Save the Moon

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Chapter 19

Charlie was patiently waiting for Everett and I at the front door of the pack house. When he saw us emerge from the trees, he ran over to us with excitement clearly written on his face. With bright eyes, he grabbed one of my hands and one of Everett's, pulling us towards the pack house door.

"Whoa, Charlie. Slow down." I teased him as he was practically dragging us.

He let out a nervous chuckle and slowed his pace, "Sorry, I'm just so excited!"

I let out a small laugh as I looked down at the smile on his face. I just hope I can make that a permanent fixture. When we reached the door, Charlie stopped and looked up at me.

"Are you ready, Amelia?" He asked with wide eyes and a small nervous smile, making me think he was asking himself more than me.

I nodded my head at him confidently. "I am. I'm ready to see my surprise." I gave him a wide, genuine smile showing I was just as excited as he was.

"Okay. Close your eyes, please." he asked, and I happily obliged him.

He lead me and Everett through the pack house to our destination. Why didn't Everett have to close his eyes? I mentally eye rolled.

"Okay, open." Everett and Charlie both whispered at the same time. I hesitantly opened my eyes and what I saw had me floored, and my heart skipped a beat. Tears threatened to flow from my eyes again, for the third time today.

One of the living areas of the pack house was covered in pictures that Charlie had drawn. Each picture was different, but they all held the same people. Charlie, Everett and I were in every single one, with messily drawn smiles on our faces. The amazing drawings hung from the ceiling and were scattered over the coffee table, while others were placed in photo frames on the numerous end tables that sat by the couches.

I looked in amazement at all of the pictures as my hands came up to cover my mouth. This is the best surprise ever.

Charlie tugged on my shirt and I looked down at him, knowing that love shown in my eyes.

"Charlie, this is amazing." I said, with my eyes wide with wonder as I looked back up at the countless pictures scattered around the room. Charlie laughed a small, proud laugh, making me look back down at him.

"I wanted to talk to you and ask you something. If that's okay?" He asked, nervously. I didn't like the worry that swam in his eyes, so I picked him up and held him to my chest. I tried my best for my embrace to give him the reassurance he needed.

"Sure. What's up, buddy?"

He leaned back and looked me in the eyes, tears gathered at the corners of his eyes that threatened to spill at any moment. My heart clenched at the sight because I hated seeing him cry.

He let out a determined huff while blinking back his tears and began, "Amelia, I know my mom is... gone," he choked out, "but I knew with my dad gone, she wasn't going to be around for a long time. Over the passed few weeks, I have grown to love you and look up to you. You and Everett have showed me what it is like to be a real pup, and I don't ever want to go back to how it was before. I already asked Everett if it would be okay, and he said he loved the idea. So, I was wondering..." he trailed off at the end making me wonder what he was going to ask. I glanced at Everett and he had a wide smile on his face as he looked down at Charlie in my arms. He gave him a reassuring nod, letting him know that it was okay to continue.

When I looked back at Charlie, he asked me a question that filled my heart with more love than I could ever ask for. "Will you adopt me?"

The tears that had been threatening to fall from my eyes began pouring out. I squeezed Charlie tight in my arms, nearly crushing him. "Can't. Breathe." he coughed out, making me laugh through my tears. I released him from my embrace and looked at his glistening, hopeful eyes.

"Yes! Of course, I will adopt you, Charlie. Nothing would make me happier." I said confidently. I gave him a big, slobbery kiss on his cheek making him giggle. He wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and pulled his face cheek-to-cheek with mine. "Thank you, Amelia." he said with a sigh of relief.

After a few minutes of holding each other tight, I pulled back and sat him back down on the ground. His bright eyes and beaming smile shined at Everett who was behind me. I turned around to look at the man of my dreams to see him looking down at Charlie with fondness.

"You knew about this?" I asked Everett.

He nodded his head as he looked back up to me, "Charlie came to me the day before... everything went down. I've fallen in love with the little guy and I know you love him, so I decided why not."

"Thank you so much, Everett. You have no idea how much this means to me." I said softly as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close. Before I could connect our lips, my parents burst into the living area.

"So, do we have a grandson?" my mom asked, hopefully.

Charlie giggled and walked up to me and Everett. "Yes ma'am. They are going to adopt me!" he exclaimed, looking up at us in adoration.

"Did you ever doubt it?" I laughed out.

Everyone shook their heads at my rhetorical question. Everything is perfect in my life right now. I have a perfect mate and now I get to help raise an incredible little boy who I get to call my own, and give him a life that is better than the one he would have known. My heart swelled with pride as I looked across the room and gazed at my family. The Moon Goddess blessed me with this path that she put me on, and I couldn't be more happy to start my life with these amazing people in it.

Charlie tugged at the hem of my T-shirt, pulling me from my thoughts. I looked down at him with a mega-watt smile, that I was sure would never leave my face now. "What's up, buddy?" I asked.

"I was wondering... could we change my last name, too? I don't want the same one as Chris." he asked shyly. I giggled at his shyness.

"I think we can manage that, if that's what you really want." I told him sincerely.

He nodded his head vigorously and let a small yawn escape his lips. All of the excitement must have got to him, making him sleepy and more than ready for a nap.

"Okay. That sounds great to me, but I think it's someone's nap time." I said looking down at him with a raised eyebrow.

With a pouting lip, he looked up at me and I could see the need for sleep written all over his face. Everett leaned down and scooped him up in his arms, holding him as if he was made of glass and the most precious possession he had. In a way he is.

I quickly asked my mom if she would pack up all the pictures and have someone send them over to the house and when she nodded in reply she sent us all warm smiles as Everett, Charlie, and I made our way out of the pack house and back home.

When we made it home, Charlie was almost asleep. By the time we laid him in his bed and tucked him in he had fallen into a comfortable snooze. I kissed him on his forehead and looked at his sleeping form in awe. It's hard to believe that this perfect little boy, who was as sweet as could be, was ever neglected and treated terribly by his own flesh and blood. If I learned anything from this experience, it was that blood didn't make a family.

I sighed with content and made my way out of the bedroom, softly closing the door behind me. Everett was leaned against the wall by the door and he smiled sweetly as I exited the room. I looked up to his eyes and smiled back. He grabbed my hand and lead me to our room.

When we entered the room, he made sure to lock the door behind him. I lifted a questioning brow, even though I knew where this was going. His eyes raked over my body, making me blush when I noticed his eyes darkening with lust.

"I love you so much, my moon." Everett said as he made his way back to me.

"I love you too, Everett. So, so much. Thank you for making Charlie feel at home with us." I said.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, making sure I knew just how much he loved me and needed me.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked, when he held onto me for longer than I thought he would.

"I'm more than fine, Amelia. Charlie is going to be a part of our family, and I couldn't be more excited than I am right now. I am perfect, you are perfect and Charlie is perfect. Our family is perfect." He said as he looked into my eyes, showing nothing but his honesty. My heart has never been more full in my life. I could not wait to see what the future held for us.

Everett pulled my face to his and crashed his lips to mine, begging for entrance into my mouth as he swiped his tongue over my bottom lip. I gladly obliged and our tongues fought for dominance as we kissed me passionately. He trailed his hands down my body and tapped the back of my thighs, silently asking me to jump. I obeyed quickly and wrapped my legs around his waist and moved my hands to the back of his neck.

I raked my fingers through his silky hair and gently tugged on the locks, causing a groan of pleasure to leave Everett's lips. He walked us to the bed and he gently deposited me onto the mattress. Breaking the kiss, he hovered over me and looked at my wanting body in adoration and appreciation.

Being the impatient woman that I am, I quickly pulled and tugged my shirt off my body and when I was about to go for my bra, Everett stopped me. "No, let me." he whispered.

I reluctantly removed my hands from the clasp at the front of my body and watched as he used one of his hands and easily unsnapped the clasp. The other hand trailed light as a feather over my stomach, caressing every inch.

Once the bra was deposited to the ground, he moved both hands to my dark pink, erect nipples. I gasped in pleasure as he tweaked and pinched the nubs. Everett, still very much fully clothed, let out a guttural growl that told me he loved the way I responded to his touch.

I grabbed the hem of his shirt as he made his way down to my neck and slipped it over his head before he had the time to dip his tongue onto my skin. Throwing the shirt to the floor, I pulled his face to my neck and he nibbled and sucked in all of the right places, causing me to moan in delight. As he kissed my tender flesh, he greedily popped open the button of my jeans and tugged them down my legs, leaving me just in my pink lace panties.

My core clenched as he nipped at my earlobe and I couldn't handle it anymore without him inside of me. I pulled away with a hiss as my quick movements pulled my ear from his teeth, and grabbed onto his belt with both hands, quickly unbuckling it.

Knowing exactly what I wanted, he pulled back with a huff and pushed his pants and underwear down to the ground. While standing over me looked down at my writhing body, with lust swimming in his eyes, he grabbed onto his member and began fisting it with one hand. His other hand came down and grazed over my clit through my panties and he quickly ripped them free from my body.

I bit my lip in anticipation and began moaning with need. I needed him inside me, now. When he registered my needy moans, he stopped pumping and angled his hard cock towards my entrance.

Without warning, he grabbed me under my armpits, bringing me forward, forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist again and he slammed his thick, veiny cock into my drenched canal. I moaned in pleasure as he held me close, allowing me to adjust to his size. While adjusting, he walked us over to the wall near the bathroom and pressed my back against the cold, rough surface.

I arched my back and began grinding my hips on his, making him groan in approval. As he held onto my hips to support me, he began thrusting into me forcefully. With each thrust bringing me closer to euphoria, I slipped my hand between our connected bodies and began rubbing my clit with quick, precise movements.

"I'm going to cum fast, Everett." I moaned out between breaths.

"Me too, my moon." he grunted out, picking up his pace.

As his pace quickened, I felt my head slam into the wall and it caused my pussy to clench with need. The need being for Everett to fuck me harder.

"Harder." I let out breathlessly.

Obeying my demands, Everett slammed my body against the wall. I moaned as the pain quickly turned into pleasure, from the rough, textured surface scrapping against my back. I kept working my fingers over my clit in a fast circular motion, as Everett breathed out, "I'm close."

With his words, I exploded around him. My core clenched his cock, as the wave of ecstasy flowed through my body. After a few more thrusts, Everett found his orgasm as my pussy milked him and his release coated my walls as he began to slow his movements.

He rested his head on my shoulder, while my head rested on the wall as our breaths came out in heavy pants. Fatigue hitting us both, Everett walked us back towards the bed and laid me down on my side of the bed before he made his way to the bathroom.

He quickly returned with a small wash cloth and cleaned the evidence of our love away before sliding into the bed beside me. He nuzzled his nose into my neck and pulled my back flush against his chest. Before I fell into a dreamless sleep, the last thought I had was:

My life is perfect.

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