Save the Moon

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Chapter 2

We stared at each other. My heart pounding in my chest and I know he heard it because he gave me a slight smirk.

He looked to be about 19 years old, and wore an expensive looking, black suit with a white Oxford shirt underneath. He has hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair, a chiseled jaw, and a masculine build. Basically all I could ever want in a man. And he was all mine. Mine.

“M-my name is Amelia.” I stuttered.

“I’m Christopher.” He said as he reached for my hand and placed a light kiss on my knuckles.

Electricity surges through my hand at his touch, and I practically melted on the spot. I nervously tucked a stray piece of my jet black hair behind my ear and gave him a small smile. He smiled back with a mega-watt smile that could blind anyone standing to close.

He lightly pulled me closer to himself and inhaled my scent, as I did the same. He smelled wonderful, like fresh air and mint. From his build, I could tell he was of higher ranking than most other pack members here. Maybe a beta? I thought to myself.

“Which pack are you from?” I asked nervously.

“The Carmichael pack and you?”

“Carmichael? I’ve never heard of them before...”

“We are from Canada. A little far away from home.” He stated.

I mentally face palmed when I remembered my father saying there was a Canadian pack coming tonight.

“Oh, that’s right! I forgot my father told me about you coming to the Summit.” I said with a blush.

He grabbed my hand and slowly led us out of the middle of the crowd. The electricity between us kept my heart racing and my mind was racing with thoughts.

Does he feel everything I’m feeling?

Goddess, he’s hot.

What does he look like underneath that su-

My thoughts were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. I looked over Christopher’s shoulder to see my dad. “Hi, dad... this is Christopher... my mate.” I muttered.

Christopher slowly turned around with a dazzling smile. My dad just looked at him with a face of stone and held out his hand for Christopher to shake.

Christopher grabbed his hand and shook it firmly, all while still holding onto my hand. My father burst out into a grin and pulled Christopher into a hug and clapped him on the back like they were long lost friends. He seemed taken aback at the gesture and awkwardly returned it. My dad laughed a big sincere laugh and released him.

“Christopher, it is nice to meet you. You have your hands full with this one here.” Said my dad as he stuck his thumb out towards me.

“Dadddd... stop.” I groaned.

Christopher laughed with a mysterious glint in his eyes I’ve never seen before and said, “I believe I’m up for the challenge.”

My dad laughed again right along side Christopher. I couldn’t help but feel my heart clench at the sight. My dad and my mate get along... this is better than I could have ever dreamed.

“Okay, okay. Enough of that,” said my dad, “tell me about yourself Chris.”

“Well, my name is Chris Rhodes and I am the Beta of the Carmichael pack in Canada.”

My dads eyes widened when Chris said he was the Beta. Just as I thought. “I see, but you seem mighty young to be a Beta.” Said my father.

“Yes, well my father was killed recently and so I had to step up and take my place in leadership a littler earlier than planned.”

As Chris said those words, I noticed a flash of anger float through his eyes and then as quickly as it came it was gone. “I am here not only here as the representative of my pack but to find a mate as well.” Chris stated as he looked down at me in adoration.

The butterflies in my stomach fluttered so quickly, and I blushed at his statement. “Well, I am so happy you came and could make my daughter’s night. Now all you have to do is catch her.” My dad said with a wink.

“I think I can handle that.” Said Chris.

With a playful smirk I grabbed Chris’ hand and said, “We will see about that.”

A few hours later, it was time for the run. I was nervous and excited at the same time as Chris and I walked towards the edge of the forest with all of the other mates.
During the remainder of the party I got to know more about Chris and the place I will be calling home. He’s 20 years old and one of the youngest Beta’s to have ever been accepted in his pack. He told me that the Carmichael pack was one of the smaller packs in Canada, but also one of the richest and more profitable. They were more tight-knit and more family oriented.
As we neared the forest I was quickly stopped and wrapped up in a hug by Chris. When he pulled me closer, he dipped his nose into the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply. “Beautiful.” Is all he whispered when he pulled away. He let go of me and I quickly made my way over to the other females that were getting ready for the chase. We ran into the tree line and started undressing. We may be wolves, but can still be modest. I thought to myself.
I quickly shifted into my wolf as soon as I took off my dress, bra and panties. My wolf was beautiful, and slightly larger than some of the other wolves because I was the Alphas daughter after all. I had jet black fur, much like my human locks, and shining green eyes. The only difference between my wolf and my human sides were the eyes. My human side had vivid, sapphire blue eyes, a bit different from the brilliant, green eyes of a wolf with a pack.
While I was waiting for the mind-link from my father to let me and our other pack members to let us know that it was time to run, I looked to my left and noticed Rose. She was in her wolf form and as beautiful as ever, red fur just like her hair and her name. She looked to be shifting her weight anxiously so I opened a link between us.
Rose, what’s wrong?
Nothing, Amy. I’m just nervous, ya know?
Oh, I understand completely. I laughed and in my wolf form it came out as a small, ragged bark.
I am so happy you found a mate, Amy, but I am going to miss you like crazy. Call me every day? Or at least once a week?
Come on Rosie, you know I will. We have to make time to make trips to come visit each other since you’ll be in Maine with your mate.
Definitely! But we are both going to be very far away from home, Texas and Maine, and Texas and Canada are complete opposites.
Before I could respond to her my father came over our mind-link.
Ready? He said.
All of the wolves set off in a chorus of howling. We were all ready for this.
Run. Is all he says and we are all ripping through the earth to take off. I ran as fast as I can, commanding my legs to move faster. I jumped over fallen logs and ducked under branches and I sped through the forest. As much as I want to be Chris’ mate I know I can’t make it easy for him.
With my Alpha blood, I am one of the bigger, and fastest wolves out here and I easily leave the rest of the group. I am tramping through the thick forest and all of a sudden I hear my fathers voice came over the mind-link. They are on their way.
My heart pounded in my chest and I felt the butterflies kick up in full force. I heard howls coming from behind me as I continued making my way through the forest. I noticed a small stream ahead of me and headed straight for it. I started running down stream to help dilute my scent.
I slowed down to a brisk walk and climbed out of the stream. I found a large oak tree and rested beside it. I put my nose to the air and inhaled deeply to see if I could scent my mate around my area. After a few minutes, of sniffing the air I caught a faint whiff of my mates distinct minty scent. I whipped my head to the right as soon as I picked up where the scent was coming from. I stood perfectly still as I saw Chris walk out of the thick brush with his nose to the grass. Damn, that was fast. I thought to myself.
He slowly rose his head and made eye contact with me. I took a quick moment to gaze at his wolf. He was at least a foot taller than me and was very broad and muscular. A warrior, if I ever saw one. He had beautiful gray fur with white speckles through-out his coat. Along with his green eyes, it made him look mouthwatering.
After I drank in appearance of his wolf long enough, I looked to the left and took off at full speed. I could hardly hear his foot falls as I sped around large rocks and under the low hanging branches. I felt a few playful nips on the back of my legs and my tail, I chanced a look backwards and was almost immediately pounced on my Chris.
We rolled down a slight incline and he landed on top of me. As he gazed into my eyes, I knew. He was my destined mate.
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