Save the Moon

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Chapter 15

Hand in hand, we made our way home, up the stairs, and into our room. I quickly locked the door behind us before I made my way over to Everett. He only stood a few feet away from me, but he was staring at me intently, watching my every move.
I pushed my hands up against his chest and slowly grazed my fingers down to the hem of his borrowed shirt. I lifted it off and over his head in one swift motion, making sure to not break our eye contact for too long. Before I got distracted by the amazing six-pack abs in front of me, I lifted a single eyebrow and asked, "Where's Charlie?"
In a husky voice, he replied, "Don't worry, he's at the pack house-"
Before he could even finish his sentence, my lips found his. I kissed him so hard I just knew there were going to be bruises on our lips later. As his tongue found its way into my mouth, I relished his taste. Minty.
He grabbed me by the knees and hoisted me up, causing me to wrap my legs tightly around his waist and lock my arms around his neck. He made his way over to the bed before softly depositing me own on the duvet. When he pulled away, I huffed in disappointment causing him to laugh.
"Patience, my moon."
I rolled my eyes. Patience is just something I don't have right now.
Everett took his time to finish undressing himself, allowing me to watch as he did so. First, he unbuckled his belt and slid it agonizingly slow out of each loop of his jeans. Next, he popped open the button of the jeans and slid them down all the way to his ankles. He stepped out of the jeans and kicked them to the side. Last, but certainly not least, he hooked his fingers into the sides of the boxers he was wearing and brought them down and off, tossing them to the side as well.
I licked my lips as I stared at the gorgeous green-eyed man standing stark naked right in front of me. His perfect body, taunting me to touch and lick every inch. His thick, veiny member was already fully standing, pressed flush against his perfectly sculpted abdomen. Laying on the bed as my eyes trailed up and down his body, my core reacted and my nipples peaked. My heart thumped in my chest, and my breaths turned into pants just at the anticipation of the euphoria I would soon be feeling.
Finally, he made his way between my legs that were dangling off the bed, kicking them apart. While he was painfully slow at taking off his own clothes, he took no time at all to rip mine from my body. He stood above me and grabbed the torn materials and tossed them over his shoulder, not caring where they landed.
Still standing, he lowered one hand and trailed a single finger over my clit, causing me to moan. He continued to trail the finger all the way up my body to the base of my neck. Becoming more and more impatient by the second, I wiggled my hips at him and noticed how his cock twitched in response.
He cupped one of my breasts and began playing with my nipple, pinching and tugging it. My back arched off the bed as I closed my eyes, letting myself feel everything. I sucked in sharp breaths and began begging, "Everett, please."
He didn't listen to my pleas, he continued working my nipple and brought his other hand to work the other. I laid under him writhing in agony, trying to find friction between my legs. "Please." I moaned, breathless. Begging him to give me what I needed.
All of a sudden his warm touch disappeared from my hot skin. Shocked, I threw open my eyes and looked to find him walking into the closet. I flung my head back and sighed, annoyed that he would leave at such a critical time.
When he returned he was sporting a mischievous smirk, and held his hands behind his back. "What are you doing?" I asked, still trying to control my breathing.
"Close your eyes."
I let out another annoyed sigh but, I obeyed him. While my eyes were closed, I felt him move my body towards the center of the bed and I felt a smooth, thin fabric wrap securely around each of my wrists. After a few more seconds of him maneuvering my limbs, I felt my arms stretched to each side of the head board where Everett secured them tightly.
My eyes flew open, not from concern for my safety, but because of how my body was reacting to being tied up to the bed posts. As Everett made sure that my right wrist was secure enough, I glanced at him. Lust filled his eyes as he took in my body, bound to our bed with his expensive, silk ties. I was completely at his mercy, he could sexually torture me all he wanted, and I couldn't do anything to stop him.
And if that didn't turn me on even more, than I don't know what would.
Seeing that I am fully restrained, Everett hums in approval while he brings down his wet mouth onto my erect nipple while using one of his hands to run lightly over my body, leaving goosebumps in his wake. All I wanted was to wrap my arms around his neck, tug on his hair, and force him to take me. I struggled against the restraints, while moans escaped from my lips because of the pleasure that Everett was bringing to my body.
He began licking and teasing his way down my body and only stopped when he reached my hot, glistening pussy. He glanced up at me as he nestled himself between my legs, he growled in approval. "So ready for me."
I whimpered at the hint of need in his tone. He used two of his fingers to part my folds, with all of his focus on my clit, he flicked his tongue out and grazed it. I gasped at the contact and thrusted my hips up, needing more. Noticing my eagerness, he stopped his torture and began licking and sucking on the sensitive bud.
I let the cries of pleasure fall from my lips as I moved my hips in a slow motion, mimicking those of Everett's talented tongue. I was rapidly approaching my climax and began begging him once again, "Please, Everett, please!"
Knowing what I wanted, he slipped a finger into my drenched core and began pumping it in and out. I moaned even louder with him penetrating my body. He skillfully moved his tongue and finger at the same pace, and after a few minutes, he slipped in a second finger. The pressure was just right along with the stimulation of my clit.
Once he curled his fingers, hitting my G-spot, and nipped at my clit at the same time, my orgasm rolled over my body.
I threw my head back as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body, making my legs tremble. Moaning out Everett's name one last time, my body and muscles relaxed, making me go limp. He finished lapping up my juices as I finally opened up my eyes to watch him.
Locking eyes with him as he greedily slurped and licked up all of the evidence of my pleasure had to be the most erotic moments of my entire life.
As he finished licking me clean, he crawled his way back up towards me. He kissed me sweetly, allowing me to taste myself on his lips. Goddess, this is so hot. After the quick kiss, he hurried to untie my wrists from the head board. Each one he released, he left small, tender kisses where the skin had gotten red and tender from all of the tugging. Worth it. I thought to myself.
Once he was done, he asked, "Did you like it?"
I eagerly nodded my head, and wrapped my arms around his neck, not caring about the dull ache my wrists gave off. I'll be good as new in an hour. I pulled his mouth back down to mine and kissed him passionately, wanting to savor the taste of myself that still lingered on his tongue.
Breaking the kiss, I sat up anxiously, ready to get my chance to taste him. I attempted to push him down onto the bed, but I came up short when he grabbed my hips and quickly flipped me around making me lay on my stomach. Both of his hands tightly gripped my ass, causing a slight ache where he pinched the skin. Surprising myself, I enjoyed the pleasure that came with the ache.
I let out a small moan, signaling to Everett that I was not objecting to his rough touch. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up onto my knees, with my face still laying down in the pillows. Before I knew what he was going to do, he thrusted his cock into my pulsing pussy.
I groaned in pleasure as the pressure alone almost sent me over the edge. He was not gentle with me as he pounded into me. The first few moments were filled with the sounds of my quiet moans and Everett's greedy grunts. The next thing I knew, he brought a rough, calloused hand down on my ass, spanking me. I moaned louder, voicing my approval, "Yes, harder."
Everett happily obliged and brought another hand down on the other side, causing my pussy to clench and me to scream his name, not caring who heard it. I felt his fist tangle into my long, black hair as he continued his assault on my hot core. He tugged a little harder with each thrust, making my back arch. Goddess, I love this man.
He rolled his hips while tugging my hair one last time, causing me to explode around him. My pussy spasmed around him as my orgasm slammed through my body. When I began coming down off my high, I felt Everett pull out of me and spew his hot, white orgasm on my back, painting me with his seed.
He collapsed on his elbows, making sure not to crush me beneath him. We laid there for a few minutes catching our breath. Finally, Everett spoke, breaking the silence, "My moon has a naughty side, doesn't she?"
I could hear the smirk in his voice, causing a smile of my own spread across my face while still resting my head on one of the pillows.
"Only for you, Alpha." I teased.
"Damn right." he stated.
He pushed himself off of me and stood on the side of the bed, making me face him. He held his hand out, beckoning me to get up.
"Let's go shower." he demanded.
"Why?" I groaned, not exactly happy about getting up.
He chuckled, while his eyes trailed my body. His eyes widened when his gaze landed on my ass. "What's wrong?" I asked, climbing out of the bed to face him.
"I just didn't mean to spank you that hard is all."
I giggled at the concern that filled his face. "Either way, I liked it." I shrugged with a wink. I pulled him into a tight hug, and placed a quick kiss on his jaw. As I released him, I swatted a small, quick slap on his rear and took off towards the bathroom, giggling the whole way.
He let out a warning growl and chased me through the door. Still laughing, he grabbed me and picked me up and stepped us both into the shower, quickly turning on the water. "AHHH! Cold, cold, cold!" I screamed.
Everett laughed at my panic as he held me close to his chest, not letting me escape. I rolled my eyes at him, knowing he was getting his pay back. When he had his fun, he turned the water on warmer. With the hot water cascading down our bodies, we took our time washing each other's bodies.
Once we were done and dried off, we made our way back to the bed. I plopped down on the mattress and let out a content sigh. Everett laid next to me, and pulled me closer to his body, just holding me close.
"I love you." I whispered.
"I love you too, my moon." he replied.
My moon? I've noticed him calling me that a few times, and I'm not complaining, but what does that really mean? Just as I am about to ask that very question, there's a hasty knock on the door.
"Alpha, its Colton. Its urgent." Beta Colton all but shouted through the door.
Everett groans and untangles his body from mine. He stands and throws the duvet over my body as he jogs to the closet and throws on some sweatpants to answer the door.
"What?" Everett barked as he cracked the door open.
"He's here, he's in California." Colton stated, his face having paled to a shade that was not at all human.
He's here. In California. For me and Charlie. I gulp, and my face turns a shade that matches Colton's.
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