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It's been a year since Deacon and Violet found each other and fell in love. Now they are married, have a baby on the way and have the best friends and pack anyone could ask for. Life is great. But all great things must come to an end, right? When the rogues return, Deacon trains his warriors harder to make sure his mate and unborn child are safe. The pack can't wait to meet the new arrival but with rogues attacking again, everyone is on high alert. - Alpha Series #2

Romance / Fantasy
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To everyone who thinks I’m going to ruin the ending to Luna Violet or thinking that cheating is going to happen, please don’t worry. Have a little more faith in me. I’m not saying nothing bad will happen, as the story would be pretty boring if nothing exciting happened, but cheating won’t happen.

Deacon has not, is not, and will not ever cheat on Violet. Same goes for Cage and Beau with their mates.

Come on, everyone. You should know these guys better than that. Deacon would never do that and neither would Cage or Beau.

Also, I WILL write MY book the way I choose to write it. I will NOT change anything because someone tells me to. I adore all my readers, but it is still MY book. I just wanted to let everyone who keeps commenting that I plan on ruining this that, that is NOT true at all.

There will be shit that goes down, but shit went down in the first book too and look how it ended. Please have more faith in me.

I NEVER intended on ANY of the guys or girls cheating and they NEVER will.

One thing to note is I’m a sucker for a HEA. Always.

Also, please stop commenting ‘update’ every single chapter. Constantly commenting telling me to update (especially RIGHT after I post a chapter) is not going to make me update any faster. I appreciate you all love my book and want more but all this does is put even more stress on me, then I try to force the chapter and it ends up shitty. Please see it from my side. I’ve been having a hard time in life lately and I’m not able to update every single day. I just can’t. I can’t update every week either.

And when I do post a chapter I don’t already have the next one done and I still need to write it. Also, I was going to make Amber’s book second, but you all asked for more D&V, so Amber got pushed to 3rd. I can’t do everything at once. Her book will be next. Please, have some patience. I’m not trying to come off as a whiny, rude bitch, which I’m sure is exactly how I’ve sounded lately.

I just need you all to understand where I am coming from.

ALSO: This is the SEQUEL (2nd book) in the series. Alpha Deacon NEEDS to be read first.

P.S., Again. Violet was 2 months pregnant when she found out and told Deacon. Then they waited a month to tell the pack, making her 3 months pregnant. This book starts the day after they tell the pack, so she is 3 months pregnant. Please ignore the reader who keeps commenting saying my book is inconsistent and wrong, because SHE is the one who is wrong. She is also going around telling other readers her wrong opinion, and I’m trying to set her straight.

P. P. S., Again. LUNA VIOLET is not about Amber! It is a sequel about Deacon and Violet! It is NOT Amber’s book, not her story, not her life. Please stop leaving comments and reviews on Luna Violet telling me to give Amber a mate. This book is not about her. I was giving her a book, it was going to be the sequel, then I kept getting asked for another book about Deacon and Violet and so I made it and Amber’s book The Warrior’s Mate got pushed to 3rd. So no, Amber will not be getting her HEA in Luna Violet as it is not her book. I am still plotting TWM so please have some patience.

Hope this clears things up!

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