically looked at the food. I carefully bit into it, and to my surprise, I liked it.

“How is it?” Jihoon asked.

“I like it.” I said, trying the ramen noodle now.

“Try this too. This is the fishcake.” Jihoon said, pointing at a square piece.

“Fishcake?” I said, looking at it like it was some kind of worm or something.

“Yeah. I swear it’s not fishy at all.” Jihoon said, biting into a piece to reassure me. I slowly nibbled on a small piece. Relief flooded through me as I realized he was indeed right. It wasn’t fishy at all. I wouldn’t have thought that it was fish if he didn’t tell me.

After we finished eating the Tteok-bokki, Jihoon dumped the tuna riceballs into the pan expertly and started stirring, mixing the rice balls with the leftover Tteok-bokki sauce.

“Uh...” I said, staring into the pan.

“Just you wait and see.” Jihoon said, smiling. He soon dumped the mozzarella cheese the lady gave us earlier. After about a few minutes, the cheese was all melted and gooey.

“Let’s just eat it off of the pan.” Jihoon said as he grabbed his spoon. I followed him as I took a huge bite. Damn. This was awesome.

“If you think this is good, you are going to go crazy with fried chicken.” Jihoon said, laughing.

“O..kay?” I replied. What was the deal with fried chicken? It was exactly that. Chicken that had been fried.

“Come on. Dig in. We need to go back soon and study.” Jihoon said, speeding up. I soon shook my head as I sped up as well.

I really hoped the girl went somewhere else by the time we came back. Cause if she glared at me one more time...Gah.


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