Troubles and Chocolates

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They say, the person that stares back at you from the mirror is presumably the biggest trouble maker you'll ever need to deal with in your lifetime but that doesn't seems to be the case for the British-russian multi-billionaire Alasdair Cromwell. His trouble maker has a heart shaped face, obsidian colored eyes, almond shape nose, rubicund lips and luscious curves. The hell raiser comes in the name of Alethea Etana Yu, a chocoholic ex special forces officer who thought that he's gay. DISCLAIMER: I DON'T own the book cover photo credits to the RIGHTFUL OWNER!

Romance / Action
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It was winter twenty years ago when Alasdair met her. The snow was falling heavily from the sky forming a thick white blanket enveloping the surrounding area. The temperature was freezing but he nonchalantly stood under the lamp post on the side of the street with no intention of moving. He’s wearing a black jean and black winter coat. His unruly midnight black hair was covered with falling snow, and his sharp stormy-grey eyes were busy counting the passing cars.

The 89th car passed by when he felt a light tug on the edge of his coat. He turned slightly, and he was momentarily stunned at the sight of an angel who’s giving him a sweet smile, showing her pearly white teeth.

It wasn’t a real angel of course but based on his grandmother’s bed time stories this is what he envisioned an angel would look like. Well, not exactly this angel looks better than what he has imagined.

The little angel was wearing a fluffy pink winter coat. Her hair is as black as the midnight sky but her skin is as pale as the snow, and smooth as porcelain and she has a pair of enchanting obsidian orbs that gives a clear reflection of his face. Her eyes is utterly captivating, capturing his soul inside them.

“Hi,” she greeted him, her long lashes fluttered as she blinked. Her voice was soft and melodious, like the sound of a wind chime that makes him felt butterflies on his stomach.

Alasdair was too fascinated to react. He was only woken from his reverie when the little angel asked a question. “Hey, aren’t you feeling cold?” she tiptoed, poking him on the shoulders to get his attention. “You’re standing there for so long and your complexion is getting pale.”

Alasdair’s ears reddened from embarrassment. “No,” he responded, his voice is somewhat shaky. “Not feeling cold at all.”

The little angel’s head did a cute little tilt in confusion, and she adorably scrunched her nose. “Eh? Really? But you’re standing there for-,” she said and began counting with her little fingers. “4 hours now. If you stand in the cold for too long you’ll be suffering hyperventilation.”

Alasdair’s mouth twitched in amusement. “It’s Hypothermia.” he corrected, ruffling her hair adoringly.

The little angel pushed his hand away. “That’s the same thing.” she fixed her hair with a pout on her lips.

The little angel lightly pulled the edge of his coat again. “Lower your head.” she gazed up on him expectantly.

Alasdair raised his brow in confusion but regardless he did what she said. He inclined his body, lowering his head.

The little angel stretched out her hand and she gently brushed the snow off his hair. “There.” she grinned, softly clapping her hands.

“Thanks,” Alasdair smiled, straightening up.“Lets go somewhere warm and get some hot chocolate or something.” he said when he saw her sidled closer to him, her body is shivering from cold.

“Okay,” the little angel glanced at him and smiled cheerfully.“Let’s go.” she excitedly pulled him. She held his hand, gently intertwining her small gloved fingers with his large, cold ones.

They entered a small café, and the small bell did a light jingling sound as Alasdair pushed the door. The walls were painted with light cream and paintings of desserts were hanging on it. The café was full of customers, so it took them quite some time to reach the counter.

As soon as they’ve entered the café, they easily attracted the attention of the customers.

The eight-years-old Alasdair looks like he came straight out of the painting. His unruly midnight-black hair has specks of snow from walking outside, he has a straight proud nose, smooth white skin, and eyes the color of a brewing storm who looks at everyone indifferently but somewhat become tender as he looked at his little angel whose gaze was flicking around curiously.

His little angel stood beside him quietly, but she still managed to caught everyone’s attention. She’s like a bright ball of sunshine drawing everyone’s eyes towards her. She has a dazzling smile never leaving her lips and her obsidian colored eyes shone brightly with wonder and untainted innocence.

When they reached the counter his little angel stood on her toes and beamed at the woman with shoulder level hair wearing a pink maid costume. “Hello,” she greeted her.

“Hi,” the woman responded, giving a wide smile that for some unknown reason looks eerie for Alasdair.“What can I do for you little princess?” she asked, her voice sounded like sandpapers grinding together in his ears, making the fine hairs on his neck stood on end.

Alasdair’s eyebrow twitched, signaling a bad premonition. He tapped his little angel’s shoulder to get her attention but she’s too immersed on scanning the menu placed above the counter. “I would like to have a hot chocolate and...” she tapped her chin thoughtfully.“Do you have a crème brûlée?”

“We do.” the woman answered.

“I’ll have that then.” his little angel said, oblivious to his presence and insistent tapping.

“Okay, one hot chocolate and crème brûlée.” the woman jotted down his little angel’s order on a piece of paper and when she glanced up their gazes met making him involuntarily shudder.

“How about you little one?” she asked, her lips curved faintly. It seems unnoticeable but his sharp eyes still caught her disturbing smile, making his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Same with her.” he answered, his voice sounded more frigid than he intended it to be.“Take out.”

The woman entered a room which must be a kitchen and Alasdair puffed out a deep breath that he didn’t know he’s holding.

“We’re not staying?” His little angel glanced at him, her brows were a little furrowed. He can sense her disappointment and reluctance to leave but that woman doesn’t settle well with him and seeing her gave him creeps.

“I think your parents are already worried sick looking for you.” he said, hoping that his reasoning could convince her.

“No, worries,” his little angel said with a reassuring smile. “They wouldn’t be worried about me because I practiced Tai kwon do, Ju do, Jujitsu, Karate, Systema, Sanda, Arnis and 30 other life threatening words.”

Alasdair chuckled wryly. “Okay, if you say so.” He patted her head gently, a faint smile was still lingering on his lips.

After a few minutes another woman wearing the same pink maid costume gave him their order. Alasdair heaved a sigh of relief when the woman who’s making him antsy was nowhere to be seen. “Let’s go?” he asked his little angel whose lips was sulkily curled into a pout. “Come on now,” he patted her in the shoulder. “Be good.”

“No,” his little angel said childishly, crossing her tiny arms over her chest. “I’m not going anywhere.” she stumped her tiny foot on the floor, showing her unwillingness.

Alasdair’s stormy-grey eyes shone in amusement. “So, what can I do to make you come with me then?” he asked, giving her a lopsided grin.

His little angel glanced at him, there’s a sparkle of silliness in her eyes. “Piggy back!” she beamed, wrapping her tiny hands on his arm and shaking it.

A chuckle escaped from Alasdair’s lips. “Okay.” he drawled, lowering himself so she could climbed on his back.

“Yehey!” his little angel shouted excitedly, hopping on his back.” Giddy-up!” he patted him on the shoulder as if she’s commanding a horse to start moving, making Alasdair chuckle on her childish antics.

On their way back to the lamp post where he’s standing a few moments ago a black Maybach approached them and her little angel told him to stop.

“My ride is already here.” she said, her voice sounded unhappy.

Alasdair gently lowered her on the ground when he saw a guy wearing a suit walking out of the car.

“It’s okay,” Alasdair smiled, handing her the hot chocolate and crème brûlée that he’s holding. “We’ll meet each other again soon.” he reached out and gently pinched her cheek.

“Is that a promise?” his little angel gazed up on him, the corner of her eyes were moistened from unshed tears.

She held out her pinky finger and Alasdair did the same.

“I Promise.” he said, interlocking his finger with hers and stamping their thumbs together.

“I’ll hold on to that.” his little angel said, giving him a dazzling smile that spark an unknown emotion to his young heart.

His little angel pulled his sleeve, signalling him to lower his head. She tiptoed closer to his ears and her warm breath fanned his neck. “Alethea,” she whispered, making his brows furrowed in confusion. “...That’s my name,” she gave him a light peck on the cheek, making him frozen shock and his mouth agape. “Don’t forget that.” her voice trailed off as she ran towards the car, slamming the door close.

The car drove away, his little angel opened the window and waved him goodbye but he’s too stunned to react, he only foolishly looked at the departing car until it’s nowhere to be seen.

Alasdair stood motionless on the spot for a few minutes before he walked back to where he formerly stood. The lamp post was already within his sight when he suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling crept on his throat and his vision became blurred. The last thing he heard is a voice the sound of sandpapers rubbing against each other before his vision became totally black.

“You’re mine now little one!”

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