Save the Moon

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Chapter 1

Today is the day!

The day I get to meet my mate, the day of the Summit is here and I couldn’t be more excited, or nervous. I turned 18 two weeks ago and my father told me that he signed me up to join the Summit to find a mate.

A mate... the love of my life... my soulmate. My dad told me that 5 out of the 6 packs in the United States region will be there, and one Canadian pack that we don’t know much about.

As I am finishing up packing my overnight bag, my dad knocks softly on my bedroom door.

“Ready, Amelia?”

I lift my head and smile one of my brightest smiles.

“Ready.” I say.

I snatch up my bag and follow my dad back down the stairs of the pack house and take one last good look around. It’s customary when we find a mate at the Summit that the females leave with our mates to their territory immediately after the festivities.

While everyone else is outside the pack house saying their goodbyes to their families I load up my back on the charter bus and sit in my seat. My dad, Alpha Michael Ross, is attending the Summit as the representative of our pack. I’ve already said goodbye to my mother though, she’s not exactly excited that I am leaving her “den”.

If she had it her way I would never be leaving, but I’ve been begging to go since I turned 16 and my dad agreed.

I got comfortable in my seat and popped my headphones in my ears and blared all the love songs I had on my phone the entire 2 hour drive to the Summit.

As we arrived at our packs sleeping quarters, we all filed out of the bus. My dad had some important meeting with some of the other representatives from the neighboring packs so I decided to take a quick nap before tonight’s events.

I woke up to the sound of my dad knocking on my door.
“Come in.” I said.
“Hey, Amelia. It’s time to get ready, baby.”
First was the party, where we could meet and mingle with all of the other pack members of other packs. Then immediately after, if we found our mate, we would go on a run with our mates to see if our wolves felt the same connection, and could keep up with and catch their female. If they couldn’t catch their female, or couldn’t keep up with their scent then they were not destined mates. If caught, that means it is true destiny and your mate is yours forever.
Being a werewolf meant that as soon as you saw your mate, you knew. It was almost like love at first sight. You would look in their eyes and you could see your beautiful future with them. I was ready for this, ready for what my mom and dad had.
I got ready in an elegant, floor length, black silk dress. It had an open back and hugged my curves perfectly. I strapped on my black 4 inch stilettos and put on light make up, and to top it all off I put my hair in beautiful, complex braids. I was ready.
I walked out of my room to find my dad standing waiting patiently on me. He looked up at me and his jaw dropped a little. I saw tears well up in his eyes and he said,
“You look beautiful, baby girl.”
“Oh hush, dad!”
“You do, Amelia. I can’t believe my one and only baby girl is going to find her mate tonight. Your mother was right, it’s too soon for this.”
“Dad, stop. It was bound to happen sooner or later.” I laughed.
He got a twinkle in his eye and sighed at my words.
“Okay, lets do this.”

Arm in arm, my father and I walk through the doorway of the grand hall. All around there are people talking and laughing. I start looking around and notice a few of our pack members have found theirs mates and I couldn’t be more excited for them.
My dad kisses me on the cheek and gives me a slight nod as he lets go of my arm.
“Go get ‘em, Amy.”
I get a slight blush on my cheeks as my dad walks away towards the west side of the hall. I take another look around, this time marveling at the beautiful crystal chandelier and the decorations that are set up in the hall. I notice there is a long table set up with hor d’oeurves of all kinds along with a separate table set up with refreshments.
As I am making my way through the crowd towards the drinks to grab myself a glass of champagne. I notice a handsome man staring right at me. I look into his eyes and I automatically know. It’s not him. I sigh heavily and go back to my task at hand. Champagne.
I grab myself a chilled glass and start walking around the premises. I see our Beta’s daughter and my best friend, Rose, talking to a few people from another pack and I start to make my way towards them.
“Hey, Rose!”
“Amy! You look amazing.”
“Not as good as you.” I say to her with a wink and we both laugh.
I look the the few guys she was speaking to and introduce myself.
“Hi guys, I am Amelia of the Red River pack and you are?”
One of the guys with sandy blonde hair and bright green eyes gives me a charming smile, looks in my eyes and says, “Shane.” Then he motions to the other two guys with him and says, “This is Blake and Kyler. We are from the Eclipse pack.”
“Nice to meet you. If you will excuse me, I am going to go mingle a bit more.”
I turned towards Rose and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whisper in her ear, “Have fun.”
I walk around for a few more minutes and meet a few more people, I have almost come to the conclusion that my mate just isn’t here. With a sigh, I decide I need to grab a snack since I missed lunch today, As I make my way to the appetizer table, I accidentally bump into someone.
“Oh, I am so sorry!” I say as I try to wipe off the spilled champagne from the back of the mans suit jacket.
The man slowly turns around, with an angry look on his face, but when I look into his eyes, the whole world stops. His face softens a bit and at the same time we say the same word, “Mate.”
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