Meeting The Troublemaker

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#9 "Humiliation"

One thing I liked about this place was that I didn’t need to move around to go to my classes. Nope. I just had to sit in my permanent desk and the teachers came and went.

The classes were kind of boring. The classes itself was centered with preparing for the PSAT and It was all about solving problems that were on our workbooks. After the fourth period, Jihoon eagerly dragged me to the cafeteria. Since we were the seniors, we didn’t have to wait in line for our turn. We just scanned our student ID card and got the meals they gave us.

“Okay. I’m seriously freaking out here. What is this green thing? That is definitely not a spinach.” I said, holding the mysterious thing with my chopstick.

Jihoon rolled his eyes as he took a big bite of his food. “Relax. It’s just sesame leaf.”

I carefully chewed on it and soon frowned. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either.

“You are one picky eater.” Jihoon said, shaking his head.

“No, I’m not. I’m just not used to Korean Food.” I said.

“It’s way healthier. Just look at all these vegetables!” Jihoon said, pointing at the various side dishes on my tray.

“Don’t remind me.” I said, eyeing the food. It felt so uncomfortable sitting there because the students were keep giving me these glances. I mean, I couldn’t blame them. I was this foreigner who popped out of nowhere.

“You done?” I asked as Jihoon laid down his spoon.

“Yeah. But you alright? You haven’t eaten much.” Jihoon said, tilting his head.

“I can’t eat with all these people staring at me. I feel like I’ll choke on something. Let’s just go.” I said as I stood up, holding the tray.

We soon got up, emptied our leftovers and went outside.

“Man. Just look at the sky! The weather is so perfect for outside activities!” Jihoon said, looking at the sky with a longing.

“We can always do something after class.” I said, shrugging.

Jihoon shook his head. “Nah. We can’t. We have a study session till 10.”

I groaned. “From the first day of school? This is nuts!”

“Tell me about it.” Jihoon muttered as he started dragging me to the back of the school. There was this small container box with students flooding in.

“What’s going on there?” I asked, intrigued.

“It’s a snack bar.” Jihoon shrugged as he went inside. Sure enough, there were various snacks ready to be bought. My stomach growled as I smelled them.

"One Pizza bread along with apple juice, please." Jihoon ordered and soon paid for them.

“Here.” Jihoon said as he handed them to me.

“Oh. Uh...I can pay you back.” I said, rummaging through my pockets. Damn. My wallet was in my bag upstairs.

“Don’t mention it. We’re family, right? I can’t let you starve.” Jihoon said, snickering.

“Well, thanks. I’ll buy you an ice cream later on our way back home.” I said, peeling the wrapping off.

“Sure, sure.” Jihoon said as he started leading the way back to our classroom.


After the final class, I was so freaking happy. It was over!!!

“It’s over!” I said, slumping on my desk.

Jihoon snickered. “Uhuh.”

“What? No, all the classes are over, man. Look at the timetable.” I said, pointing at it.

“You forgot about the extra class we have every day.” Jihoon said, taking out a paper from his bag. Sure enough, we had an hour-long class.

“I hate Korea.” I muttered. It was 4 in the afternoon already and they are saying that there was one more to go. Why?!?!

“Come on. We need to clean our classroom and go to out next class soon.” Jihoon said, handing me the mop.

“We clean our own classroom? Where’s the janitor?” I asked.

“Janitor? He doesn’t clean the school, silly. We do that ourselves. Now come on!” Jihoon said, holding a mop himself. While Jihoon cleaned the hallway, I mopped our homeroom floor after the other students swept the floor with the broomsticks.

After that, Jihoon dragged me to a different classroom and took a seat.

“This is torture. I’m dying.” I groaned.

“Oh, cheer up man. We have dinner after this.” Jihoon said.

“Ugh. I can care less about having dinner.” I said. I was tired and I wanted to go home.

"Stop whining. You are so effing loud that I can’t concentrate.” A new voice said.

I raised my head to see...the library ice queen.

“Oh. It’s you. You know for a fact that the class hasn’t started yet, right?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh..Does this look like freaking America? You’re in Korea. Then speak Korean." The Ice Queen said viciously.

“Why? Does it bother you that I’m speaking in English? Can you even understand what I’m saying right now?” I said, smirking.

The Ice Queen raised an eyebrow, giving me a cold stare. “Listen here, you mother effing fucker. This is my last year and my grades matter to me. A thing which you wouldn’t understand. Just because you speak English doesn’t mean you are all high and mighty, you jackass. I’m giving you a warning. Stay out of my way and shut the hell up when you are in class. Some of us actually want bright futures.” She sneered as she turned around to face her precious books.

Jihoon stared at her in a daze, just like me, and soon burst out into a laughter. “Dude. You just got bitch slapped. Ahahaha! God.”

My face started to burn. Thank god that she just said that in English. Other students just stared at us weirdly.

“I need some fresh air.” I said as I stood up and went outside. Damn. That girl...The nerve of her! What did I ever do to annoy her that much?! She really was a bitch.

Then again...I may have been quite loud without me recognizing it...

No! This was all on her. She was the one who was acting all oversensitive.

I went to the men’s room and washed my face. My face was bright red from the embarrassment. I soon smirked as my face returned to its original color. Ice Queen, You are going to get your ass whooped. Just you wait.


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