Save the Moon

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Chapter 21

After all of the excitement and chaos throughout the past few weeks, the day had finally come. I was marrying my soulmate, my destined mate. With the help of my mom and Christina, we were able to pull the wedding together in just a few short weeks.

The decisions were made and the time was near that I would walk down the aisle to marry my best friend. Everything was looking up and finally falling into place. Rose came all the way from Maine with her mate to be my maid of honor, and my father and Charlie were here to walk me down the aisle. Today is going to be perfect. I thought to myself as I gave myself a once over in the full body mirror.

My dress was a simple floor length, white silk gown that hugged my curves in all the right places. Everett is going to die when he sees me in this. My black hair was pulled up at the nape of my neck in a loose bun, that allowed a few curled strands to escape around my face and my make up was kept light and minimal, just some powder, nude shades of eyeshadow, and some mascara.

Rose came back into the small room in the pack house, where I was left to get ready. She walked up behind me and gasped, "Oh my Goddess, Amy. You look.... hot!" I chuckled at her use of words and turned to face her. She wore a simple knee length emerald green dress that was fitted enough for you to make out her small baby bump she now carried around.

"I still can't believe I am going to be an aunt." I said, as the tears welled up on the brim of my eyelids.

"Oh, hush it. No crying. Today of all days." She chastised me.

"Okay, okay." I concluded and lightly fanned my face with both hands.

"Good because if you cry, I will definitely cry. Damn hormones." She joked. "Anyways, you have about 8 minutes to be out by the doors. Your dad and Charlie are already there waiting on you."

I let out a deep breath and grabbed Rose's hand. "Let's do this." I said as we made out way out of the room and down the stairs of the pack house. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw my dad and Charlie, patiently waiting on me and I couldn't help but think how handsome they both looked in their tailored suits.

Charlie noticed me first and looked up at me as I continued to walk down the stairs with Rose. I smiled a genuine smile at him and he gave me one in return. He tapped my dad on the arm to get his attention and pointed up at me. He looked up at me in awe.

When I made it down the stairs, my dad walked up to me with tears threatening to spill from his eyes. "Baby, you look beautiful. I can't believe my baby girl is getting married."

I smiled widely and said, "Thank you, dad."

Rose chimed in and all but yelled, "No damn tears today! Got it?"

We all laughed as she fanned her hands at her face to keep herself from crying, just as I had done earlier. I leaned down and gave Charlie a big, tight hug and whispered in his ear. "You look so handsome, buddy. I love you and thank you for being a big, special part of today." I pulled away and he smiled at me, "Love you too, Amelia."

I stood up straight and made my way to my dad, "I love you, daddy. Thank you for everything." The tears were back in his eyes as he pulled me in for a quick hug. He cleared his throat as he released me and said "Okay, now let's get you married."

He linked his arm with mine and Charlie grabbed my hand. Rose was already at the dining hall door, waiting for her cue to walk. As the music started she made her way through the door and down the aisle. I took a deep breath to steady myself as we walked up to the closed doors. I gripped my dad elbow and he let out a small giggle.

The music changed to the traditional wedding march, and the doors to the hall opened up wide. With one more small deep breath, Charlie and my dad started leading me down the aisle. At the end of the aisle stood Everett, in his classic solid black suit and tie. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I made my way down the aisle. With his father by his side, he looked deep into my eyes and smiled that beautiful smile that makes me fall in love all over again.

Before I knew what I was doing, I quickened my pace. I was practically dragging my dad and Charlie behind me as I made my way towards Everett, eager to be near him. When I finally got to the end, my father put my hand into Everett's and he kissed me on the cheek. I leaned down so that Charlie could do the same, and they both made their way to their seats.

The whole ceremony was a blur, I faintly remember saying, "I do." After it was all said, Everett kissed me passionately in front of all of our friends and family. We are finally husband and wife. I thought as he continued to kiss me.

As the night went on, we were congratulated by all of our friends and family. Katerina and Maggie said a quick thank you for inviting them, and made their way back to the cells to finish whatever they were doing to their mates.

I had my first dance as a married woman with Everett, and held me close, not once taking his hands away from my body. The next thing we knew, we heard an ear piercing scream of a child. I lifted my head off of Everett's chest and scanned the area. My eyes landed on my mother as she picked up and held Charlie in her arms.

Panic filled my entire being as I released Everett and made my way over to them. Everett was hot on my heels as we approached them. Charlie was wailing and groaning in pain, I scanned over his body checking for any injuries. Noticing no visible injuries, I grabbed him into my arms and Everett and I made our way out of the dining hall, to take care of Charlie.

"What's wrong, Charlie? Talk to me." I said panic lacing my tone.

We made it to an empty room, and I laid him down on the bed.

Charlie let out a pained groan and said, "Everything hurts."

My hand went to his head to smooth his hair back and I noticed how hot he was. He was burning up. I looked to Everett with a pained expression on my face, knowing exactly what was going on. He looked at me and immediately understood.

"He's..." He trailed off, looking at our sweet boy with a sympathetic grimace.

"He is. He's shifting." I said sadly, knowing this was going to be a long, painful night for all of us.

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