Broke my heart

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Amelia was leading a perfect life, She loved her life, her friends everything. But what she hated the most were boys, especially boys who like to play with girls. She hasn't had any good reason to trust them. Whenever she loved someone it was always for some ulterior motive. What happens when she collides into School's new boy, Damien. Icy blue eyes are his signature. A boy who is cocky, sweet, caring but at the same time mysterious in his own ways. Will Damien prove her wrong and fall in love along with her? Or does he have his own motives behind his actions. To add onto Amelia's turmoil of a life, what will happen when the boy who broke her heart a few years back returns to claim her back? What would have happened between the two? Peek in to know ~~

Romance / Humor
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Author's note

Hey guys. Thank you for clicking on this story. That means a lot to me.

So before you start reading there are a few things I would like to tell you.

1. Please bear with me. This is my first story and you'll find a lot of mistakes. A first few chapters are not that good but later it get's on improving. I promise.

2. Once I'm done with this book I'll edit it, so if you find any grammatical mistakes you can point them out to me.

3. Please do not copy my work. It takes me almost a day to think about some good plot to add. I won't want my hard work to be copied.

That's it for now. These are just some of the points I wanted you to know.

Otherwise I'm so happy. I got a new reader! Hey there, I welcome you to the family!

I love you all soo much! Muah!

If you have any interesting ideas for the story you can message me. Great! I know.

I think I should leave you all now. Oh no I'm not leaving I'll be back in the coming chapters😁.

Happy Reading!

Love ya❤️❤️.

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