Three's Company

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One high school. Six seniors. Three couples who should never have gotten together. Take a journey through three separate stories of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and promise--all in the halls of one school and in one year. Love can be Forbidden, Restricted, and Lost, all in one fell swoop...or in three. From the author of the social media novel and Wattpad phenomenon "Dear Sydney" comes a new story with a new twist: three separate parts that all come together in the end. "Three's Company" redefines what a high school romance can be, and shows everything that can go wrong in the process of finding the one who's right for you. (And the summaries of each part are inside, of course.)

Romance / Drama
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Part One: Forbidden

Three’s Company consists of three different parts: Forbidden, Restricted, and Lost. Three different love stories, and here is the first one:

Social status can be something that is hard to breach and even harder to climb the ladder of. And a sure as hell way to be pushed back down that ladder is to date someone at the bottom.

Jessica Anastos and Felix Brannon are complete opposites: she’s gorgeous and the Queen Bee of Capital High School, he’s the nerd in glasses and has never been anyone of interest in any social circle. Yet, against what anyone expected, feelings rise and a relationship complete and utter secrecy.

Yet words have a way of hurting, and words that remain unsaid can have even more of an impact. As their relationship and their feelings for each other grow, one may wish to share their love with the world. Yet if the other recoils at the very thought, it’s frankly impossible not to take offense--and perhaps end the whole thing.


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