Save the Moon

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Chapter 7

After Chris left, I found myself pacing my cell. 11 steps from one wall to the other is all the room I had. Chris’ mother is coming here? Is she like me? A prisoner?

I’m not sure how long I was frantically walking around the small room with a million thoughts buzzing through my mind, but eventually I sat down on my cot, threw off my shoes and pulled my legs to my chest.

As I sat there with my head leaned up against the wall, one thought flashed through my head that wasn’t like the rest. It wasn’t of a cruel man planning to break me mentally and maybe even physically. It wasn’t of a woman that has probably been through a similar fate such as mine. The single thought brought a darkness to enter my vision, and let me escape my reality. I closed my eyes and as I drifted off to a peaceful sleep, I was mesmerized by a single pair of piercing green eyes.

I was jolted awake at the sound of the basement door being slamming against the wall of the stair case. I darted to my feet and ran the 5 steps to the cage door, the sight I saw was not one I ever planned to see.
As I peered through the bars, I saw Chris standing tall with a menacing grin plastered to his face and a single eyebrow raised. In the powerful grip of one of his hands he held a woman by a fist full of dirty blonde hair.
She had tears streaming down her frightened face as she tried to fight him off. Dirt stained her face and she had pine needles sticking out of her hair. Her clothes were tattered and two sizes too big. She looked rough.
As Chris forced her down the stairs, I began screaming at him. “Chris, you asshole, let her go!” I slammed my fists on the door in front of me, but it didn’t budge. I didn’t know this woman but she didn’t deserve this. No one deserves this.
When he made it down the stairs with her in tow, he lifted the key and unlocked the door. A roaring growl left my chest and I tried to go help the woman get out of his grasp, flinging my fists at his chest, his arms, his face, anywhere to get the attention off of her and onto me. I was successful with one of my punches that landed right on the corner of his mouth, effectively splitting his lip.
He instinctively dropped the woman in a heap onto the floor and turned towards me at full height that made me want to cower. I would do no such thing anymore. I am an Alpha’s daughter, it’s about time I start acting like it. He looked at me with enough hatred that you could literally feel the evil radiating off of his muscles. He lifted his hand as if he was about to slap me across the face, but when he saw I was not backing down he immediately dropped it.
The look on my face must have been as menacing as his because he just wiped the drop of blood that was on his lip with a single finger and walked out of the door and shut it tightly. When he was safe out of the door, he looked at me and said, “you will regret that.” and stormed up the stairs and slammed the basement door.
I moved to the woman, who I realize now is Chris’ mother, and help her to her feet. I help her over to the cot and lay her down and assess the damage he has done to her. Brushing the hair out of her face, I notice her broken nose and and the scars that run down the right side of her cheek and all the way down her neck and under her shirt.
Her eyes were closed, but that didn’t stop the tears from coming out. She was sobbing heavily and I wasn’t sure how to console her, so I just kneeled down beside the bed and rubbed a calming hand up and down her arm.
It could have been minutes or hours later, but she eventually stopped crying and peeled her eyes open. She had mesmerizing hazel eyes, what I would assume Chris’ would look like if he had a soul. She looked at me in my eyes, confused as to who I was. Then she saw the mark on my neck and immediately became wide eyed as realization set in.
She shook her head frantically, “No. Please tell me you aren’t one of their mates.”
“Unfortunately, I am. Chris’ to be exact.”
She groaned, and sat up on the cot.
“You know who I am.” It wasn’t a question, more of a statement, to which I simply nodded.
“Okay, but do you know who you are?” She asked in a matter-of-fact tone.
I narrowed my eyes at her, confused by her question. “Of course I know who I am. What do you mean?”
“I’m going to cut to the chase considering I probably don’t have much time left on this Goddess forsaken earth. With you mated to my son, you’re going to be living out your worst nightmares. You will not sleep, you will not eat, you will not breathe unless he gives you the okay to do so.”
I gulped and must have had a frantic look on my face since my heart was beating at an unnatural rate as I listened to her words.
“Name’s Rita by the way.” Scatter-brained much?
“Amelia.” I nod.
“Anyways, back to what I was saying, you are owned by him. He will treat you like a possession and not a person. He doesn’t care if you’re hurt, in pain, or crying. He will take what he needs and then throw you out like last weeks trash. He’s just as sadistic as his father.” Damn, don’t sugar coat anything for me then.
She pulls closer to me and looks me dead in the eye and says, “But, I am going to help you escape this fate. You will not suffer because of my son, I will get you out of this. You cannot suffer as I have.”
“How?” It came out as a whisper, but she was close enough to hear me.
“Leave that to me. Now, let’s get some sleep. We have much to do in the morning.” With that, she sat up on the bed, with her back pressed up against the wall, eyes closed.
I found myself staring at her in disbelief. She looked exactly like Chris, but her features were much softer. Where he is cruel, she is kind. Where he radiates chaos, she radiates calm. She is a mother, a mother to a monster, but I believe she knows that.
I pull myself off the floor, still in the disgustingly short dress, and haul myself up on the cot. I pull my knees to my chest, lean my head back and close my eyes for the second time tonight. Rita is my hope in this nightmare, she is kind, and she is going to help me get out of this mess.

Ever since I have been here, I have yet to rest peacefully. Until last night, with Rita by my side. I fluttered my eyes open, and looked to see her still sleeping. Her nose already healed. I looked away and I rubbed the sleep from my eyes with the palms of my hands and stood to stretch my muscles.
I heard the basement door creak open, and froze in place. Scared that it could be Chris, I crossed the cell and shook Rita awake.
Her eyes popped open almost instantly and looked around in a daze. She muttered some curse words under her breath as she realized she was in fact in a cell. I walked towards the cell door and looked through the bars.
I sighed in relief when I saw Charlie walking down the stares with a tray of food in his hands. He made his way to the door and slipped the tray through the hole. I grabbed it and turned around to set it on the cot.
I turned back to Charlie and he was staring at Rita intently, he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands to be sure she was really there.
“Mama?” He whispered.
“Charlie? Is that my baby boy?” I watched as Rita hurried towards the door and slipped her hands through the bars and caressed his face.
“My sweet boy.” She cooed with tears in her eyes.
Charlie is Rita’s son too? Chris and Charlie are brothers? No. Way.
Mama, when did you get back?”
“Last night, Chris came and got me. He brought me home to you, baby.”
Charlie slipped his hands through the bars and the two of them hugged as best as they could. Rita glanced up at me and then looked at Charlie again.
“Charlie, have you been nice to Amelia?”
With a smile, he blushed and looked up at me and said, “Yes mama, I helped her wash her hair and told her about what Chris does to the food.”
“Good boy. Can you help mama with something, baby?”
His eyes lit up and in his gray eyes it looked like I saw a bolt of lightning, “Yes, anything for you!”
“Great! Could you bring us Chris’ key for the door? But remember, he doesn’t like you touching his stuff so you have to be quiet when you take it, don’t let him catch you. Okay?” She looked at him with concern as she said those words.
“Okay mama, I will try.” Determination painted all over his face.
He glanced back towards the basement door and said, “I gotta go, ma. Love you.”
“Love you most, baby.”
As Charlie walked up the stairs, I looked back at Rita who was letting her tears fall freely.
She turned her head towards me and with so much sorrow she said, “I think it’s time I tell you a story.”

Since I met Rita last night, I had never judged her, never felt any ill will towards her. She was a saint in my eyes. Even after her story, I still see her that way, maybe even more now.
She told me her story. How she was trapped here in this very cell, and how she managed to escape. She was here for 23 years, and she had had enough after the torture that left her with scars. Forever a reminder of her sadistic mate. He had used a silver knife to dig into her cheek and all the way down her neck, to her breast. After Charlie was born 6 years ago, she realized she needed to wait for her moment to act. About 2 months ago, her plan went into action. Chris and Charlie’s father came down to once again have his fun with her. She didn’t get to find out if he was going to beat her, have sex with her, or torture her because she acted quickly. He was walking through the cell door and she attacked, she had starved herself for days to rid her body of the wolfsbane, so that she could have enough strength and with the element of surprise she was able to flee. I didn’t ask how she did it and she didn’t offer it up to me, but she had killed her mate, so now her fate was decided for her. She would die soon.
When a mate dies, the other feels all of the pain and a part of their soul dies along with them. They eventually wither away into nothing, or take their own life because the pain is too much for them to bare.
We were sitting closely on the cot, with the tray of food between us, but it remained untouched. Because wolfsbane. After I picked up my jaw off the floor from her confession, she faced me, holding my cheeks in her hands.
“Charlie is the only thing that is keeping me here now. The only reason, for living this long. I may have hated my mate, but I still feel his loss. When you leave here, I need you to do something for me.”
“Okay, anything.”
Before she continued, I saw the tears brimming in her eyes and she pulled her hands off my face.
“Take Charlie and get as far away as you can.”
I gasped, unsure. She wanted to take Charlie with us when we escaped. Fine by me, better with us than his psycho brother.
“No problem, we-“ I began.
Rita interrupted me, “There is no we. Only you and Charlie are escaping. Take care of him. Let him grow up and be a kid, he is nothing like his brother and father. He won’t make it here.”
Tears pricked my eyes when I noticed she had let hers fall, I nodded at her. Of course I will, but what will happen to you?”
“Don’t worry about me and nothing with happen to Chris when you escape, we won’t make that mistake again. You will live, find a way to remove that mark, and take care of my boy.”
“I will Rita, and Chris and I haven’t... consummated. So the mark should fade over time.” I blushed and looked down.
She lets out a heavy sigh and says, “Thank, Goddess!”
With a hopeful glint in my eyes, I asked her, “So, how am I escaping?”
“Leave that to me, Amelia.” She said to me again for the second time in less than 24 hours.
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