Save the Moon

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Chapter 14

I awoke the next morning with painful irritation between my legs and on my neck. As I reached up and touched my neck, my thoughts from last night flooded my mind and brought a smile to my face.

I was officially mated to Everett and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I turned my body around to face the man I am eager to spend my life with. He was still sleeping soundly, with his lips parted and faint snores coming from his mouth. It was strange how a man so powerful, an Alpha this fierce, could look so boyish and calm as he slept.

As I was examining his face, I glanced down noticing the mark I made on his neck, making him mine. I slowly raised my hand and began tracing it with a single finger, careful not to cause him any irritation as he slept. Damn, he looks even hotter with my imprint on him.

Before I could wake him, I slipped out of his grasp and threw on a T-shirt before making my way out onto the balcony.

The soft morning light was shining through the trees, the birds were chirping their favorite tunes and I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that was Shallow Lake.

As I breathed in the crisp, fresh air, I couldn’t help but feel more at peace. The redwoods that surrounded the house and the thick, lucious forest made this the perfect territory for a wolf.

Before I knew what I was doing, I ran back into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. Everett’s eyes shot open and looked at me with panic written all over his face. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asked, worry lacing his sleepy voice.

I giggled at him playfully. “Yes, everything is okay.” He let out a huge sigh and threw my pillow over his face, groaning.

“Everett, come on wake up!” I complained.

He grunted, “I’m up, I’m up.” He pulled the pillow from his face and revealed a fake pout.

Laughing at him once again, “I want to go for a run. Can we, please?” I jutted out my bottom lip, giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

As he took in my expression, his eyes softened and he sighed. “Fine. Anything for you, my moon.”

He kissed my lips quickly, and slipped out of the bed. He grabbed my hand and we made our way down stairs and out of the back door, that was through the kitchen.

I stripped off my T-shirt and for the first time in weeks, I felt my body shift. My thick, black fur sprouted out all over my body and my bones popped and cracked as they took shape. Welcoming the familiar pain that soon turned to excitement.

Once fully shifted, I shook out my fur and turned to look at Everett. He hadn’t shifted yet, just stood looking at me in awe. I trotted you next to him and nudged him with my cool, slick nose. “Beautiful.” He whispered as he ran a hand through my coat.

I gave him a small playful nip on his hand and ran a few circles around him. I was ready to run, feel the wind in my fur and the earth under my paws. Oh, I’ve missed this so much.

Finally, Everett began shifting. His shift is a lot quicker than mine considering he wasn’t drugged with wolfsbane for weeks. It will get better over time. I remind myself.

His wolf form stood about 10 inches taller than mine, with dark, chocolate brown fur and a single white ear standing straight up. And he calls me beautiful? Look at him. I think to myself, drooling in wolf form as I stare at him.

He walks up to me, nuzzling my fur and taking in my scent. I do the same to him and once I have his scent committed to memory I turn my back on him and swish my tail at him. Taunting him to catch me.

I hear him let out a low growl, accepting my challenge and I take off, sprinting through the forest. I weave through the trees, stretching and pushing my legs as fast and as far as they will go. I chance a glance behind me and see Everett right on my heels.

When I make eye contact with him, I let out a loud howl as I face forward and continue to run at full speed. He playfully nips at my tail as it flows behind me and before I know it he pounced on me, pinning me beneath him. After I struggle to push him off for a few minutes, I stop knowing it’s futile and look up at him.

I stare into his eyes, and touch my nose with his. As I lay there with him on top of me, I feel my body reacting. The throbbing between my hind legs begins to dull and I’m suddenly aching for something else all together. Lust settles in both of our eyes as he senses my arousal. I lick his jaw as he makes his way down to nuzzle my neck.

I quickly shift back to human form, leaving me naked with my back pressed on top of the cool leaves. He follows my lead and hovers on top of me, using one hand to softly caress my cheek before leaning down to take my lips with his.

As soon as our lips brush each other’s, we hear a panicked howl coming from the direction we just came running from. Both of our heads snap in the direction and we both shift back to wolf form. We run fast, as fast as we both can, making it to the pack house in record time.

We approach, quickly shifting back to human form and are greeted by Beta Colton in an urgent tone. “Alpha, Luna. We need to talk.” We quickly nod and head inside.

“What do you mean he’s in Washington?” Everett yelled at his Beta.
“Alpha, we sent a few warriors to go check up on Katerina and the others back in Canada and they came across Beta Chris’ scent heading in our direction. He’s probably about half way to Shallow Lake.” The Beta explained.
Everett let out a threatening growl, angry that Chris was already so close to us, to me.
“Oh my Goddess. He’s coming for me, but how did he-” I began only to be cut off by Everett whispering and walking up to me, cupping my cheeks in his hands. “Don’t worry, my moon. He will not touch you. I won’t let him.”
“It’s not me I’m worried about, Everett. It’s everyone who stands in his way, that I’m worried about. He won’t stop until he has me and Charlie.” I stated, matter-of-factly. Everett dropped his hands from my face, and walked to his Beta that was standing near the door.
“We have a plan, a solid plan. We will just have to move it up. Colton, go get Alpha Michael and conference call Kat. Have everyone in the War Room in 20 minutes.” Everett ordered.
“Yes, Alpha.” The Beta nodded and exited out of the Alpha’s office.
I sat in one of the plush, charcoal gray visiting chairs. I looked down at the hem of the large shirt I was given when we had come in from our run. Before I knew it, Everett came up to me and kneeled down between my legs. As he tilted my head up so that I looked him in the eyes, he said, “I know this is a lot right now, especially so soon, but we will handle this. Why don’t you go back home and check on Charlie? Maybe get some rest? I will be home as soon as I can.”
I looked at him in disbelief. Go home?! Oh, hell no.
“If you think I’m staying out of this, you are wrong. This is my fight too, Everett, not just yours. I will not stand by while you make preparations without me. I am your Luna, which means I have a right to help in anyway I can.I stated, making sure my gaze held as much determination as my voice.
Everett shook his head and let out a defeated sigh. “I can’t change your mind on this can I?”
“Nope.” I said, popping the ‘p’.
“Okay then, my Luna. Let’s go to the War Room.” He said as he stood up and grabbed my hand.

As we entered the War Room, the first thing I noticed was a large map of the entire continent. It dominated a large portion of the south wall, with tons of push pins stuck in random spots. It also had a large table in the center surrounded by chairs, along with filing cabinets scattered around the room. It really just looked like a large boardroom, nothing too special about it.
Soon after we arrived, everyone filed in the room. My dad walked up to me, hugging me close before kissing the crown of my head. I gave him a warm smile and we both walked to the table to take our seats and get started.
Everett sat at the head of the table, I sat to his left, my dad beside me, and Colton sat on Everett’s right side.
Colton held up his smart phone and pressed the speaker option. “Katerina, you there?”
“Yeah.” Said the familiar voice, full of her typical disinterest.
“Let’s get started.” Everett said. “Kat, have any of you had eyes on them? Do you know how many there are?”
Katerina sighed, “We only saw the tracks last night, we aren’t sure how they are moving so quickly. Either way we counted 8 different scents and different tracks.”
Everett nodded. “Okay, good. Eight won’t be a lot to take out.”
As he said the words, I shuttered. “Take out? Like kill them?” I asked.
“If that’s what needs to happen then yes.” Everett said.
I looked at him in disbelief. Great, the meeting just started and I already have an objection. At least it’s valid.
“No! You will not kill them. Lock them up in silver chains to rot for the rest of their lives for all I care, but you won’t kill them.” I said, raising my voice.
Everett narrowed his eyes at me, almost shocked if i had to guess. “And why can’t I kill them?”
I scoffed at his sudden attitude.
“If you haven’t noticed some of the women in the bunker were marked. Killing their mate would ensure that they die soon after.”
Realization settled in Everett’s eyes. Kat spoke up quickly to back me up.
“She’s right, Alpha Everett. We can’t kill them or else we kill the innocent.”
My dad and Colton both nodded in agreement. Everett thought it over and nodded as well.
“Okay. No killing then. We will just capture and imprison them.”
Kat let out an evil chuckle, “Fine by me.”
I shook my head at her with a small smile on my face, understanding her hatred. Karma is a bitch.
“Was that your solid plan all along? To attack and kill if needed?” I asked Everett, not believing that was all he really had in store.
To my surprise, he slowly shook his head up and down, signaling ‘yes’, with guilt covering his features. Men... this is why they need Luna’s or else they will just run out and kill everyone without thinking about the consequences.
I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily. “Okay, this is what is going to happen...” I started and took over the entire plan.

As everyone exited the War Room, I let out a sigh of relief and closed my eyes. Everything was going to be fine, no one was going to die.
We sat in the room for hours smoothing out the kinks in my plan. Once it was finally settled, much to my fathers and Everett’s dismay, everyone left to go and grab a late lunch, while I stayed in my chair.
I rubbed my temples with my fingers, feeling the headache starting to squirm it’s way in.
“I don’t like this one bit.” Everett said, making me jump because I hadn’t realized he didn’t leave with the others.
“I’m sorry, Everett. It’s really the only way we can make sure no one gets hurt.” I said with a sad smile.
Everett sighed, standing up and took my hand in his, bringing me to my feet.
He looked into my eyes, drawing me closer to him. It’s going to work, it has to work.
He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly with my cheek pressed firmly against his chest. We just stood there like that for a few minutes, holding each other, not knowing what the future held. When we finally released each other I looked up at him and grabbed his face in my hands. “It’s going to work, Everett. Have faith in me.”
He looked at me and smiled, love beaming from his eyes, “I will always have faith in you, my moon. Always.”
I smiled one of the brightest smiles I could muster. This man... I thought to myself as my heart beat began to race. How is it that he can make me feel so loved and so cherished even if he doesn’t agree with what I do? He’s perfect, that’s how.
“You did impress me, though.” He stated with a smirk.
“How?” I asked, furrowing my brows.
“You took control, you shared your opinion without caring how the others or even how I would feel, you are a true Luna. You are my balance. When I am filled with darkness, you bring the light. I wanted to kill without question, and you want to save no matter the consequence. I love you, Amelia Leigh Ross.” He explained.
I looked deep into his eyes, almost reaching his soul. “I love you too, Everett James Carter.” I replied reaching up on my toes to kiss his lips. I kissed him slowly and passionately, savoring his taste and the feel of his mouth on mine.
He broke the kiss all to soon, causing me to whimper. He pulled closer and whispered huskily in my ear, “Let’s go home and finish where we left off this morning. We may have a mission in two days, but right now my only mission is to take you to our bed and not let you leave it until we have to.”
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