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A 19 year old girl, Emiline, going into her Sophomore Year of college, meets a mysterious, good-looking guy, Kaine, as she is walking to her Monday morning class. She's never done anything wrong, or been in any trouble. But ever since he fell from Heaven, he's committed many wrongdoings. He's taken control of so many places and killed so many people, that he is in the process of becoming Lucifer's right-hand man right when he bumps into this beautiful girl on some sort of college campus. "Oh, sorry about that," Kaine says absentmindedly, after we run into each other and after I'm already on my butt on the ground. His words brings me out of train of thought and analysis of his gorgeous body. "It's fine, I'm just running late," I say as I stand, before I start picking up my mess of books and papers.I look up from picking up the books and papers I dropped when we ran into each other. I make eye contact with this man and suddenly the world seems to stop, just for a second.

Romance / Fantasy
Cherise White
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First Glance

*Alarm ringing*

I open my eyes to my alarm clock ringing. As I reach over to turn it off, my eye catches the time and day. It’s 7:30 on Monday. Wait! 7:30 on Monday!!! I have class in in half an hour!!!! I rush out of bed and to the shower, I can’t believe that I forgot to reset my alarm! I set for 7:30 last Monday because class was cancelled. It was something about the Professor had some sort of family business going on.

As I get out of the shower, I rush to my closet and take a glance at the time on my alarm clock.7:40. Crap, I’m gonna be late. I get dressed, brush my hair, and through it up in a pony tail. I grab my book bag, phone, and keys and head out the door.

I’m almost to my class and my book bag is now on one shoulder and there are a mixture of notebooks and papers in my arms as I run to class. Out of nowhere I run right into a guy in a suit. He’s tall, maybe 6′4", with light brown hair and bright, icy blue eyes. He’s in shape.. You can see his very large and toned muscles through his suit. The suit looks as if it’s ready to rip whenever he moves, but at the same time fits him so well that it looks good and sturdy.

“Oh, sorry about that,” Kaine says absentmindedly, after we run into each other and after I’m already on my butt on the ground. His words brings me out of train of thought and analysis of his gorgeous body.

“It’s fine, I’m just running late,” I say as I stand, before I start picking up my mess of books and papers. I look up from picking up the books and papers I dropped when we ran into each other. I make eye contact with this man and suddenly the world seems to stop, just for a second.

He looks away first and says, “Here, let me help you,” he bends down to make us eye level to each other, then he starts to help me pick up my books. His voice has a thick Russian accent.

“Oh, you don’t have to. You seemed busy and distracted when I ran into you. Plus, I wasn’t paying any attention,” I say as I continue to pick up my books that are still on the ground.

“Exactly why I want to help you pick them up. I was distracted and you were in rush,” he responds to me and in his voice I hear a hard tone, like it’s always been there but like it’s also being held back. I also hear gentleness, and kindness. Now that I’m not looking up at him, i can see his very handsome, structured face. And how his jawline is very well built, sexy.

After a minute of silence, I realize he stopped talking and that all my books were picked up and put back in my bag. We were just looking at each other, and I swear the world stopped moving, the birds stopped chirping, and we were the only ones there.

“Thank you, Mister?” I speak so that I don’t seem like a creep and scare him away.

“Just call me Kaine,” he replies as he helps me stand back up. He picks up my book bag and hands it to me, my hand touches his, as he says “You got it?” I nod, letting him know he can let go. But for a split second he doesn’t let go, and I feel a jolt of energy come through his hand into mine and back again. I think he feels it to, but I’m not sure and I’m to chicken to ask.

I hesitate, but still pull away first “I’m Emiline. I gotta get to class,” I say as I rush away from this gorgeous creature in front of me. I look back and catch him watching me walk away. He immediately turns around and walks away. I rush off to class, when I finally get there, I’m about five minutes late. Great.


Class is over and now I’m walking slowly behind my friends back to the dorms. Since that was my only class for the day and I don’t have to work, I figured I would try to find out where Kaine worked and who he was. Most guys that are on a college campus wouldn’t even think about helping a girl that they ran into. Plus, that jolt...I’ve never felt anything like it. Maybe I’ll scry for him? Or I could make myself have a premonition, but those things suck. Ugh! I just want to see him again.

“Hey, you okay Emiline?” My friend Avangelene, Ava for short, asks me. “You’ve been really quiet since we left class. And why were you late?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m lost in thought. I forgot to reset my alarm for this morning, since class was cancelled last week,” I respond, still trying to figure out how I can find Kaine.

“What are you thinking about? It seems pretty important since you keep zoning out,” Ava continues, and I realize that Ava is now the only one here, the rest of our friends left.

“A guy that I ran into this morning. I only know his first name, and what he looks like, of course. But I want to see him again, and I don’t know how to contact or find where he is at,” I respond in one breath and then I go completely silent.

Ava looks at me wide eyed for a second, then says “Why do you use your powers to find him?”

“I thought about it, but I’m guessing he is human, and if he is, what if he thinks I’m a creepy stalker or something? But if he isn’t human, he could be something dangerous,” I say, thinking out loud.

“Why would you think he isn’t human?” Ava asks me, sounding a little worried.

“Only because when he was helping me up, there was a jolt of energy that went through our hands. And from his expression on face, he felt it too. Only supernatural beings can feel that jolt. and that jolt can only be present if those two beings were meant to meet, and most likely be soulmates. If he isn’t human and a supernatural being, he would know this.”

“So, it’s sort of like a werewolf when they meet their mate?” Ava asks out loud, trying to understand what I just said in her own way.

“Yes, only this kind of jolt means that the two beings are the same kind of being, sort of. For example, werewolves can only mate with their kind or humans. But beings that get this jolt, can only ‘mate’ with a being that is similar or the exact same. it very complicated to explain,”

“I think I sort of understand Emiline,” she says, obviously still processing, “What are you gonna do?”

“Honestly, Ava,” I say still thinking, “I’m not entirely sure.”


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