Luna Violet

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It's been a year since Deacon and Violet found each other and fell in love. Now they are married, have a baby on the way and have the best friends and pack anyone could ask for. Life is great. But all great things must come to an end, right? - Alpha Series #2

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“Good morning, babe.” I hear Deacon mumble in my ear in his ridiculously sexy morning voice and I give a sleepy smile. I turn over and smile at my sexy mate. He grins at me. He is so gorgeous. “Morning.” I say back in my tired, morning voice that is the complete opposite of sexy. I don’t know how he manages to sound and look so sexy first thing in the morning, but he does. I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

“Morning, baby.” Deacon says, rubbing his hand on my stomach before leaning down and kissing it. I can’t help but smile whenever he does that. It makes me so ridiculously happy that I almost can’t contain it. I place my hand on the back of his head, stroking my fingers through his dark, soft hair. I feel his smile against my belly. Kissing my baby bump one more time, he pulls his head up and kisses my lips lightly.

“I love you.” He tells me, and I smile, pure joy radiating off of me. “I love you too.” I tell him. Deacon sits up and stretches, flexing his muscles in all his shirtless glory. I don’t hide the fact that I’m staring. He gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom and I yawn, stretching my arms out to the side. It’s only seven. It’s so early. Deacon is used to waking up early since he is the Alpha and has to be up to do pack stuff. Me, on the other hand, I like to sleep until at least ten. And now that I’m pregnant, I can get away with sleeping until noon.

But Deacon wants to teach me how to help run the pack and do more Luna duties. I’m excited, but again, it’s so dang early. I reluctantly sit up and rub my hands up and down my arms to attempt to warm myself up. It’s cold so I’m covered in goosebumps. I throw my legs over the side of the bed and stand up, stretching again. Deacon is in the shower right now and I’m very tempted to join him. But then I hear the shower turn off. Damn. If I had Deacon would’ve been preoccupied for at least an hour of the time he needs to start on pack and bar business.

I smirk to myself. Maybe it is a good thing I didn’t go in there. I walk over to the closet and grab a pair of light blue jeans and a loose tank top. My belly is barely showing now as I’m three months along, so I can still wear jeans. I did have to go up one size though, as my belly was preventing me from zipping them. My tank top is fitted on the top but loose around my belly. It’s plain white with a lace pattern over it. It has become one of my favorites.

Slipping my pajama shorts off, I slide my jeans on, pulling them up my legs and buttoning and zipping them up. Then I pull my pajama top over my head, put on a bra and put my tank top on. Reaching down I grab my black and white vans and slip them on. I still need to brush my hair, but my brush is in the bathroom. I also really have to pee.

Yesterday we told everyone that I’m pregnant. The whole pack was ecstatic, especially our friends and family. Amber told me she had a feeling that I am pregnant, and I grinned. I thought she would figure it out. Jacey and Nora said the same thing and I laughed. I knew it would be hard to keep it a secret from them, and I almost told them so many times. I’m proud of myself for keeping the secret though. I can imagine it was pretty easy for them to figure it out. I have horrendous morning sickness almost daily, I have insane cravings for the most random foods – like, a week ago I was craving French fries with pickles on them – and I haven’t been training with the rest of the pack as much or as hard.

My doctor told me it was ok to train, but I can’t do anything extensive or that makes me move too much or fast. So, I stuck to light jogging and not much else. Dr. Carson also told me that I can’t shift into my wolf after I’m five months along. She said the shift could hurt the baby or even cause me to miscarry once I’m farther along. I haven’t shifted since I found out I was pregnant, just to be safe.

She told me I can still shift for another two months, but I’m not chancing it. I don’t want to do anything that could harm my baby. I already love my baby so much. Deacon is so happy and in love with our child and its so heartwarming. I was so nervous when I told him. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be happy or not, and I was so relieved when he was.

I hear the bathroom door creak open and I turn my head. Deacon walks out in his wet, shirtless glory. He has a towel wrapped low around his hips and his wet hair is clinging to his forehead. Beads of water drip down his chest and into the towel where they are absorbed. I follow the water droplets, leading down to his V-lines. My mouth went dry and I lick my lips. Hot damn. I’m suddenly really fucking horny. Dang pregnancy hormones. He always turns me on, but ever since I got pregnant, I’m practically horny all. The. Time.

Like, the other day, for example. I was just watching TV, then Deacon walked in all sweaty from his run and I got so horny I literally jumped him. We ended up having sex on the floor. Beside the bed. Yeah. I couldn’t even make it to the bed. I just had to have him. Deacon doesn’t mind though. If anything, he is thrilled with my current arousal levels. It’s not as bad as it was when I was in heat – I don’t think anything could be that insane – but it’s pretty high up there.

I lift my eyes to his and see he is staring right at me with a smirk on his lips. Damn. He caught me ogling him. I clear my throat and blush. Yeah, I have seen him like this a million times, but for some reason I still fucking blush when he catches me. Which he usually does. I catch him checking me out all the time too, but he is shameless about it.

“Like what you see?” He teases me, sexy smug smirk still on his gorgeous face. “Maybe,” I tease back impishly, biting my lip. He chuckles, coming over to me. He grabs my face and kisses me before walking into the closet and grabbing some clothes. I don’t hide the fact that I watch him get dressed. Deacon smirks again, knowing I’m watching and enjoying it. I want to run my hands up and down his hard body, but then my bladder reminds me just how much I have to pee.

Bouncing on my feet, I run to the bathroom. I hear Deacon laughing in the background as he watches me sprint to the toilet. After I relieve myself, I grab my brush and brush out all the tangles in my black hair then I brush my teeth. I quickly wash my face and moisturize before walking back into our room. Deacon is waiting for me on our bed, laying back against the headboard with his hands behind his head. He is wearing a dark charcoal grey V-neck T-shirt and blue jeans. Hot damn. I lick my lips again. Fucking hormones. I can’t go five minutes without wanting to jump him.

“Don’t you dare smirk again.” I warn, pointing my finger at him, seeing his lips twitch. He just shakes his head, laughing to himself as he pushes himself off the bed and walking over to me. “Have I mentioned how much I love your pregnancy hormones?” Deacon says playfully, wrapping his arms around me. I laugh. “You might’ve mentioned it once or twice.” I answer, laughing with him.

“Ready for breakfast?” He asks and I nod eagerly, making him chuckle at me. I’m super hungry and craving pancakes. “Let’s go then.” He grabs my hand and we head out of our bedroom and down the stairs. It’s still early so most of the pack are still asleep, but there are a few out and about. When we walk into the kitchen there are already a few pack members in there eating breakfast. As soon as they see us, they all nod in respect and we hear a few ‘alpha’ and ‘luna’ here and there. It’s still kinda weird being called Luna and being in charge but I’m getting used to it.

“What do you feel like this morning, baby?” I don’t even have to think about it. “Pancakes.” I answer rather quickly, making him grin and hold back a laugh. “I figured.” Deacon replies, and I grin at him. He knows me so well. And I’ve also been craving pancakes a lot this past week. I have practically eaten them every day. “You’re not sick of them yet?” My mate asks me, and I shake my head. “Nope.” I answer, taking a seat on a stool at the island.

I feel around my back pockets to pull my phone out and upon not feeling it in either pocket, I smack my forehead in annoyance. I’m so dumb. I left it on the nightstand next to our bed. I forgot to grab it after I changed so it’s still plugged into the charger instead of in my back pocket. I was so distracted by my sexy mate that I left my phone.

“Craaaaaap.” I draw out the word. “What?” Deacon asks me as he grabs pancake mix out of the cupboard. “Ugh.” I whine dramatically. “I left my phone upstairs.” I mutter in annoyance as I plop my head down on my arm. Deacon chuckles. “Then go get it while I make us breakfast.” He laughs, grabbing a large mixing bowl and a whisk. I stare at the back of his head. Dang it. Now I have to get up. “Oh, and can you grab mine too? I think I left it on the nightstand.” Deacon says, and I nod pushing myself off the stool. Then I realize he can’t see me nod as he is facing the other way. Idiot. “Ok, babe.” I tell him as I head out the kitchen door.

Well, at least I’m not the only one who forgot their phone.

“Good morning, Luna.” A pack member – Dale, I think – greets me smiling, bowing his head in respect. I’m still learning a lot of people’s names since Deacon’s – I mean, our – pack is so large. I’m still getting used to calling it our pack instead of saying Deacon’s pack. “Good morning to you too.” I say back, smiling warmly at him. He grins before walking into the kitchen. I don’t remember everyone’s names yet, but I do know that everyone in the pack is super nice and really protective of me. Even more so after we announced my pregnancy, yesterday. I noticed pack security got twice as protective after that.

And Deacon. Oh, my. I didn’t think Deacon could get any more protective of me. I was wrong. After I told him I’m pregnant he amped up his protection on me like a crazy person. He is pretty much watching me like a hawk. I’m surprised he isn’t following me to our room right now. But, I mean, we are in the pack house. So, I’m pretty much as safe as possible. Deacon also has guards who go with me everywhere whenever he can’t come with me. Like if he is stuck doing pack duties and I have somewhere to go, I have, like, five guards with me at all times. It used to be three, but since the pregnancy, it’s now five.

At first, I didn’t even know I had guards. Yeah, Deacon hid that from me. Apparently, he has had them watching me and protecting me from a distance for a while now. I guess it started with one, then after the rogue attack it was three, now it’s five. I kinda flipped out a little when I first found out, but I’ve gotten used to it at this point.

And hey, we have actually become good friends. Oh, yeah, he also assigned my freaking brother to be one of my guards. Yep. He is basically making his Third In Command be a babysitter for his little sister. Not that Beau really minds. He and I have gotten super close so it’s not really a problem. I just don’t like feeling like a little kid who needs a sitter.

Deacon told me they are just bodyguards, not babysitters. I rolled my eyes. I guess he is right though. I mean, they don’t tell me what to do unless they think a situation is dangerous or something. Although, I’m not quite sure how me wanting to go to the mall is dangerous. I insisted I was fine, especially since Amber, Jacey and Nora all came with me, but my guards all came along too. They have to, honestly. Deacon assigned them to be with me at all times, unless Deacon is with me himself. Then they are free to do whatever.

Beau is my head guard since he is my brother and the TIC. So, basically, he isn’t forced to be with me 24/7 since he has other things to do and a child of his own to look after. That also means Beau is in charge of my other guards as well. Beau said he was happy to become my guard. Which I thought was sweet. I like hanging out with my brother anyway.

I love hanging out with my mate more, though.

Deacon is with me most of the time, which I clearly don’t mind at all. I do want space sometimes so I can hang out with the girls. And when he does give me space, he is either watching from a distance or my guards are there somewhere. It’s almost like the secret service sometimes. Either they are somewhere near me where I can’t see them, or they are right next to me and it’s like I have a freaking army with me. I’ve gotten used to it by now.

Amber laughed when I told her about them. She was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. Of course, she did swoon a little bit by how much Deacon loves me. But mainly thought it was ridiculous that I have so many guards. Jacey and Nora just kinda shook their heads, knowing he was going to do that to me. It’s not just me though. Apparently, Deacon assigned Amber a guard, and Cage and Beau assigned guards to Jacey and Nora too. Amber lost her shit laughing when she found out. I expected her to be angry, but since it’s only one guard, she just found it amusing and sweet.

Since Amber is now alone in the apartment, I’m really happy that Deacon got her a guard to protect her. Not that anyone would be after her since she isn’t a werewolf, but just in case of anything, I’m glad the guard is watching out for her. Amber isn’t afraid to live alone, which is a good thing. I don’t think I could handle living alone, I think I’d be too nervous. But then again, I am a werewolf now. Anyway, I don’t have to worry about that. I would ask Amber to move into the pack house too, but the lease for the apartment isn’t up until the end of the year so she couldn’t leave anyway. Plus, she isn’t a werewolf and I’m not sure how she would feel living here. Not out of fear or anything, more feeling out of place as she would be like the only human.

I think a few pack members have human mates, but most of them have their own houses on the territory somewhere. Most mated wolves have their own places somewhere on our land. Most of the people in the pack house are unmated, but some of them are. They usually move out when they have kids too, I noticed. Most of the houses are really close to the pack house too in case there is a pack meeting or a rogue attack or anything they wanted to stay close. The pack house has a shelter in case of rogue attacks. The shelter is mainly for the woman, children and elderly. Although injured wolves can hide there as well.

Deacon and I are staying in the pack house. One, because we are the Alpha and Luna. And two, because we have the whole third floor of the pack house to ourselves. Well, Cage, Jacey, Beau and Nora are on the third floor too, but they are way over on the other side. The first and second floor are where the rooms for pack members are and the third floor is strictly for the Alpha and Luna, the Beta and his mate, the TIC and his mate, and our families. Deacon’s parents, Cage’s parents and Nora’s parents all have their own places close to the packhouse. Wesley lives in the packhouse on the second floor since he is unmated.

Speaking of Wesley, he and I have gotten a lot closer too. Ever since I found out that Wesley is my biological Dad and that Beau is my half-brother, I’ve been spending a lot more time with them to get to know them. I told them all about my life and how I grew up. He looked really sad that he wasn’t in it, but he wanted me to tell him anyway. Wesley is sad he wasn’t there for me, but happy that my Dad, David, has been such a great Dad to me. Especially since he knows that I’m not biologically his.

And as for my Dad, I told him no matter how close I get to Wesley, no one will replace my him. Dad – David – raised me and he is my Dad no matter what. Now I see both of them as my Dad, but I don’t think I will ever call Wesley Dad. I just think it would hurt my Dad too much if I called Wesley that too. Wesley understands, but I think it hurts him a little. Maybe one day.

Oh, and my parents and Wesley still avoid each other like the plague. My parents never visit me at the packhouse. I always go to their house. In fact, my parents and Wesley haven’t even spoken. Seriously. Even at my wedding and pregnancy announcement, they avoided each other to the point I was surprised they were even in the same room. Wesley wants to speak to my Mom, for obvious reasons, but she doesn’t want to. More, I don’t think she is quite ready yet. I’m not going to push her. It’s her decision for when she wants to speak with him. And Dad, oh my goodness. He really doesn’t wanna see Wesley. I don’t know why he hates him so much, but I’m not going to question him.

Deacon and I also told my parents how everything was figured out. My Dad was more than amused and smug when we told him that Wesley was the ‘car thief’ the night that they met Deacon and it was Wesley that Dad nailed in the head with the baseball bat. Mom, on the other hand, was horrified. Dad had the audacity to laugh! Mom did slap him on the back of the head for that one. Mom wasn’t too thrilled we were pretty much spying on them, but I explained that we kind of had no choice.

Wesley’s head had healed just fine, but I felt horrible about it. Mom and Dad have gotten used to the fact that I’m a werewolf and mated to an Alpha. Dad wasn’t too thrilled about me being pregnant so young. Mostly because he hates that I’m having sex. But, like, can you blame me? I’m in love with my mate and, come on, Deacon is fucking hot. Of course, my Dad got over that when it kicked in that I’m having a baby. Now he is excited. And my Mom was so ecstatic. I did think that Dad was going to punch Deacon in the face for having sex with me, but he didn’t. But that was most likely because I was standing in front of Deacon, so my Dad didn’t have a chance to hit him.

As for the guard situation, Jacey has three guards and Nora has five, like I do, since they have a baby. Speaking of, baby Seth is so cute! I adore him so much. My cute little nephew looks just like his Dad and it’s so cute! Seth has jet black hair just like Beau and I, but he has Nora’s eye color. It’s adorable. He is a perfect combo of them both. And I hope that Deacon and I’s baby is a perfect mix of us. If it’s a boy, I hope that he takes after Deacon. That would be precious. Although I must admit I’d love a little mini me. Either way I will love my baby. The little future Alpha that’s currently growing inside of me.

It’s so weird and amazing that I have a baby growing inside my belly. That I’m responsible for another life. I’m both nervous and so excited. I can’t wait to have my baby. I know I’m only three months along, but I’m so excited. Deacon and I have already started redecorating the room next to ours to make it a nursery. Since we still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, we just left the walls white for now. So far, all we have done is get a beautiful crib, a changing table, and a dresser.

My parents have already bought me some cute baby onesies. They are white and have cute sayings on them. One says, ‘I have the best Grandma’, the other says, ‘I have the best Grandpa’. And the last one is my favorite. It says, ‘Mommy and Daddy’s Little Angel’. They are so cute. I have been so tempted to go buy baby clothes, but I can’t until I find out if it’s a boy or a girl. My Doctor told me we can find out in two months, and I’m impatient. Deacon wants to know too, but he has a lot more patience than I do.

The whole pack is so excited to meet their little future Alpha. It’s crazy how happy everyone is. I mean, I knew how happy our families and friends would be, but to know that my pack is just as excited made me so happy. I know our baby is going to be so loved and protected by everyone. We already have a name picked out too. Deacon and I went over a bunch of names and finally decided on a boy name we like and a girl name we like. We are keeping the names a secret from everyone until the baby is born. It’s driving the girls crazy that I won’t tell them, but Deacon and I have decided to make it a surprise.

I almost cracked and told them like five times, but I managed to hold my tongue. Ok, well, that’s not totally true. Deacon stopped me the first three times and the other two I kind of just ran away fast. I know, that’s childish. I didn’t really have a choice though, if I hadn’t of run, I would’ve ruined the surprise.

I finally reach our bedroom and open the door. Yep. Both of our phones are still on the nightstand, plugged into our chargers. Guess we are both dumb this morning. I unplug them and slide them into both of my back pockets. Deacon’s phone is slightly larger than mine and in a heavy-duty case which is why its in the other pocket. I can’t fit both of them in one pocket otherwise it would probably rip a little bit. Right when I go to leave and head back downstairs, my phone dings. Curious, I pull my phone back out of my pocket.

MOM: Morning honey! I have a favor to ask you.

My Mom has a favor to ask me at seven o’clock in the morning? Why is she even awake this early? Why did she assume that I’m even awake this early? I usually sleep until at least ten. She knows this. Huh. Weird. I start walking out the door and down the hall as I type my reply back to her.

ME: Morning mommy. What’s up? Why r u even awake rn?

MOM: I couldn’t sleep. Anyway, I was wondering if your dad and I can come by today?

I raise my eyebrows in shock. They never come over here for fear of running into Wesley. I wonder what changed? I hope nothing’s wrong.

ME: Yes you can. Is something wrong?

MOM: No nothing’s wrong.

ME: Ok…....u can come over whenever just let me know when so I can tell Deacon.

MOM: Is in an hour ok?

ME: Sure.

Ok. So, my parents are coming over in an hour. And Wesley is home. I wonder how this is going to go? Either it will go smoothly, and they won’t see Wesley at all, or he will walk into the room unknowingly and shit will hit the fan. Hopefully it won’t be the latter. I’d hate for there to be a giant fight this early in the damn morning. Who knows though? Maybe Wesley will go out the back for a run and they won’t see each other at all. Or, maybe I can ask Wesley to run some errands for me, so he isn’t here while they are? Yes, that’s it. I’ll ask for some exotic fruit or something and say it’s a pregnancy craving which will have him running all over the place looking for said fruit, which will most likely not even exist. At least not in this state.

Making up my mind, I continue on downstairs to tell Deacon about all of this. The smell of pancakes hits my nose and I moan in delight. They smell so good! I push open the kitchen door to see him sliding the freshly made pancakes onto a plate. He looks up at me. “Just in time, they’re done. What took so long?” He says, looking at me curiously. “My mom texted me.” I tell him, sitting down on a stool at the island. “This early?” He asks, just as confused as I was. I nod.

“Yeah. She wanted to know if she and my dad could come over and I said yes. They will be here in an hour.” I inform him, and he nods. “Ok, I’ll still be here when they arrive, but I have a pack thing I have to get to at eleven.” Deacon tells me and I furrow my brows. “What pack thing?” I ask and Deacon looks away for a second. “Just a pack meeting. Nothing important.” He says, but I have a feeling its more important than he is letting on. I’ll let it go. For now. But later though, not so much.

“What about Wesley?” Deacon asks me and I suddenly remember my plan. “Oh, yeah, so I have an idea about that.” I reply and Deacon smirks at me. I stare at him like he grew another head. “What? Why are you smirking at me?” I ask, trying not to focus on how fucking sexy he looks when he smirks and how damn horny it makes me lately. “Because with you it’s not a plan, it’s a scheme.” He replies and I gape at him. “No, that’s you, babe. Or should I say, Mister I-got-Wesley-beat-over-the-head-with-a-bat.” I retort and he laughs. “He was fine.” I shake my head, laughing. “You’re lucky.” I respond, giggling to myself. Deacon looks so good laughing. Damn.

Mhm. Our mate is so sexy. Let’s jump him.

My wolf, Harmony, pipes in and I can feel my face get red.

No, Harmony. We don’t have time. My parents are coming, remember?

Damn. Later then.

I don’t argue her on that one.

Shaking my head, I block her out and focus on Deacon, who is smirking again. “What now!?” I ask, annoyed, but mainly because I can feel the red-hot blush still on my face. “Your face is bright red. Why is that, Violet? Did someone have a dirty thought in her pretty little head?” Deacon asks knowingly with a teasing lilt to his voice and I huff at him. “Maybe.” I admit, giving him a look. He laughs. “I fucking love the pregnancy sex drive,” He says under his breath, but I hear him clearly. I can’t help but agree with him. We have sex practically every day. Sometimes – ok, most of the time – it’s multiple times a day. I’m not complaining, and neither is he.

One time I even had to crash his meeting because I was so fucking horny and I needed him so bad. It was almost like I was in heat again. Deacon was really confused why I walked in and told everyone to leave until I sat on his lap and stripped. Then he figured it out really quick. We ended up fucking like crazy on his chair, then on the desk, then again with me pressed against the wall. Yeah…..I was seriously horny.

“I heard that.” I mutter, making him laugh. He shrugs, handing me a plate of pancakes with butter on top and the syrup bottle. “Thank you.” I grin at him and he smiles back, grabbing his own plate and sitting beside me. “So, what is your plan then?” Deacon asks curiously and I grin, laughing slightly. “Well, after I finish eating, I’m gonna go wake Wesley up and ask him to go shopping to get me some exotic fruit. I’m going to tell him it’s a pregnancy craving and that I need it.” I explain then take a bite of the fluffy pancakes that I drowned in syrup.

“Um. Alright. But that won’t take him very long, and don’t you think he is going to ask why I’m not getting it myself?” Deacon questions me and I smirk. I shake my head. “Nope. I’m going to tell him that I don’t feel good and need you to stay with me. As for the fruit I’m going to tell him the name of some exotic fruit that doesn’t grow anywhere near here so he will have to search a bunch of stores to find it. I also might add a few more things to the list too, just to buy us more time.” Once I’m finished explaining, Deacon stares at me like I grew another head.

“Why don’t we just ask him to stay in his room? Or go do a perimeter run?” My mate asks me, and I feel dumb. Those are good questions. I smack my forehead. Why am I so dumb sometimes? “Well, ugh, I don’t know.” I answer dumbly making him laugh. “You’re sticking with the fruit thing, aren’t you?” Deacon says knowingly with an amused look on his face and I mock glare at him. Then my lips twitch. “Well, it’s already so well thought out…” I let my sentence hang and he chuckles.

“Poor Wesley.” Deacon says, shaking his head in mock disappointment and I smack his arm gently. “Poor Wesley? At least my plan isn’t going to get him beat in the head with a bat like somebody’s plan did!” I defend myself and he gives me a look. “That was a good plan. I didn’t think Wesley would get hit. I figured he would run before that could happen.” My mate tries to defend himself, but I know he wants to laugh. “Oh, yeah, he did a great job of escaping. After he was already nailed in the head.” I tell him, deadpan, then finish off my pancakes.

Once we are both done, I get off the stool. “I’m gonna go tell Wesley now.” I announce then go to leave. “Why not just tell him the truth, babe?” Deacon asks seriously. I stop. “Because, that would be so awkward. Telling him my parents are coming then asking him to hide or leave? No. Too embarrassing.” I reply and he nods. “Ok, baby, it’s up to you I guess.” Nodding in response, I leave the kitchen.

Wesley is on the second floor, so I go up the stairs again and down the hall. I knock on his door, hoping he is awake. It’s seven thirty now, so he needs to be out of here in fifteen minutes max. The door swings open and he is standing there in his pajamas with a tired expression on his face. I think I woke him up.


“Morning Wesley!” I say, and he gives me a tired smile. “Good morning Violet. What time is it?” He asks, then yawns. Dang. I did wake him. Now I feel bad. “It’s seven thirty. Sorry to wake you.” I apologize, feeling guilty for waking him so early. I figured as a former TIC he would be used to waking up early, but I guess he doesn’t wake up this early anymore. “It’s alright.” He waves off and I smile. “What’s up?” He asks me, and I sway on my feet a little.

“I have a favor to ask.”

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