Meeting The Troublemaker

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#8 "First day of School"

It was already February, and my friends were almost done with their final year while mine was just about to start.

“Come on! Aren’t you excited?” Jihoon asked, grinning widely.

“Hmm...Let’s see. Excited to go to school? No.” I said, shaking my head distastefully.

“Such a party pooper. Dad already enrolled you but he said that you still need to meet your homeroom teacher before the school starts.” Jihoon said.

“Huh. Are we in the same class?” I asked.

Jihoon nodded as he shrugged. “Well, yeah. Dad thought it would be nice for you to have me as your personal interpreter.”

I snickered. “Sucks to be you.”

Jihoon grimaced. “Which I’m not going to do. I mean, you speak Korean fluently anyways.”

I shrugged as I wore my shoes. “Oh well. I wasn’t going to speak much anyway.”

Jihoon laughed. “That might be good for you. Just be the silent, exotic type. Chicks dig it.”

I laughed. “Chicks dig it? Oh god. You tried it, didn’t you? How did it turn out for you?”

Jihoon glared at me. “It didn’t.”

“Oh. Sucks to be you.” I sing sang as I pressed the elevator button.

Jihoon smacked my back. “Just shut up. I swear your image gets ruined as soon as you open your mouth.”

“Oh? And exactly what’s my image?” I asked, now curious.

“Well, you look exactly like Leonardo Dicaprio when he was younger, So when I saw you I was like Wow. That’s my cuz? He looks like that silent, serious type who doesn’t warm up to others. But yeah. Now I know you are just a weirdo.” Jihoon snickered.

“Leo, huh?” I said, grinning.

Jihoon scoffed. “Don’t tell me you never heard it before. Everyone with eyes can see it.”

“Actually I haven’t. But thanks.” I said as I got in the elevator with Jihoon tagging along.

I shuddered as the cold wind met smack with my face. Winter here was a different level of cold. I heard that even the Russian ballet dancers said that it was so freaking cold here. I put my hands in the pocket of the thick coat I was wearing.

“Come on. We need to catch the bus.” Jihoon said, half running.

We managed to catch the bus on time, and it only took about 15 minutes to get to school which was a relief. As soon as we got off the bus, students started staring at us. Great.

“Wow. You must be a freak. Look at all those people staring at you.” I said, laughing as I nudged Jihoon on the side.

Jihoon rubbed his side before he nudged me back. “FYI, You’re the freak here.”

Jihoon led me to the teacher’s office as people stared at me with an interested stare. I felt like I was a zoo animal or something.

"Ah, you must be the new student." A woman said, smiling at us.

“Hi. I’m Sean.” I said, nodding.

“Oh. You can’t speak Korean? I mean, The principal did say that your cousin here was going to help you with that...” The teacher said, shaking her head.

"No wonder he’s in your class. You’re the English teacher, after all." A bald man said as he sat on his desk, smiling.

I just shrugged while Jihoon gave me a stare. ”He can speak Korean. But he doesn’t speak much." Jihoon said.

"Oh. He does understand Korean, right?" The teacher asked.

"Yes." I replied, which made all the necks snap to my direction. Big whoop.

"That’s great. It’s the last year of high school and the students would be furious if we aren’t teaching right on schedule...Okay, we need to go to our homeroom now. Come." The teacher said as she stood up from her desk.

We soon started to walk to our homeroom. The teacher went in the front while Jihoon and I slipped inside from the back. The students started to oggle at me till the teacher calmed her throat.

“Okay, as you might guess, we have a new student who is from the states. Be welcoming to him, alright?" The teacher said as the students nodded eagerly.

"Good. First period starts in about 10 minutes so be prepared for it, okay?" The teacher said, giving me a smile before she went to prepare for her next class as well.

As soon as she left, students swam around my desk.

"Jihoon, how come you know the newbie?" One asked.

“Hi?” One asked me, her English spoken with a Korean accent.

"Girl, your English sucks. Hi? Is that all you can say to him?" A girl said, laughing as she lightly hit the girl on her arm.

"Why don’t you say something to him then?" The previous girl said, scowling. The girl who teased her blushed as she took a step back.

"Okay, Okay. This is my cousin, Sean. And, he can understand you guys just fine. He is not deaf, you know." Jihoon said loudly, rolling his eyes.

"Oh really now? Can you speak Korean then?" A boy asked eagerly.

"Yeah! Do you play Overwatch?” Another boy asked.

Okay. Wow. I was getting annoyed now. It was like I was this new shiny toy shared in Kindergarten.

"Settle down, settle down." A teacher barked in the front as students half ran to their seats.

"This is your last year of High school. You guys should be serious about it. Your grades matter only till June. After that, It’s all about the PSAT. The colleges you can go with your current grades are low. It might be universities that you have never heard of. This semester is all about whether you guys can actually grasp the opportunity you’ve got, or letting them go and going to a university that won’t satisfy you. It’s up to you.” The teacher said, narrowing his eyes. The students became silent as they soaked in his words.

"Oh. Sean. Come to the office to see me when your classes are over. We have a lot to talk about.” The teacher said to me before he turned his gaze to the students again.

I gulped. This guy was so damn serious. I was not looking forward to the one on one session that I would have to have with him.


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