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WARNING R-RATED. Eve has left the past behind and decided that it's time to move on with her life. With a broken heart behind her she joins a dating agency and attends an organised get together in a hotel bar. Deciding that she probably isn't cut out for kissing a lot of frogs in order to find her prince she attempts to leave. One of the other attendees has other ideas and Eve is in need of rescue and that rescue comes in the shape of Gray. With his rescue complete they make a connection but upon discovering his job as an escort Eve realises that it is just night of lust, passion and desire. When Gray wakes to find her gone he has no idea just how elusive the woman responsible for the most memorable night of his life will be and with them both imagining sightings of each other can their paths actually cross again?

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
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Welcome to the Meat Market

Looking around the crowded bar and having fended off yet another advance from an overzealous man who obviously thought all women in the bar were sure things, Eve decided that tonight was a bad idea. The worst idea she’d come up with since Max more than a year ago.

Sliding from the bar stool she stood between several men and in an attempt to pass them politely said, “Excuse me, excuse me.” But to no avail.

One man turned to face her. A short, stocky, mousy haired man who whilst not unattractive wasn’t really Eve’s type. “Hi gorgeous, why don’t I get you another drink and we can get to know each other.”

She wouldn’t describe him as drunk but Eve detected a hint of a slur to his speech. “No thank you. I was just leaving,” she explained and attempted to move past him again.

“No way. You and I could make a night of it. We could take it back to mine and make a real night of it.” He grinned lecherously and now there was a definite slur and waft of beer indicating that he was a little more intoxicated than she’d previously thought.

“No, thank you.” Eve repeated, more insistently, but her suitor was disinclined to take her rebuttal without a fight.

“Oh, come on. We all know why you’re here. The same reason we all are. The dating site set up these nights in regular bars and we all turn up to find fellow singles, so come on, don’t play coy.” There was a little bitterness entering his tone now making him sound angrier.

“Not me.” She protested, outraged at the idea that she’d turned up looking for nothing more than casual sex. The truth was she had no clue what she had been looking for when she’d decided this was a good plan.

“Who are you trying to kid here, love? Unless—is that it? You like things a bit rough? A fight? Is that what you want? You want me to force myself on you, is that what you get off on?” He was already roughly grabbing at her arm, refusing to let her pass. “I’m happy to oblige.”

“Ow!” came her cry as his grip tightened and he began to pull at her. “Leave me alone,” Eve cried.

She felt someone else’s presence behind her and hoped this man didn’t come with a friend.

“Here you are.” The rich, deep, velvety voice that came from behind her seemed to wrap around Eve’s very being, immediately giving her a sense of safety and wellbeing. He continued to speak, “You appear to be manhandling my wife and if you don’t take your hands off her I’ll be forced to lay you out here and now.”

Eve’s would be companion immediately released her, ignoring her as he looked past her. “Sorry, crossed wires. I thought she was here with our group, but, erm, well, sorry again,” he nervously stammered before retreating into the crowd.

Relieved, Eve took a deep breath before preparing to thank her new husband who had just rescued her. As she turned she came face to face, well face to chest with a very well cut charcoal grey suit jacket over a white shirt with the top button undone and the knot of his grey tie pulled loose. He was broad and oozed strength and sex appeal making Eve overtly aware of his physical presence as well his scent that was assaulting her senses in the most divine way. She was suddenly hyperaware of him but was almost scared to lift her gaze to his face. Scared, in case the face didn’t do the body justice or maybe scared that it would.

Raising her chin she looked up at a strong jaw, high cheek bones, glittering blue eyes full of good humour and mischief and inky dark hair pushed back from his face, curling slightly into his neck, calling for Eve to touch it, to run her fingers through it. Her glance dropped to his lips. Full, pink lips. Lips she suddenly wanted to feel on her own, all over her body. They covered perfectly straight, white teeth that he flashed in a glorious grin that made Eve hold her breath briefly.

“Thank you,” she said in a near whisper making his grin broaden.

“You are most welcome. If I can’t save my wife from unwanted attention, then who can?” he asked, stretching a hand towards her.

Smiling nervously with a shaky hand, Eve accepted his. “I suppose we should at least know each other’s names if we’re married.”

“I insist.” A serious expression briefly passed across his face before he guided her away from the crowded bar with one hand on her elbow and the other in the small of her back. Once ushered away into a quieter corner of the hotel bar he turned to face her again. “So, does my wife have a name?”

“Sorry, yes. Eve, Eve Pardoe.” Looking into the eyes of her new friend she found herself getting lost in them, wanting to gaze into them forever, to drown in them until there was nothing else to see, but wondered why she’d told him her real name, Pardoe. Max’s name.

“Sharp. You’d be Eve Sharp as my wife. I’m Grayson Sharp.” He accepted the hand she offered him but used it as a lever to pull her closer and kiss her cheek gently. “Pleased to meet you, Eve.”

Liquid heat rushed through the whole of her body as his gentle lips brought her skin to life, startling her before withdrawing, leaving her skin somehow bereft. “You too, Grayson. Thank you again.”

“Call me Gray. All of my friends do and I think my wife should be my friend, don’t you?”

The mischief she’d sensed in him made her laugh a little. “Thank you, Gray.” Eve returned his smile with a slightly coyer one of her own.

“Would you like a drink, or dinner, or whatever?”

“I should go,” she replied, hoping he’d insist on her staying a while, unsure why or how this man could and did affect her so.

“Should, but you don’t want to. A drink?” he suggested, a slight smile beginning to pull at the corner of his lips.

“Just one then.” Eve tried to sound as though her acceptance was a reluctant one.

“We’ll see,” he replied, already leading her towards the resident’s lounge.

“Where are we going?”

“The lounge. It’s less crowded and a little more exclusive and as I have a room booked for the evening I qualify as a resident,” he told her as they entered the sparsely occupied room.

“You have a room here?” Eve reasoned that this was probably one of the most expensive independent hotels in town and all the singles here were likely to be restricted to the bar because they’d be unlikely to be able to afford the nightly rate. She had assumed the dating site had taken that into consideration when choosing The Stanford as this month’s location for their singles meet and greet. After all, any legitimate dating agency wouldn’t want to be accused of arranging dodgy meet ups that led to orgies in budget hotels.

“Yes, I have a room,” Gray confirmed. “I had an appointment tonight, but my client cancelled.”

“Oh.” Eve was taking a seat in a booth where Gray slid in next to her and sat close, making her nervous and excited all at the same time.

A waiter appeared, ready to take their order while she tried to figure out exactly what line of business Grayson Sharp might be in.

Draining her third glass of wine Eve suddenly realised she was definitely a little the worse for wear courtesy of an empty stomach and was no closer to knowing what her companion’s line of work was.

“I should go,” she suddenly announced, staggering to her feet, only managing to fall back against the sofa seat of the booth giggling. “I should probably have gone a glass and a half ago.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. I’ve had fun and it’s not a work date.” He wrapped his arm around her waist to pull her close against him, forcing her pulse to speed up.

Eve could feel and hear the change in her breathing as his body warmed her and she readily softened into his touch. She knew he’d felt it too as his other hand came to rest on her bare knee.

“Have you eaten?” His fingers moved slowly up Eve’s thigh, meeting no resistance and rested where stockings would have ended had she worn them.

“No,” she replied in a husky voice even Eve barely recognised.

“Let’s eat, we can go to my room and order room service if you’d rather.”

“I, erm, I don’t do this and I—erm—I—gosh, this is embarrassing. I’m not looking for, I—” Eve stammered and stuttered before gazing up and focusing on Gray’s lips long enough that he clearly saw this as his cue to kiss her, which is exactly what she was hoping for.

In the blink of an eye his mouth closed over hers where his lips firmly manipulated hers.

His lips were soft but powerful as they parted hers and whilst they were definitely foreign they felt reassuringly familiar. His tongue was in her mouth now, caressing every inch of it, awakening desires she hadn’t felt since Max and she now realised just how much she’d missed them.

Her arms were wrapping around his neck and her fingers impatiently tugged at the inky strands of hair over his collar that felt better than she’d imagined. As the feel of his fingers breached the lace thong she was wearing she gasped into his mouth, making him break away suddenly, but still left his fingers gently stroking along her wet and needy sex.

“Let’s take this upstairs, Evie,” he said as she allowed her thighs to spread further and ignored his use of Evie.

“I can’t,” Eve protested weakly as he turned his body slightly and masked their activity from anyone that might be watching.

“You want me to stop?” His words sounded genuine. “If I have misunderstood,” he began and was already preparing to remove his digits from her.

“No, sorry,” Eve explained sounding and feeling as confused as Gray seemed to be, but he held still as he spoke again.

“You want this Eve, we both do, so why are you fighting it? What are you thinking?”

He penetrated her with two fingers and as Eve shook at the first waves of pleasure hit her body, so out of practice at doing this with another person, she had to grip Gray’s shoulders to stay upright.

“I don’t know what I’m thinking. I don’t even know that I’m capable of thinking right now,” she admitted in broken moans.

“Then let me tell you what I’m thinking,” he started as he stroked inside her. “I am thinking how tight this sweet little pussy of yours will squeeze me when I make you come as I fuck you,” he said darkly but all she could reply with was a low rumble of a moan. “I know what you want Eve and you want this, you want me to give you this,” he told her as his thumb found her clitoris that he began to circle at a torturous, slow pace.

“How do you know what I want?” Eve asked curiously as she began shuffling towards his touch hoping for more pressure, a quickening pace or anything he could offer now.

“Call it a necessity in my line of work.” His reply confused and worried her. “I won’t even charge you my usual rate,” he grinned.

Eve realised what he was telling her, what he was and was stunned, but couldn’t deny that she was incredibly attracted to him. It did explain why he was there and why he had a room booked for one night and he’d said a client had cancelled. There was only one explanation; he was a gigolo and was offering her a freebie. This whole thing was wrong, distasteful and yet, as she felt a climax thundering towards her at his hands she knew she wanted whatever he was offering.

“Usual rate?” Eve managed to ask before he began to roll her clitoris between his finger and thumb.

“Mmm,” he whispered in her ear with a nip at the lobe. “Yes. Usual rate and I am very, very good, but very, very expensive. Satisfaction is guaranteed.”

With a gasp of pleasure and shock she firmly dug her nails deep into his shoulders and realised she was on the verge of coming in the middle of this very public location in front of all the people assembled. Maybe nobody would notice. Who was she kidding? Eve hadn’t come at someone else’s hands for over a year, nearer two and knew she’d struggle to do this discreetly, so that left two choices, get up and leave, alone, or take Gray up on his offer and go up to his room.

“Gray,” Eve moaned hoarsely.

“What? What is it, baby? What do you want, Evie?” He tormented her with his words as well as his fingers now.

“You, I want you,” she admitted desperately.

“Then what are we waiting for?” He released himself from Eve’s hands before removing his fingers from her body and deliberately, slowly dried them on a handkerchief he pulled from his pocket. “I can’t wait to taste you as you come on my tongue,” he told her from beneath hooded eyes making Eve swallow hard expectantly. “Come on.” He pulled her to her feet and exited the lounge.

Heading towards the lifts, past the reception desk with Eve’s hand tightly held in his they came to a standstill as the receptionist called to him.

“Mr Sharp, a message has been left for you.” The pretty blonde held a folded piece of paper towards Gray and smiled.

“Thank you.” He seemed oblivious to the look of attraction and longing spreading across the young woman’s face.

He barely glanced at the note before returning his attention to Eve, making her feel like nobody else existed for him at that moment.

“Come on, before I forget where we are and strip you off before we get upstairs,” he said loud enough that the receptionist heard making Eve flush and grin simultaneously.

Unsure whether she flushed externally or not a rush of heat flooded her whole body making Eve literally go weak at the knees causing her to stumble slightly. Catching her arm, Gray escorted her to the lift where the car arrived almost immediately revealing an empty space. He stepped in first and pulled Eve in behind him. Placing her in the corner of the mirrored box he immediately pressed himself against her. He tugged the skirt of her dress up and ran his hands across the expanse of her bare behind then the apex of her thighs where the black lacy fabric was stuck to her due to their wetness.

“God, Evie,” he moaned as she widened her stance, allowing him to step between her thighs.

“Gray.” She was beyond nervous. “I haven’t done this…” Eve started making him stare down at her curiously.

“What? You’re not a virgin?” he asked making her laugh loudly and relax as she wrapped her legs around his thighs.

“No, but it’s been a while, and I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl usually,” she explained.

“I see, but you want this?” He gently cupped Eve’s behind, certain she wanted this as much as he did.

“Yes, I do,” she confirmed with a shy smile.

“I like your dress.” Gray’s words seemed random as he fingered the zip running along the back.

“Thank you.” Eve grinned, looking down at her dress that was currently flapping at the open back gathered around the waist.

The raspberry, stretch lace skater dress she’d chosen to wear flattered Eve’s shape with it’s scalloped, plunging neckline, cupping her firm, ample breasts that she was desperate for him to touch, to tease with his fingers, tongue, lips and teeth. The mid-thigh hemline made her legs appear longer and leaner, although at a little over five and a half feet she already had fairly long legs. The fitted high waist nipped Eve’s middle in and the flair of the skirt covered her behind that she’d always felt was a little too big, but apparently Gray disagreed as he rubbed and caressed it.

“Your arse is so sexy, Evie. You are so sexy.” He kissed her again as the lift came to a stop on his floor.

She was oblivious to any other guests as he carried her from the lift, down the hall and stopped at his room. With one arm wrapped tightly around her waist he dipped his free hand into his pocket, retrieved his key card and opened the door.

“Do you have a condom?” Eve asked, suddenly thinking through what they were about to do, what she was about to do.

“Yes, I have some.” He grinned before carrying her over the threshold.


He laughed again as he placed her on the ground. “Yes, some. I have a feeling one won’t be enough. Nice shoes.”

He looked down at the black suede, open toed sandal. The intricate folds of fabric that made up a flower or bow across the front accentuated the manicured nails that were currently painted a similar shade to her dress while the closed in back and the slim ankle straps showed off Eve’s rather delicate ankles perfectly while the high heel extended her legs even further.

“They were the first thing I noticed about you, baby. Your come fuck me shoes and then your long sexy legs and then, well then that arsehole pawing you.” He grabbed Eve’s rich brown locks that cascaded down her shoulders. “I really would like to know what the fuck a nice girl like you was doing in a cattle market like that.” He fisted his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth back to his, angry almost. “But talk can wait,” he told her before closing his mouth over hers and pulling her arms free of the dress.

Her dress pooled around her feet leaving her standing in just a thong and her shoes.

“Do you normally go out in so few clothes?” He cast aside his jacket, shoes, tie and shirt but as he reached for his belt her hands covered his.

“You don’t like how I dress?” She dropped a hand past his waist and found a large erection straining against his trousers.

“I think the contents of your hand tell you that I like how you dress very much,” he told her before he pulled her head back, allowing him complete access to her neck where he kissed, licked and nibbled across her jaw, neck and shoulders until she was breathless.

Gray lay her down against the cold throw that covered the bottom half of his bed and knelt over her. He smiled as he surveyed her then grazed her skin with the nail of his index finger, covering the same areas his mouth had previously travelled before tracing a path lower, across her chest and then her breasts, first one and then the other. His nail scratched across the top of her breast, then around the side until he was cupping the full, underside of it. A circular movement followed, moving back up in ever decreasing circles until he reached the tight, blushed pink areola that puckered further at his touch. She arched her back off the bed, pushing herself into his touch, desperately trying to force him to find her swollen, aching, hard nipple screaming for more.

“Oh baby, one night may not be enough for you. I could do this all night Evie, tormenting you until you are screaming and crying for more,” he said seriously as if it was some kind of threat he was holding over her.

Eve wondered if that was his plan, to make her so desperate for him that she would sell her possessions or her soul to the devil to pay for his services that were, by his own admission, expensive.

A small, low whine left her lips which appeared to please Gray as her reward was delivered in the form of a gentle flick followed by a very firm squeeze of her nipple that caused an erotic and exciting ripple to course from her breasts, warming her everywhere until it gathered in her core. She squeezed her thighs together hoping to trigger some relief.

“Not yet, Evie,” he chastised before forcing her knees apart with one of his own, preventing her thighs meeting. “Now, where was I?” He returned his attention to her nipple that he squeezed again, not stopping until she was arching off the bed wondering whether this was pleasure or pain she was feeling, maybe it was both.

“Gray,” she mewled as he repeated his movements on her other breast before resting back to view his handy work.

“Very nice, Eve,” he mused as he lowered his mouth to her ribs. He bit gently across and down them until he reached her naval where he dipped his tongue and swirled it making her cry out as the sensation was arousing her clitoris as if his tongue was moving around it. “You are so responsive, so sensual.”

He rested both of his hands on her pelvis and began to make circular motions. Gentle, slow movements at first and then firmer ones, moving inwards towards the tiny strip of dark hair that barely covered her sex. As first, one thumb, then the other began to stroke her hair and the skin and tissue beneath it in firm, circular movements, Eve could feel she was going to come and he hadn’t even touched her genitals, not since the dining room. How was that even possible?

“Gray, I’m going to come,” she told him nervously.

“Do it, baby. Come for me, Evie,” he told her as he pressed his knee against her sex.

Eve pushed down and was rubbing herself against Gray’s leg while his thumbs continued their movements until she was crying out and calling his name loudly. Slumping back into the bed Gray leaned in and found Eve’s mouth once more and kissed her passionately, his chest pressed firmly against hers, nothing between them. She felt almost overwhelmed by how turned on she was and how easily he had done this to her.

Gray rolled onto his side and looked down at Eve smiling.

“What?” she asked suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Nothing, just that you are very, very beautiful, especially when you are calling my name as you come,” he said seriously.

Eve laughed as she covered her face with her own arm to avoid Gray’s gaze and to hide her embarrassment at being there, with him, with anyone.

“Even your embarrassed little giggle and hiding is sexy.” He pulled her arm from her face. “I still can’t believe you were here on a singles thing. Women like you aren’t meant to be single; you’re meant to be attached, married, taken care of, loved and cherished,” he told her causing her to question what she was doing with him, a gigolo, although he probably preferred the term escort.

He had been right that he was very good because she knew what he was saying had to be patter, yet she was getting drawn in and was desperate to believe his words were sincere.

Her thoughts wondered to Max making her consider bolting naked from a strange man’s hotel room, yet she actually knew she wanted to stay here with him.

“Hey.” He brushed the hair off her face. “You okay? Have I upset you with my sentimental clap trap about a girl like you?”

“No, maybe a little,” she admitted a little reluctantly.

“Well, I forgot something about you,” he told her mysteriously.

“You did?” she asked curiously.

“You’re not single, you’re my wife, remember? I’m sure we could track that slimy git down who manhandled you, he’d confirm that you’re my wife.” He laughed, arching a brow.

“I’d almost forgotten that.” She sat up and smiled.

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