Save the Moon

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Chapter 13

The next morning I woke up, feeling the loss of heat that I had grown to enjoy. I moved my hand around behind me, blindly searching for Everett, only to find he wasn’t there. With a heavy sigh, I rolled over onto his side and took a deep breath in. His scent traveled through my nostrils and I immediately felt my core begin to tighten.

I let out a low growl, to try and release some of the sexual frustration that I’ve been feeling ever since yesterday morning. Everett hardly touched me after that incident, unless it was to cuddle at night or a small kiss throughout the day. Needless to say, I needed him to help release some of this tension and with Chris’ mark fully gone, he could mark me and we could complete the mating bond. No need to overthink now, Amelia.

With Everett no where in sight, I decided to jump up and get a quick shower. After scrubbing and shaving my entire body, I exited the shower and wrapped a towel tightly around my body, leaving my hair to air dry. I walked back into the bedroom just to stop in my tracks.

Standing not 4 feet away were two women bickering with each other.

“No I told you, I would do the hair and you would do the make up.” The taller of the two hissed.

“That is not what you said.” The short one countered.

I cleared my throat to make myself known, wrapping my arms tighter around my body because I was fully aware that I was only wearing a towel in front of two strangers.

They both whipped their heads around and gave me beautiful smiles. “H-hi, Luna.” The shorter woman stuttered.

I furrowed my brows at her and asked the questions I really wanted to know. “Who are you and why are you in here?”

The taller of the two made the introduction, “My name is Nikki and,” she placed a hand on the shorter woman’s shoulder, “this is Chrissy. For the answer to the other question, we are here to help get you ready for the event tonight.”

My eyebrows shot up as I examined the women. Nikki was tall and lean, with bored, brown eyes, and a platinum blonde pixie cut. She was cute, mousy even. Chrissy was shorter than me. She had blue-gray eyes that sparkled while looking at me, medium brown hair, and her build was a lot more muscular than Nikki’s. Both were beautiful women, I was almost jealous of their features.

I pursued my lips and began stepping towards the door, with every intention of kicking them out, “I don’t think that’s necessary. I believe I can handle all of that on my own.”

Chrissy spoke up, “Alpha gave us orders to help you, he will not be happy about this.” I looked at her face and noticed how it housed a worrisome expression. I glanced at Nikki’s face and her face looked about the same. I will definitely be talking to Everett about this later.

“Uhh... okay. I guess.” I finally let out with a defeated sigh, looking back and forth between both women. This is going to be... fun. Noting the sarcasm, I approached the women, “Well, we have plenty of time. It’s only morni-”

Nikki interrupted, “Actually, it’s afternoon, about 2 PM in fact. We only have a few hours to get you ready.” My jaw slacked. Afternoon?! I slept for 16 hours. “Why didn’t anyone wake me?” I all, but yelled out.

“Sorry, Luna. We wanted to, but Alpha gave us strict orders not to. He said yesterday was a long day, and with... with everything you have been through to just let you rest.” Nikki explained. Right. Everything I’ve been through. I mentally eyerolled.

“Okay, but where is Charlie?” I inquired.

“Oh, he actually left this morning with the Alpha. He was giving him a tour of the territory, showing him how an Alpha operates a pack and introducing him to some other pack members.” Chrissy stated with an excited glimmer in her eyes.

“Oh. Okay. Well, let’s get started then.” I stated with a wave of my hand, a little disappointed that all my ducks were in a row and I couldn’t escape this make over. Charlie was with Everett, I was well rested, and in a few short hours I would become Luna of the Shallow Lake pack. Goddess, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

As the ladies sat me down in the only chair in the room and they gushed over how beautiful I was and how perfect my hair was, I began to tune them out and let my mind wander.

Why were Nikki and Chrissy worried about Everett being mad when I told them I didn’t need help?

What was the plan to take down the Carmichael pack?

Why hasn’t he touched me since yesterday morning? Does he not want me anymore?

I remained silent the entire time as Nikki and Chrissy did my hair and make up for the party tonight. Lucky for me, Nikki heard my stomach rumble while she was tending to my hair and ran down stairs to grab me a snack. Making sure to tell me not to fill up, because we were eating dinner at the party.
After they were done with the finishing touches, they told me to run off to the bathroom and make sure I liked my look.
I made my way into the bathroom and peered at myself. I was almost shocked because I was unsure if it was actually me staring back. Nikki had curled my black hair in spiral curls that laid down my back, and Chrissy did my make up flawlessly. I had beautiful smokey eyeshadow on my eyelids and a classic red lipstick on my lips. My sapphire blues were shown even brighter in contrast with the dark dramatic make up. Perfect. I am so much more excited about tonight now. I squealed internally.
I hurried back out to the room and began thanking both of the women. “Thank you both so much for all of this. This is just... it’s just amazing! Thank you again.”
They both gave me bright smiles once again and in unison they said, “Our pleasure, Luna.”
The two women started laughing at themselves, obviously not meaning to speak at the same time. I let out a small chuckle along with them.
As Nikki composed herself, she said, “We put your dress and shoes in the closet, you and the Alpha need to be at pack house in about half an hour. Don’t be late.” She sent me a wink and they both made their way out of the door.
I walked to the closet door, preparing myself. The last time a man picked a dress for me I absolutely hated it. Everett had to remember how I kept tugging at the hem, obviously uncomfortable in the short dress.
Everett is not Chris. I reminded myself over and over as I opened the closet door.
Right as I walked in, my eyes landed on the dress that Everett had chosen for me to wear. It was a black, floor length, strapless, chiffon dress, with a sweetheart neckline. When I got closer, I noticed how it had a slit running up the right side and near the neckline it was edged with beautiful sapphires, matching my eyes.
The dress was beautiful. I carried the dress into the bedroom, still in awe. Perfect. I thought to myself for the second time tonight. I felt my pulse pick up with excitement as I finally dropped the towel around my body to the floor.
I picked up the dress and slipped it on. It fit me perfectly. I walked back to the closet and gave myself a once over in the full-body mirror. The finished product was beautiful, I gasped at the sight. The dress was form fitting, almost as if it was tailored to fit only me.
As I turned to the side and checked out the side view of my body in the dress, Everett entered the closet with a small predatory growl. I whipped my head towards him and gave him a wide smile. Before I knew what was happening, he was on me.
He grabbed my face in both of his hands and kissed me with passion. As much as I wanted to give in, we only had about 20 minutes to get to the pack house and he still had to change clothes.
I hesitantly broke off the kiss, swatting his hands away playfully. “You’re going to mess up my make up.” I said.
He chuckled lightly and stared down into my eyes. “You look so beautiful.” The way he said the words so earnestly, I knew they were true. I blushed, but never took my eyes off of his, knowing he loved when I blushed. We stared at each other for a few more minutes, the intimacy in our exchange made my heart pound in my chest.
Finally, I broke eye contact and grabbed the sleek black red bottoms that sat on one of the shelves. “Everett, you need to change so we can go.”
He sighed heavily, rolling his eyes and mumbled under his breath, “fine.”
I let a small giggle escape my lips as I made my way back into the bedroom. I made my way to the chair and slipped on the heels. As I began to stand back up, I admired the slit in the dress that showed off the shoes I was wearing tonight.
I didn’t notice Everett come back into the room as I continued to hold my leg out of the slit and examine the heels. When my eyes finally met his, his jaw was dropped slightly and his eyes were filled with lust. I smiled at him and decided to tease him a bit “Oh, does the big, bad Alpha see something he likes?”
“Something like that.” He mumbled with a smirk.
I walked up to him and admired him with equal fervor in his classic black Armani suit, black shirt, with a sapphire colored tie that matched the gems in my dress and my eyes.
Damn, my mate looks good. I thought to myself as I bit my lip in appreciation.
He pulled me close and whispered huskily in my ear, “Let’s go before we don’t make it to your party.”
With his words, my earlier fear of him not wanting me flew out the window. I let out a small laugh and grabbed his hand and we made our way to the pack house.

We made it to the party just in time.
By the time it was time for me to make my official debut as Luna, I had already met a lot of pack members. Luckily, Shallow Lake was a relatively small pack with only 227 pack members, including the higher ranking members. As faces and names blurred together, Everett led us to the stage in the formal ballroom of the pack house.
He cleared his throat in the microphone to gain everyone’s attention. All members bent their necks in respect to their Alpha and Everett began.
“Hello, Shallow Lake pack members. It is my honor to formally introduce you to my mate, your Luna, Amelia Leigh Ross.” Everett looked at me with adoration as he spoke, his comforting arm never leaving my waist. “Her mother and father are also in attendance with us tonight to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Please, help us celebrate tonight and welcome your Luna with open arms.” He said and concluded his speech.
When he was done, all the pack members bared their necks to me and said, “Welcome, Luna.” I gave them a bright smile and looked back at Everett, silently thanking him.
We made our way off the stage and to our table where we sat with my mom and dad, Charlie, and Everett’s Beta and his mate, whose names were Colton and Marie. Soon after we arrived, dinner commenced. As we ate, we spoke and got to know each other a bit.
Soon after dinner was done, everyone began coming up to mingle. Some spoke to Everett, some spoke to Beta Colton, and others came up to me and welcomed me. I was so grateful that Luna gave me a second mate, whose pack made me feel welcome and at home.
After a few more hours at the party, I was exhausted. Even if I did sleep for 16 hours last night. My feet hurt, from standing and I could feel the drowziness threatening to take over. Charlie had been long gone for about an hour, and I felt that I needed to follow his lead and head to bed. Goddess, let me make it through this without passing out on the floor.
Everett sensed my tiredness and came up to me with a tired smile on his face. He must be just as exhausted as I am. “Wanna get out of here?” He asked in a hushed voice.
“Please.” I nodded.
As we made our way out of the ballroom, we said our goodbyes to everyone and I thanked everyone for coming and making me feel welcome.
We finally made it home and up to the bedroom, but not before I slipped off my heels. I plopped myself on the bed and let out a long, heavy breath.
Everett chuckled as he walked up and sat on the bed beside me. I gave him a small smile. “Everett, thank you for tonight. I’ve never felt more welcome anywhere in my life.”
He lifted a single brow and gave me a serious look, “That’s because you belong here, Amelia. You were made for this, made to be mine.”
I smiled even wider at his words and leaned towards him and attempted to give him a small kiss. As I tried to pull away, he held my face to his and continued to kiss me. He brushed his tongue at the seam of my lips and I eagerly gave him access. Well, I’m wide awake now.
We fell backwards on the bed, never breaking the kiss. I pressed my body against his as he tangled his fingers in my hair. “This dress looks so sexy on you. I was afraid I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself the entire night.” He whispered on my lips causing me to smile.
I pulled at his tie and loosened it enough to slip it over his head and throw it to the floor. I unbuttoned his jacket and shrugged it off his shoulders, with his help, I was able to fully pull it off of his body and toss it down.
I trailed my kiss to his neck and began nibbling and biting my way up and down, occasionally letting my tongue flick out and lick his hot flesh, receiving groans of pleasure from Everett each time I did.
As much as I enjoyed this sweet torture, I was ready. I gripped his black dress shirt and ripped it open, buttons snapping and scattering everywhere. I made my way from his neck down to his bare chest and began sucking and kissing him all over.
He quickly sat us up and before I could object, he reached behind me and began unzipping my dress. The top fell down to my waist, putting my breasts on display for him. My erect nipples were sensitive and the cool air made me suck in a sharp breath. His eyes darkened as he took in the sight, thankful I had chosen not to wear a bra.
I hopped up for a second, only to let the dress pool on the floor with the growing pile of clothing. Everett watched as I made my way back to the bed in only a black lace thong. He was laid on his back and his eyes were in a haze of lust and need.
I settled myself between his knees and noticed the bulge straining against his dress pants. I was driven by pure lust and sexual frustration. I was on a mission. I looked in Everett’s approving eyes and grabbed his belt in my hand and began undoing it.
Once I slid the belt off and deposited it on the floor, I unbuttoned his pants and tugged his pants and boxers down and his thick, eager cock sprang up to his abdomin. The size of it made my eyes widen. Is he even going to fit? I asked myself.
My mouth dried and I licked my lips hungrily. My panties were already drenched with need as I eyed his member with admiration. I can’t wait to taste him.
I wasted no time grabbing his member in my palm and began rubbing the smooth, velvety flesh. Everett closed his eyes and began moaning and panting. He seemed to enjoy the movement as much as I enjoyed watching him lose control under my touch. As I worked my hand quicker, he finally rasped out, “Amelia, stop or I’m going to cum.”
Before I was able to stop release him completely, Everett grabbed me by my waist and flipped me so that he was on top of me. He trailed his hand down my body and stopped at my panties. I wiggles my hips at him, eager for him to remove them. In one move, he ripped my underwear from my body. The swift action made me gasp. Damn, I loved those panties.
He slammed his lips back on mine, our tongues battling each other. With one hand he cupped my moist heat between my legs, and the other pinched and teased my nipples. My back arched, wanting and needing more of him.
When he finally started to move his fingers in a circular motion on my clit, I cried out his name, making him growl in approval. He suddenly stopped massaging, and slipped a single finger in my throbbing pussy. Curling and pumping it in and out of me. Needing the friction back on my clit, I let out a small whimper of need and began bucking my hips against his hand.
“Show me what you need, my moon.” He growled out.
It took me a few moments to register what he meant. He wants me to...
Hesitantly, I looked into his lust filled eyes and trailed my hand down my body. When I felt the bundle of nerves between my fingers, I began to move in circles, mimicking Everett’s movements. As my climax built, I began circling faster and threw my head back on the duvet. My breath was heavy as it came out with each moan and I had to force myself to relax and let the orgasm come take over.
Everett whispered as he continued to pump his finger, “Cum for me, show me your pleasure.”
As the words left his mouth, he slipped in a second finger and after two more forceful thrusts, I erupted. I came hard, violently shaking, the blissful feeling washing over my entire body. In my state of euphoria, I didn’t even notice Everett had moved me to the center of the bed.
As I came down off my high, I looked up to see Everett hovering over my body. He caressed my cheek with one hand, he used his other to support his body. “Goddess, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He whispered as he brought his head down to nuzzle in my neck.
As he kissed his way from my neck down to one of my nipples, I shuddered with pleasure, feeling his hot mouth tug and suck on the sensitive bud.
Ready for more, I grabbed his face between my hands and pulled him back towards my mouth. In a low, husky voice I said, “Take me, Alpha. Make me yours.”
He growled in satisfaction and positioned himself at my entrance. His emerald eyes never leaving mine, he inched his member inside my tight cunt. The pressure was intense, almost painful. Almost.
With concern flooding his eyes, he leaned down and whispered against my lips, “I’m half way in, I will make it fast, okay?”
I nodded and clenched my eyes shut, knowing what was coming.
Everett thrusted in all the way to the hilt and before I could scream out in pain, he crashed his mouth onto mine and swallowed my cries. Health class always preached over the painful experience, but I never thought it would be this bad.
Tears pricked at my eyes, the pain was immense, but the electricity coming from his body on top of mine made it subside rather quickly. After a few minutes, I fluttered my eyes open and they were met with beautiful emeralds. I let out a heavy breath, not having known I was holding it in. I relaxed my body to the foreign intrusion and began adjusting to his size.
After a minute or two, I gave Everett a slight nod, signaling it was okay for him to move. He began thrusting slowly, sliding in and out. There wasn’t much discomfort after the first few thrusts. The amount of pleasure I felt as his hips rushed forward with each movement was indescrible.
He continued to move, and eventually I started meeting his slow movements. “More.” I moaned softly.
He grabbed my wrists in a single hand and raised them above my head, pinning them there. He used the other hand to work my breasts, massaging and pinching my nipples.
I cried out in pleasure, quickly approaching my second orgasm of the night. All too soon, Everett released me, sat up, and used both hands to grip onto my ass and angle my hips up. The thrusts that followed were deeper than before, reaching depths that have never been touched.
I came quickly this time, moaning Everett’s name and shuttering with wave after wave of pleasure. As the walls of my pussy convulsed around Everett’s cock, he threw his head back and let out a loud growl as he found his release. Jet after jet of cum flooded me and coated my walls.
As we continued riding our waves of pleasure, Everett leaned down and extended his canines. As his teeth punctured the soft flesh of my neck, I felt a whole new sense of euphoria. Overpowered by the feeling, I extended my canines and bit down on his exposed skin. Completing the mating bond, that would bind us together for the rest of our lives.
As we released each other, our breath came out in heavy pants. Everett rolled off of me and turned his head to look me in the eyes, “Mine. Only mine, my moon.”
“Yours. Always yours.” I whispered as exhaustion settled in and I fell into a dreamless sleep, completely free of the sexual frustration I felt earlier in the day.
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